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 26 December 1927 → The worst Christmas blizzard in a century buried the UK. While most of the country experienced snow, the south suffered from the brunt of the storm with drifts in places to 15 feet or more.
 26 December 1985 → Seattle, WA was in the midst of two and a half weeks of heavy fog. Christmas holiday travel was disrupted due to visibility of less than one eighth of a mile. Many flights were canceled and numerous accidents cluttered the highways.
 26 December 2009 → A huge blizzard raged across the Great Plains from the 24th through today. One to two feet of snow, propelled by winds up to 60 mph, buried the area from Oklahoma to the upper Mississippi Valley. Five people died in Oklahoma.

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March 2, 1966:

The blizzard began late on March 2nd in the west and moved very slowly across the state reaching the extreme east on the 4th continuing into the 5th. Snow depths ranged from 2 to 4 inches in southeast South Dakota to nearly 3 feet in north central South Dakota. Winds of 40 to 55 mph with gusts to 100 mph caused widespread blowing snow and near zero visibilities during the storm. Drifts up to 30 feet were reported in sheltered areas with open fields nearly bare. The storm caused heavy livestock losses. Estimated losses were 50,000 cattle, 46,000 sheep, and 1800 hogs. The largest losses were in the central and north central parts of the state. The heavy snow also collapsed a number of structures. Three deaths were directly caused by the storm due to exposure and 3 deaths were indirectly caused by the storm; 2 due to heart attacks and 1 by asphyxiation. The blizzard was rated as one of the most severe that has been experienced in South Dakota. Many roads were blocked for days along with many schools and businesses closed.

March 2, 1970:

In an early season severe thunderstorm, hail 0.75 inches in diameter fell in Day County, 4miles SSE of Webster. In addition, 1.75 inch hail fell 5 miles south of Huron in Beadle County.

Record Highs: Record Lows:
Aberdeen: 72 (1905) Aberdeen: -21 (1913)
Kennebec: 84 (1974) Kennebec: -19 (1950)
Mobridge: 73 (1974) Mobridge: -21 (1919)
Pierre: 80 (1974) Pierre: -13 (1950)
Sisseton: 67 (1905) Sisseton: -16 (2003)
Timber Lake: 75 (1974) Timber Lake: -21 (1916)
Watertown: 63 (1905) Watertown: -23 (1913)
Wheaton: 69 (1992) Wheaton: -20 (1916)

Record Precipitation: Record Snowfall:
Aberdeen: 0.56" (1966) Aberdeen: 5.5" (1985)
Kennebec: 0.50" (1951) Kennebec: 8.0" (1985)
Mobridge: 0.74" (1966) Mobridge: 7.3" (1966)
Pierre: 0.76" (1985) Pierre: 7.6" (1985)
Sisseton: 0.23" (1978) Sisseton: 7.1" (2007)
Timber Lake: 0.39" (1953) Timber Lake: 4.0" (1985)
Watertown: 0.30" (1965) Watertown: 4.1" (2007)
Wheaton: 0.26" (2007) Wheaton: 2.4" (2007) is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.