February 29, 2012 Russell/Casey Counties EF-2

February 29, 2012 Russell/Casey Counties EF-2

Strength:  EF-2

Wind Speed:  130 mph

Path Length:  7.2 miles

Path Width:  150 yards

Estimated touchdown/ending time:  122 PM CST - 229 PM EST

The tornado first touched down north of Russell Springs in northern Russell County west of Highway 127 where it did minor damage to trees, barns, and outbuildings.  The tornado then intensified as it moved east with the worst damage occurring along a 1.5 mile stretch from Highway 76 eastward over Oak Grove Road to Pattie Ridge Road.  On Highway 76 two mobile homes were totally destroyed and a modular home was rotated 30-80 feet counterclockwise off its foundation (with a quarter of the home blown away).  Two residents survived in an underground tornado shelter where they took refuge having heard of the warning via sirens and phone calls 3-5 minutes before the tornado destroyed their homes.  Residents were not home at the time of the tornado at the other homes destroyed along its path.  The tornado then weakened as it moved into southern Casey County where it damaged more trees, barns, and outbuildings.  The tornado lifted west-southwest of Windsor.

Photos from the official NWS Storm Survey Team:


Aerial photos from Kim Ball in cooperation with the Pulaski County Sheriff's office:



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