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 28 December 1879 → All 74 lives were lost when a passenger train plunged from the Tay Bridge (Dundee, Scotland) into the Tay Estuary as the middle section of the bridge collapsed. Although the bridge was poorly constructed and had already been weakened in earlier gales (including the pre-existing winds at the time of the tragedy), the ultimate failure is believed to have been caused by two or three waterspouts which were sighted close to the bridge immediately before the accident.
 28 December 1999 → From the 26th to the 28th two incredibly powerful wind storms tore through northern and western Europe. Winds were over 100 mph in France, Germany, Belgium, and Luxembourg. Devastation to trees, power grids, and buildings was widespread. 140 people lost their lives.
 28 December 2003 → A severe snow storm hit northern California and southern Oregon. As much as 2 feet of snow fell along Interstate 5 closing a 150-mile stretch of the highway, stranding hundreds of travelers. Winds from the storm caused power outages to more than 200,000 customers. One man died of a heart attack after helping other drivers.

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June 30, 1991:

Thunderstorms dropped over 2 inches of rain over Brown, Marshall, and Roberts County. The rain washed out many county roads and flooded low lying areas. Several streets were impassable in Aberdeen. Officially, Aberdeen recorded 1.91 inches of rain.

June 30, 1992:

An F2 tornado lifted a roof off a house 18 miles east of Pierre. A barn was destroyed and power lines and tress were downed. Also, an estimated wind gust of 61 mph was observed 5 miles west of Miller.

Record Highs: Record Lows:
Aberdeen: 104 (1931) Aberdeen: 38 (1918)
Kennebec: 107 (2002) Kennebec: 42 (1918)
Mobridge: 102 (1931) Mobridge: 41 (1918)
Pierre: 103 (1980) Pierre: 47 (1987)
Sisseton: 99 (1963) Sisseton: 45 (1959)
Timber Lake: 104 (2002) Timber Lake: 42 (1995)
Watertown: 102 (1931) Watertown: 41 (1918)
Wheaton: 104 (1931) Wheaton: 40 (1918)

Record Precipitation:
Aberdeen: 3.83" (1978)
Kennebec: 1.20" (1988)
Mobridge: 1.40" (1988)
Pierre: 1.91" (1988)
Sisseton: 2.88" (1938)
Timber Lake: 3.75" (1988)
Watertown: 1.28" (1992)
Wheaton: 3.98" (1938) is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.