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 23 September 1551 → The Grand Harbour, located in Valeeta, Malta, was hit by a tornado which moved inland and caused extensive damage. A shipping armada in the harbor about to go into battle was destroyed by the tornado, killing at least 600 people.
 23 September 1815 → The poem "The September Gale," penned by Oliver Wendell Holmes, was written about a hurricane that struck New England on this date. Holmes was just six years old at the time.
 23 September 1983 → Super Typhoon Forrest underwent extremely rapid intensification as its central pressure crashed 92mb in just under 24 hours.

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December 20, 1967:

Freezing drizzle added a thin coating of ice over a previous ice coating that had been created on the 16th of the month over eastern South Dakota and still existed in most areas. An ice coating remained over many areas in eastern South Dakota through the end of the month.

December 20, 1991:

Light freezing drizzle and freezing rain developed over northern South Dakota from Timber Lake to Webster. Numerous car accidents were attributed to slippery conditions. The Aberdeen Police Department reported 24 accidents in Aberdeen, but only one resulted in an injury. Numerous businesses closed and schools were canceled.

December 20, 1993:

Strong winds, accompanied by existing snow cover and one to five inches of new snow, caused blizzard conditions in parts of north central and eastern South Dakota from the 20th to 22nd. A man died in a weather-related crash of a small plane near Isabel on the night of the 20th. The heaviest new snowfall of four to five inches was located in the Sisseton Hills in northeast South Dakota, while the north central part of the state generally received only an inch or two of new snow.

December 20, 2008:

Arctic air combined with blustery northwest winds brought extreme wind chills to central and northeast South Dakota and west central Minnesota from the late afternoon of the 20th until the afternoon of the 21st. Wind chills of 35 below to 45 below zero were common across the area.

Record Highs: Record Lows:
Aberdeen: 60 (1893) Aberdeen: -29 (1916)
Kennebec: 70 (1941) Kennebec: -35 (1916)
Mobridge: 61 (1957) Mobridge: -24 (1989)
Pierre: 62 (1941) Pierre: -18 (1989)
Sisseton: 52 (1979) Sisseton: -26 (1983)
Timber Lake: 58 (1941) Timber Lake: -20 (1990)
Watertown: 55 (1941) Watertown: -30 (1916)
Wheaton: 53 (1956) Wheaton: -31 (1916)

Record Precipitation: Record Snowfall:
Aberdeen: 0.36" (2010) Aberdeen: 5.0" (1967)
Kennebec: 0.34" (1902) Kennebec: 5.0" (1902)
Mobridge: 0.31" (1967) Mobridge: 4.1" (1967)
Pierre: 0.61" (1902) Pierre: 4.7" (1902)
Sisseton: 0.72" (1902) Sisseton: 7.2" (1902)
Timber Lake: 0.33" (2010) Timber Lake: 1.8" (2010)
Watertown: 0.55" (2010) Watertown: 5.0" (2010)
Wheaton: 0.24" (2008) Wheaton: 4.2" (2008) is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.