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 25 July 1956 → In a dense fog bank off Nantucket Island, the Italian passenger ship Andrea Doria collided with the Swedish liner Stockholm at full speed. Eleven hours later the Andrea Doria sank. However, 1660 were rescued and only 51 were lost.
 25 July 1988 → A storm system brought heavy rains to Tasmania, Australia. Coastal areas were flooded by high tides and storm surge.
 25 July 2003 → Lightning struck a home during an overnight thunderstorm southwest of Oslo, Norway. The charge moved into the bedroom and through an iron bed, with a Norwegian couple sleeping in it. The couple was unharmed, but the lightning strike caused the room to flash "like 10 welder's torches" and burned out all of the electrical sockets.
 25 July 2006 → Through today, a two week long heat wave in California killed 140 people.
 25 July 2007 → Canada's highest humidex (roughly analogous to the U.S.'s heat index) reading of 127F at Carman, Manitoba.

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July 7, 1959:

A very strong and widespread windstorm began near Kadoka and moved northeastward across the state at a speed of 60 to 65 mph. Airplane hangers were damaged or destroyed at Murdo, Redfield, and Watertown. Fourteen barns were destroyed or seriously damaged. Five trailer homes were overturned.

July 7, 1963:

Hail covered the ground to a depth of 2 inches in Cresbard, causing hail damage to crops and buildings. Hail averaged 1 inch in diameter with the largest being 2 inches.

July 7, 1990:

A teenager was injured by softball size hail while working in a field near Herreid. Numerous cattle in the area were also injured by the large hail. Most homes and vehicles in town suffered damage. The Herreid School had 120 broken panes of glass.

Record Highs: Record Lows:
Aberdeen: 106 (1936) Aberdeen: 43 (1922)
Kennebec: 110 (1973) Kennebec: 44 (1901)
Mobridge: 111 (1936) Mobridge: 44 (1915)
Pierre: 109 (2007) Pierre: 49 (2004)
Sisseton: 104 (1936) Sisseton: 41 (1934)
Timber Lake: 110 (1936) Timber Lake: 41 (1958)
Watertown: 100 (2007) Watertown: 41 (1908)
Wheaton: 103 (1988) Wheaton: 48 (1984)

Record Precipitation:
Aberdeen: 1.56" (1994)
Kennebec: 1.90" (1956)
Mobridge: 1.01" (2002)
Pierre: 1.09" (1992)
Sisseton: 2.34" (1994)
Timber Lake: 1.12" (1994)
Watertown: 2.80" (1950)
Wheaton: 2.00" (1928) is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.