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 1 March 1980 → An unusually large Florida tornado, an F3, was at times more than 500 yards wide. It struck near Fort Lauderdale and traveled 7 miles. The tornado killed one person and caused $6 million in damage.
 1 March 1983 → An F2 tornado stayed on the ground for three and a half miles as it moved through south central Los Angeles, CA. Fifty buildings were damaged and 30 people were injured, mostly by flying glass.
 1 March 2003 → Officials in charge of the Iditarod Trail Dog Sled Race in Alaska were forced to change the route of their famous race because of unusually warm conditions and a lack of snow.
 1 March 2007 → The first tornado of a large outbreak struck Enterprise, AL around 1pm. Eight students died when the EF-4 struck the town's high school, and there was an additional fatality as the tornado tore through the city.

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July 21, 1940:

From near Miller, a tornado moved southeast, destroying a barn, garage, and two windmills. This tornado was estimated to be F2 strength.

July 21, 1987:

During the afternoon, an unusually severe thunderstorm moved northeast through northwest Wyoming and spawned the highest elevation F4 tornado ever documented. The tornado touched down in the Teton Wilderness Area, and created a massive blow down of trees as it travel north northeast. The distance traveled was 24.3 miles and ended along the Yellowstone River in the southeast corner of Yellowstone National Park. The path averaged 1.5 miles in width, reaching a maximum width of 2.5 miles.

Record Highs: Record Lows:
Aberdeen: 106 (1899) Aberdeen: 41 (1902)
Kennebec: 113 (1934) Kennebec: 41 (1947)
Mobridge: 108 (1960) Mobridge: 44 (1947)
Pierre: 110 (1934) Pierre: 46 (1947)
Sisseton: 101 (1960) Sisseton: 46 (1947)
Timber Lake: 105 (2007) Timber Lake: 48 (1947)
Watertown: 110 (1934) Watertown: 40 (1911)
Wheaton: 102 (1960) Wheaton: 51 (1915)

Record Precipitation:
Aberdeen: 2.03" (1939)
Kennebec: 1.50" (1978)
Mobridge: 1.42" (1966)
Pierre: 0.94" (1978)
Sisseton: 1.18" (1972)
Timber Lake: 1.36" (1966)
Watertown: 0.85" (1939)
Wheaton: 1.34" (1914) is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.