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March 2, 2012 Meade County EF-0

March 2, 2012 Meade County EF-0


Begin Time:  4:02 PM EST
     End Time:  4:03 PM EST
  Begin Point: 1 SW Guston
     End Point: 1 S Guston
      EF Scale:  EF-0
Wind Speed: 75 MPH
Path Length:  3/4 mile
  Path Width:  30 yards
        Injuries:  0
     Fatalities:  0


The National Weather Service in conjunction with Meade County Emergency Management has determined that an EF-0 tornado with maximum wind speeds of 75 mph briefly touched down just east of the Breckinridge/Meade county line in Meade county. The tornado was photographed from Ekron, looking southwestward. Aerial photos of damage were also taken by volunteer general aviation pilots Mark Powers and Josh Kieffer and aerial photographer Austin Lassell in aircraft N16NA. The pilots were associated with the Kentuckiana Volunteer Aviators. Both the aerial photos and picture of the
tornado relayed by the emergency manager were matched up with a radar signature indicating rotation. The tornado touched down near the Hill Grove and Guston area on the south side of U.S. 60, blowing a porch off the side of a house. A sign was also blown down at abusiness along U.S. 60.

Meade County, KY Aerial Photos Courtesy Mark Powers, Josh Kiefer, and Austin Lassel of Kentuckiana Volunteer Aviators



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