McPherson, Sully, Hyde, and Hand County Tornadoes
August 24, 2006

During the late afternoon, two supercell thunderstorms developed across central and north central South Dakota . The northern supercell tracked across Campbell County moving east southeast into McPherson and Edmunds counties. A tornado developed with this thunderstorm and moved across southwestern McPherson County South Dakota, from 7 miles SSW of Eureka tracking SE to around 6 miles SE of Hillsview. Multiple tornadoes developed across Sully, Hyde, and Hand counties South Dakota with the southern supercell thunderstorm. The damage survey results and a summary of these tornadoes can be found below:

McPherson:  Tornado Path   Radar Discussion

Sully, Hyde, and Hand County:  Tornado Path  Radar Discussion

For more information on the tornado as it headed into Beadle county click here

Sully, Hyde, and Hand County Tornado Information  



837 AM CDT MON AUG 28 2006  


The National Weather Service has completed an extensive ground and aerial survey of the tornadoes in Sully…Hyde…and Hand counties from Thursday, August 24 2006.  The supercell thunderstorm responsible for all of these tornadoes intensified in central Sully County . The first tornado was produced at 5 miles northeast of Onida at 440 pm CDT. This tornado was up to 600 yards wide and on the ground for 5 miles. It lifted at 452 pm CDT. This tornado caused significant damage to a farmstead 6 miles east and 4 miles north of Onida. The ground in a harvested sunflower field was heavily scoured. Many large hay bales were scattered. This tornado dissipated in an open field. The strength of this tornado was judged to be F-1 on the Fujita Scale of tornado intensity. F-1 tornadoes are characterized by winds from 73 to 112 mph.  The supercell thunderstorm continued to move east southeast…and produced two weak tornadoes north of Highmore in Hyde County . The first formed at 513 pm CDT and lifted at 517 pm CDT. This tornado was located approximately 16 miles north of Highmore. No damage could be found…thus this tornado was rated F-0 . The second weak tornado formed at 533 pm CDT and lasted 2 minutes. Law enforcement reported it crossed Highway 47 approximately 5 miles north of Highmore. No damage was noted…and this tornado was also rated F-0. As the storm moved towards Miller South Dakota in Hand County it regained strength. Another tornado formed at 607 pm CDT 4 miles west of Miller. This tornado dissipated at approximately 620 pm CDT just southeast of Miller. The 5 mile path was 300 yards wide. A large barn was destroyed and a car was moved nearly 20 feet. Significant tree damage was noted as well. Well built structures were heavily damages and several were slightly pushed off their foundations. This tornado was rated F-2 on the Fujita Scale. F-2 tornadoes are characterized by winds from 113-157 miles per hour.  Once again this storm reorganized…and another tornado formed at 628 pm CDT. This tornado formed in a heavily wooded area 5 miles west of Wessington. The tornado tracked east along a county road producing F-1 damage to several farmsteads. A mobile home was flipped and destroyed. A grain storage building was flipped onto a car. Several homes had significant roof and window damage. Numerous trees were snapped. The tornado turned slightly southeast and crossed into Beadle County at 637 pm CDT. As the tornado crossed the county line it was producing F-2 damage. This tornado continued into Beadle County . For more information on the Beadle County portion of the track see the NWS Sioux Falls web site at:

More information and pictures will be posted soon on the NWS Aberdeen web page at: Anyone with video or pictures they wish to share are encouraged to contact the NWS in Aberdeen via the above mentioned web page.


McPherson County Tornado Information



616 PM CDT FRI AUG 25 2006  


A storm survey crew from the Aberdeen National Weather Service office has determined that the strong tornado that moved across southwestern McPherson County late Thursday afternoon was rated F3 on the Fujita Tornado scale. F-3 intensity wind speeds range from 158 to 206 mph. The tornado initially touched down approximately 7 miles south southwest of Eureka (on the Campbell County line) at 503 pm CDT and tracked nearly in a straight line southeast to 6 miles southeast of Hillsview at 530 pm…on the ground about 27 minutes for 14 miles. The width of the tornado at its widest point was determined to be approximately 300 yards. The storm damage team examined 4 different damage sites…with the worst damage rated F-3 8 miles south of Eureka and 2 miles southeast of Hillsview. Damage included numerous power poles snapped off…trees shredded of leaves…bark and/or uprooted. Numerous livestock and deer were observed dead. Devastating damage was observed to farm equipment…homes…barns…grain bins…and vehicles. A well anchored mobile home was uprooted and completely destroyed. Debris from each site was observed up to 3 miles downwind. No Deaths occurred from the strong tornado…and only 1 person was injured due to scraped and bruises. is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.