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 1 February 1951 → One of the worst ice storms ever to hit the United States deposited a glaze up to four inches thick from Texas to Pennsylvania. The storm caused 25 deaths, 500 serious injuries, and $100 million damage. Tennessee was hardest hit by the storm. Communications and utilities were interrupted for up to ten days.
 1 February 1953 → An intense low pressure system swept across the North Sea. Wind speeds at Aberdeen, Scotland exceeded 125 mph. A storm surge of 13 feet breached dams in the Netherlands, flooding 4 million acres, or one-sixth of the country.
 1 February 1972 → A blizzard in Iran ended a four year drought, but a full week of cold and snow caused the deaths of approximately 4,000 people.
 1 February 2011 → An immense blizzard dropped as much as two feet of snow from Tulsa through southwest Missouri, northeast Missouri, central Illinois, northern Illinois, southeastern Wisconsin, to Lower Michigan. The northern suburbs of Chicago received 21 inches, and the Chicago lakefront recorded 70 mph winds!

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July 10, 1998:

Flash flooding occurred from Keldron and areas south, during the late afternoon and evening as result of up seven inches of rain that had fallen from slow moving thunderstorms. Willow creek and several small tributaries went out of their banks causing the inundation of low areas and county roads. Many county roads were damaged with one farmer losing several pigs and cows as a result of the flooding.

Record Highs: Record Lows:
Aberdeen: 114 (1936) Aberdeen: 42 (1945)
Kennebec: 113 (1936) Kennebec: 42 (1945)
Mobridge: 112 (1936) Mobridge: 42 (1945)
Pierre: 113 (1966) Pierre: 46 (1945)
Sisseton: 112 (1936) Sisseton: 46 (1945)
Timber Lake: 115 (1936) Timber Lake: 43 (1945)
Watertown: 108 (1966) Watertown: 43 (1945)
Wheaton: 103 (1966) Wheaton: 47 (1975)

Record Precipitation:
Aberdeen: 1.40" (1993)
Kennebec: 2.05" (1923)
Mobridge: 0.82" (1993)
Pierre: 1.65" (1964)
Sisseton: 1.70" (1935)
Timber Lake: 2.14" (1944)
Watertown: 1.78" (1977)
Wheaton: 2.00" (1967) is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.