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 15 April 1921 → A large tornado outbreak struck Texas, Arkansas, and Mississippi. One tornado family was on the ground for 112 miles and caused up to F4 damage. That family took 59 lives from Marion County, TX to Pike County, AR and the individual tornadoes were as much as a mile wide.
 15 April 1949 → A hailstone with a diameter of 5 inches and weighing over 4 pounds was reported in Troy, NY.
 15 April 1984 → In Terrace, British Columbia an intense wind storm capsized fishing vessels and sailboats, damaged power lines and buildings, and fanned forest fires. Wind gusts as high as 75 mph were reported. The storm caused several million dollars in damage.
 15 April 2011 → Tornado outbreaks happened on three consecutive days from the 14th to the 16th. On this date an EF3 tornado hit the northwest side of Jackson, MS, injuring ten people. An EF-3 in Neshoba and Kemper counties in Mississippi was on the ground for nearly 39 miles and was 3/4 of a mile wide.

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March 17, 1997:

High winds of 30 to 50 mph, gusting to over 60 mph, occurred over much of northeast South Dakota through the morning and into the early afternoon hours. Several homes and businesses sustained some roof damage. In Aberdeen, the high winds tore a large piece of roof off of a bowling alley and also tore a piece of roof off an appliance store. The wind damaged some power lines and connections in Aberdeen, including some traffic lights. In Aberdeen, the power was out for 2500 customers for a few hours in the morning. The wind also damaged two old farm buildings west of Aberdeen. One barn lost 75 percent of it's roof. The second barn was pushed six inches off of it's foundation suffering minor structural damage. The Edmunds County Highway Department Shop, under construction east of Ipswich, suffered much of damage as many rafters came down and the sidewall frame shifted. Finally, many small to medium-sized branches were brought down by the high winds. Some peak wind gusts across the area included 58 mph in Aberdeen and 63 mph in Watertown.

Record Highs: Record Lows:
Aberdeen: 77 (2012) Aberdeen: -10 (1906)
Kennebec: 82 (2012) Kennebec: -14 (1943)
Mobridge: 79 (2012) Mobridge: -4 (1939)
Pierre: 80 (2012) Pierre: -3 (1989)
Sisseton: 78 (2012) Sisseton: -11 (1902)
Timber Lake: 79 (2012) Timber Lake: -3 (1965)
Watertown: 78 (1894) Watertown: -10 (1993)
Wheaton: 78 (2012) Wheaton: -12 (1923)

Record Precipitation: Record Snowfall:
Aberdeen: 0.93" (1987) Aberdeen: 6.0" (1907)
Kennebec: 1.25" (1987) Kennebec: 12.0" (1987)
Mobridge: 0.39" (1966) Mobridge: 3.2" (1982)
Pierre: 0.94" (1986) Pierre: 4.0" (1986)
Sisseton: 1.05" (1943) Sisseton: 6.0" (1943)
Timber Lake: 0.50" (1987) Timber Lake: 3.0" (1989)
Watertown: 0.87" (1965) Watertown: 6.0" (1965)
Wheaton: 0.38" (1965) Wheaton: 2.5" (1951) is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.