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 3 March 1876 → The Kentucky Meat Shower. Around 2pm, chunks of fresh, red meat fell from the sky for several minutes onto Olympia Springs in Bath County. The chunks of meat were 3 to 4 inches square. Two local men tasted it and figured it to be mutton or venison. Scientific analysis showed it to be lung tissue, muscle tissue, and cartilage, likely from a horse. It was posited that a flock of buzzards had just eaten a dead horse nearby, and then disgorged their meal onto unsuspecting Olympia Springs. The day was otherwise pleasant with blue skies, a light breeze, and temperatures in the 40s.
 3 March 1966 → Jackson, MS was heavily damaged by a half-mile wide F5 tornado. Of the total death toll of 57, twelve people were killed when the Candlestick Shopping Center was leveled to the ground.
 3 March 1989 → A massive dust storm lowered visibility to zero along I-10 in Cochise County, AZ. Chain-reaction accidents involved 25 cars. Two motorists were killed.

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May 20, 1965:

A tornado hit north of Frederick. A barn and all outbuildings were destroyed on one farm. Windows exploded outward at the house. The tornado was estimated to be on the ground for about 5 miles.

May 20, 1974:

Softball size hail fell in Kennebec, breaking many windows in the schools and other buildings.

Record Highs: Record Lows:
Aberdeen: 96 (1934) Aberdeen: 23 (1907)
Kennebec: 100 (1925) Kennebec: 24 (1895)
Mobridge: 95 (1934) Mobridge: 26 (2003)
Pierre: 94 (1934) Pierre: 27 (2002)
Sisseton: 97 (1934) Sisseton: 30 (2002)
Timber Lake: 92 (1992) Timber Lake: 27 (2003)
Watertown: 96 (1934) Watertown: 26 (1907)
Wheaton: 92 (2009) Wheaton: 30 (1967)

Record Precipitation: Record Snowfall:
Aberdeen: 1.53" (1974)
Kennebec: 1.55" (1917)
Mobridge: 1.27" (1917)
Pierre: 1.51" (1994)
Sisseton: 1.22" (1957)
Timber Lake: 1.23" (1987)
Watertown: 1.32" (1957) Watertown: Trace (1931)
Wheaton: 0.53" (1927) is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.