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 25 January 1821 → People were able to walk across the frozen Hudson River between Hoboken and New York City. Entrepreneurs sold coffee on the river to warm pedestrians.
 25 January 1956 → About twelve inches of rain fell in an hour at Kilauea, HI. The observer noted, however, that his gauge overflowed several times during the heavy rain (which continued into the following day) and the true total amount may have been even higher.
 25 January 2003 → Three youths at a detention center in the Annapolis Valley, in Nova Scotia, took advantage of record breaking snowfall to escape. A snowbank high enough to climb over a fence in the yard was constructed and then used to escape. One of the three youths was arrested minutes after he escaped. The cold temperatures forced the remaining youths to turn themselves in.
 25 January 2004 → Tornadoes are unusual in Hawaii, but on this date a severe thunderstorm produced a small tornado on Oahu just 7 miles from downtown Honolulu.

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November 15, 1988:

A mixture of sleet, freezing rain and snow fell from north central South Dakota into west central Minnesota before changing over to all snow by the afternoon of the 15th. Snow continued across Minnesota during the morning hours on the 16th, along with increasing winds. The strong winds and snow created near zero visibilities due to blowing snow in northwest and west central Minnesota. A 60 mph wind gust was recorded in Morris, MN. Snow and blowing snow blocked roads, caused power outages and closed schools. Snow in many locations accumulated over a sheet of ice that coated roads from preceding rainfall.

Record Highs: Record Lows:
Aberdeen: 72 (1953) Aberdeen: -8 (1900)
Kennebec: 78 (1953) Kennebec: -3 (1916)
Mobridge: 76 (1953) Mobridge: -5 (1955)
Pierre: 74 (1953) Pierre: -2 (1955)
Sisseton: 74 (1953) Sisseton: -3 (1932)
Timber Lake: 73 (1953) Timber Lake: -7 (1932)
Watertown: 71 (1953) Watertown: -5 (1932)
Wheaton: 71 (1953) Wheaton: -7 (1932)

Record Precipitation: Record Snowfall:
Aberdeen: 0.67" (1947) Aberdeen: 6.0" (1947)
Kennebec: 0.92" (1957) Kennebec: 4.0" (1956)
Mobridge: 0.40" (1958) Mobridge: 2.0" (1988)
Pierre: 0.50" (1957) Pierre: 2.8" (1988)
Sisseton: 0.80" (1947) Sisseton: 6.0" (1947)
Timber Lake: 0.48" (1958) Timber Lake: 4.0" (1911)
Watertown: 0.33" (1947) Watertown: 4.9" (1947)
Wheaton: 0.50" (1947) Wheaton: 4.5" (1926)" is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.