Winter Hazards Awareness Week
Sunday, November 3rd

  Day 1 - A Summary of the Winter of 2012/2013

Michigan Winter Weather Awareness Week Begins Today

The week of November 3rd through 9th has been declared Winter Hazards Awareness Week by Michigan Governor Rick Snyder.    All citizens are urged to learn more about protecting themselves...their families...and their homes during the winter season. 

According to the National Weather Service (NWS), Michigan had another warm winter, but that isn’t the entire story.  Winter, as defined as the months of December, January and February for temperature statistics, averaged above normal with most locations experiencing a top 25 warmest winter on record.  December was very warm with most locations experiencing a top 10 warmest December.  December also featured very little snow because of the warmth.  January’s temperatures resembled more of a roller coaster as they peaked several times in the 50’s to near 60 only to plunge below zero a couple of days later.  As the calendar turned to February, a more typical winter pattern emerged and that continued into the early spring.  In contrast to the warmest March on record in 2012, March 2013 was well below normal for average temperatures and well above normal for snowfall for nearly the entire state.  The winter was very wet with a combination of rain and snow.  Most locations had a top 20 wettest winter.  Despite the overall warmer temperatures, there was enough cold air to mix with enough storms to produce near average snowfall for the entire state.


Take the time now to set aside emergency supplies for your home and automobile(s). This includes a first aid kit, battery powered radios (including a NOAA All-Hazards Weather Radio), flashlights, extra batteries, matches, blankets or sleeping bags, warm clothes, and non-perishable food. Keep vehicles properly maintained and filled with fuel to avoid being caught in a dangerous situation while traveling.


Remember to always check the latest weather forecast before leaving home, taking note of any advisories, watches, or warnings for winter weather.

For additional information on a winter weather safety, please see the Michigan Weather Preparedness Page.


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