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 27 March 1857 → A tornado cut a 100-yard wide path through Augusta, KY, then crossed the Ohio River before lifting on the Ohio side. Two tobacco warehouses were thrown into the river.
 27 March 1890 → Several tornadoes hit the Ohio and Tennessee Valleys. After crossing the Ohio River from Illinois, an F4 tornado cut a swath from Livingston County to Daviess County, KY killing 21 and injuring 170.
 27 March 1977 → In heavy fog a Pan Am Boeing 747 was struck by a KLM Boeing 747 on a runway in Tenerife, Canary Islands after the KLM crew mistook an air traffic control radio transmission as clearance for take-off. 582 passengers were killed in the worst air disaster until September 11, 2001.
 27 March 1994 → A tornado outbreak on Palm Sunday took 42 lives in AL, GA, SC, and NC. A church near Piedmont, AL collapsed when it was struck by one of the tornadoes, resulting in 20 fatalities.
 27 March 2006 → Two people were killed when a tornado struck Hamburg, Germany around 7pm. It was part of a large area of severe storms that swept through Germany, the Netherlands, France, and Belgium, resulting in 300,000 power outages.

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December 2, 1978:

A low pressure center moved northeast from Kansas, causing snow to fall over all of southern Minnesota south of a line from Alexandria to Duluth on the 2nd and 3rd, with the heaviest snow falling from west central and southwest Minnesota to west central Wisconsin. Snow depths of six inches or more fell in southwest Minnesota with 10 inches or more at Marshall, MN. Winds averaged near 20 mph, and temperatures ranged from 5 to 15 degrees above zero while the snow fell, but the snow did not cause extensive problems for the area. Wheaton had 2 inches, Artichoke Lake and Browns Valley had 3 inches.

December 2, 1984:

Snow fell in the central and northeast parts of South Dakota from the late afternoon of the 1st to the morning of the 2nd, with amounts ranging from 3 to 10 inches. The heaviest amounts were in the northeast part of the state with Day County reporting 8 to 10 inches. Five inches of snow fell at Clear Lake, six inches fell at Waubay, Clark, Miller, and 12 miles southwest of Harrold with 7 inches at Redfield.

December 2, 2005:

Heavy snow of 6 to 8 inches fell across much of Jones, Faulk, and Spink counties from the morning to the late evening of the 2nd. Redfield had 6 inches of snowfall with 8 inches at Murdo.

Record Highs: Record Lows:
Aberdeen: 56 (2012) Aberdeen: -20 (1896)
Kennebec: 70 (1998) Kennebec: -20 (1919)
Mobridge: 57 (1959) Mobridge: -18 (1985)
Pierre: 67 (2012) Pierre: -14 (1985)
Sisseton: 59 (1941) Sisseton: -16 (1976)
Timber Lake: 61 (1949) Timber Lake: -24 (1985)
Watertown: 56 (1998) Watertown: -16 (1985)
Wheaton: 57 (1998) Wheaton: -21 (1927)

Record Precipitation: Record Snowfall:
Aberdeen: 0.98" (1909) Aberdeen: 4.5" (1928)
Kennebec: 0.47" (1933) Kennebec: 3.0" (2005)
Mobridge: 0.33" (1996) Mobridge: 6.2" (1996)
Pierre: 0.71" (1933) Pierre: 2.7" (1996)
Sisseton: 0.65" (1982) Sisseton: 5.0" (1945)
Timber Lake: 0.87" (1913) Timber Lake: 6.0" (1913)
Watertown: 0.29" (2008) Watertown: 4.0" (2005)
Wheaton: 0.72" (2007) Wheaton: 7.6" (2007) is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.