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 29 January 1780 → On the coldest morning of an already severe winter, the mercury dipped to -16 at New York City, and bottomed out at -20 in Hartford. New York Harbor was frozen for five weeks, allowing a heavy cannon to be taken across the ice to fortify the British on Staten Island.
 29 January 1921 → Hurricane force winds, with tree-top level gusts estimated to 150 mph, raked the Pacific Northwest during the "Olympic Blowdown." Surface wind gusts along the Washington coast were measured at speeds over 100 mph, and several billion board feet of timber were felled.
 29 January 1951 → The greatest winter storm in the history of Nashville, TN shut the city down until February 5th under a heavy coating of both ice and snow (accompanied by frigid temperatures).

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May 30, 1899:

An estimated F3 tornado moved northeast from 2 miles west of Laurel, Nebraska and across the west edge of Elk Point, South Dakota. At least two homes were destroyed in Nebraska. The tornado then struck three farms in South Dakota, destroying 16 buildings on one of them. One man was injured as he knelt over his wife and child.

May 30, 1998:

An F4 tornado moved through southeast South Dakota, killing 6 people and injuring another 150. The tornado crossed into McCook County at approximately 7:38 pm, CST and moved through downtown Spencer at approximately 7:39 pm, CST. The total cost of damage was more than $18 million with an additional half million in crop damage.

Record Highs: Record Lows:
Aberdeen: 110 (1934) Aberdeen: 27 (1947)
Kennebec: 107 (1934) Kennebec: 28 (1947)
Mobridge: 105 (1934) Mobridge: 33 (2012)
Pierre: 103 (1934) Pierre: 32 (1947)
Sisseton: 113 (1934) Sisseton: 33 (1947)
Timber Lake: 98 (1939) Timber Lake: 31 (1947)
Watertown: 106 (1934) Watertown: 31 (1947)
Wheaton: 93 (2002) Wheaton: 34 (1924)

Record Precipitation:
Aberdeen: 3.35" (1899)
Kennebec: 2.88" (1919)
Mobridge: 3.24" (1943)
Pierre: 1.25" (1918)
Sisseton: 1.25" (1951)
Timber Lake: 1.73" (1943)
Watertown: 2.00" (1959)
Wheaton: 1.90" (1985) is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.