February 29, 2012 Larue County EF-2 (#2)

February 29, 2012 Larue County EF-2 (#2)

Strength:  EF-2

Wind Speed:  120 MPH

Path Length:  0.9 mile

Path Width:  100 yards

Estimated touchdown/ending time:  11:12 AM EST - 11:15 AM EST

A National Weather Service Survey Team in conjunction with LaRue County EMA determined a tornado touched down just south of Miami Court and moved east through a wooded area. Several witnesses saw two different tornadoes near the Miami Court and Wobegona Way area. The second funnel cloud/tornado, described here, was near tree top level. It was only 50 yards wide twisting many trees and was rated EF0. As it crossed Highway 210 the twister increased to 100 yards wide and became stronger. It damaged a large working garage and damaged two homes off of Highway 916 including a new well and almost finished newly constructed home which experienced significant exterior wall damage. Workers working on the home heard a loud roar while seeking shelter and observed the twister striking and uprooting some trees. A dumpster full of old building material was thrown 75 yards and snapped a telephone pole. The twister lifted in a field a couple of hundred yards downwind. The twister was rated EF2 at this location.

Damage in LaRue County from the official NWS storm survey team:



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