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 27 February 1717 → "The Great Snow of 1717," New England's legendary snowstorm, consisted of four storms from today until the 7th of March. The storms killed 95 percent of New England's deer population.
 27 February 1984 → A severe winter storm spread blizzard conditions across Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana on the 27th and 28th. 24 inches of snow fell in the Vichy/Rolla area in Missouri. 22 inches was reported in southern Illinois. Winds frequently gusted to 50 mph. Interstate 65 was impassable for several days due to extensive drifting of the snow in Indiana. Thunderstorms were reported which added to the heavy snow amounts.
 27 February 2007 → The world record for 96-hour rainfall was set: 191.70 inches at Cratere Commerson, La Reunion.

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February 20, 1962:

Another round of heavy snow fell across the southeastern half of the state from the 20th through the 22nd with up to 10 inches of new snowfall. Snowfall amounts included, 5 inches at Bryant, 6 inches at Kennebec, 7 inches at Redfield, Brookings, Mitchell, and Sioux Falls, 8 inches at Miller, and 10 inches at Huron. Snowfall amounts for the record setting month of February 1962 ranged from 30 to 50 inches across much of the southeast part of the state.

February 20, 1997:

Warm weather resulted in snowmelt runoff and ice breakup on the Bad River. As a result, the Bad River went above flood stage from Capa to Fort Pierre late in the evening of the 20th. Flood stage at Fort Pierre is 21 feet and the river rose to around 25 feet on the 21st. The Bad River went below flood stage during the afternoon of the 22nd. Lowlands near the river were flooded along with some county roads with some of the roads damaged. Late in the evening of the 20th, the trailer court on the southern edge of Fort Pierre was evacuated where they did some sandbagging. Also, on the west side of Fort Pierre, some roads were flooded.

February 20, 2011:

An intense upper level low pressure area moved across the region Sunday into Monday morning bringing very heavy snowfall to all of the region. Snowfall amounts of 10 to over 20 inches along with north winds of 25 to 40 mph brought widespread blizzard conditions and heavy drifting across the region. The heavy snow and low visibilities resulted in road closures Sunday into Monday. Interstate-29 and Interstate-90 were both closed on Sunday and not opened until Monday. Interstate-29 was closed from Sioux Falls to the North Dakota border while Interstate-90 was closed from Wall to Chamberlain. Businesses, flights, schools, and many events were closed or cancelled Sunday and Monday. At several locations, this snowstorm set all-time record snowiest calendar days in February along with top five all-time snowiest calendar days for the season. Finally, the February snowfall totals were in the top five all-time for most locations. Snowfall amounts across the region included 10 inches at Pollock and Selby; 11 inches at Mobridge, Kennebec, and Onida; 12 inches at Pierre, Blunt, Castlewood, and Eagle Butte. Locations with more than a foot of snowfall included 13 inches at Hayti, Roscoe, and Eureka; 14 inches at Ipswich, Clear Lake, Clark, Mission Ridge, Mclaughlin, Sisseton, Gann Valley, Gettysburg and Victor; 15 inches at Bryant, Bowdle, Watertown, and Leola; 16 inches at Faulkton, Wilmot, and Summit; with 17 inches at Andover. Locations with 18 inches or more included, 18 inches at Aberdeen, Redfield, and Stratford; 20 inches at Turton and Ree Heights; 21 inches at Milbank; 22 inches at Miller and 23 inches near Highmore. The snowfall began in the early morning hours of the 20th and ended around noon on the 21st.

Record Highs: Record Lows:
Aberdeen: 61 (1930) Aberdeen: -30 (1918)
Kennebec: 75 (1930) Kennebec: -25 (1918)
Mobridge: 61 (1930) Mobridge: -23 (1936)
Pierre: 61 (2000) Pierre: -15 (1936)
Sisseton: 59 (1981) Sisseton: -23 (2008)
Timber Lake: 59 (1930) Timber Lake: -28 (1918)
Watertown: 65 (1930) Watertown: -28 (2008)
Wheaton: 55 (1930) Wheaton: -28 (2008)

Record Precipitation: Record Snowfall:
Aberdeen: 0.62" (1955) Aberdeen: 16.0" (2011)
Kennebec: 0.60" (2011) Kennebec: 10.0" (2011)
Mobridge: 0.90" (1972) Mobridge: 11.1" (2011)
Pierre: 1.24" (2011) Pierre: 11.8" (2011)
Sisseton: 0.73" (1955) Sisseton: 7.0" (1955)
Timber Lake: 0.40" (1969) Timber Lake: 5.0" (1969)
Watertown: 0.90" (2011) Watertown: 14.0" (2011)
Wheaton: 0.72" (1955) Wheaton: 6.0" (1986) is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.