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 22 November 1992 → Indiana was struck by 15 tornadoes. One, an F4 multiple vortex twister, cut a 22 mile path through extreme southeastern Indiana and northern Kentucky. From Indiana to Alabama and Texas to North Carolina the storm system produced 94 tornadoes, 26 deaths, and 640 injuries.
 22 November 1993 → Thanksgiving in South Dakota was hampered when a massive storm dumped between two and three feet of snow just three days before the holiday.
 22 November 2012 → 100 vehicles were involved in a massive chain-reaction accident during extremely foggy conditions on I-10 southwest of Beaumont, TX. Two people were killed and 80 injured.

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August 26, 1983:

Heavy rainfall up to four and a half inches fell in the town of Mahto, Corson County, flooding basements. Hail, up to three inches in diameter, caused heavy damage to roofs and broke numerous windows.

August 26, 1998:

Very heavy rainfall of 3 to over 6 inches fell across far eastern Corson, most of Campbell and Walworth counties during the evening hours of the 26th. The heavy rain caused flooding on many roads along with some highways through the night and into the morning hours on the 27th. Near Selby, high winds, heavy rain, and some hail caused damage to sunflowers and moved a barn three feet off the foundation. In Selby, wind driven rain pushed water through some ceilings and into basements. An old barn near Glenham was also blown down by the strong winds. Some rainfall amounts include, 3.50 inches at Herried, 3.80 inches at Java, 4.20 inches at Selby, 4.50 inches 3N of Selby and just southeast of Mclaughlin, 5 inches at Glenham, 5.75 inches 8N of Mobridge, and 6.35 inches 1.5 miles southeast of Glenham.

Record Highs: Record Lows:
Aberdeen: 104 (1991) Aberdeen: 34 (1914)
Kennebec: 110 (1976) Kennebec: 37 (1910)
Mobridge: 102 (1939) Mobridge: 34 (1914)
Pierre: 108 (1991) Pierre: 44 (1934)
Sisseton: 100 (1976) Sisseton: 34 (1944)
Timber Lake: 105 (1970) Timber Lake: 35 (1914)
Watertown: 100 (1973) Watertown: 37 (1914)
Wheaton: 99 (1953) Wheaton: 37 (1914)

Record Precipitation:
Aberdeen: 1.68" (1944)
Kennebec: 1.00" (2005)
Mobridge: 2.08" (1998)
Pierre: 0.84" (1997)
Sisseton: 2.18" (1989)
Timber Lake: 0.87" (1957)
Watertown: 1.48" (1921)
Wheaton: 1.60" (1923) is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.