Resource Guide for teachers and students

For kids    icon picture of a kid

Play Time for Kids - From the NWS Office of Meteorology

icon placeholder For Kids Only - From NASA

icon placeholder National Severe Storms Laboratory's Weather Room - Great site for kids and parents!

icon placeholder NOAA's Weather Page for Students - Some great links aimed at students K-12

icon placeholder Owlie Skywarn Page - Read up on Owlie Skywarn's weather safety tips and activities

icon placeholder Lightning Safety - Read about Leo the Lightning Lion and lightning safety

icon placeholder newNOAA/NASA Weather Laboratory   - Answers to difficult science questions

icon placeholder newNOAA/NASA How and Why - Explainations to various science things 

icon placeholder newNWS Topical  Science Index - A clearinghouse of numerous science information 

Games, puzzles and fun stuff

icon placeholder Disaster Preparedness Coloring Book, from the American Red Cross

icon placeholder Billy, Maria, and the Thunderstorm: Coloring Book

icon placeholder Owlie: Lightning Safety Facts and Games

 For teachers 

icon placeholder Safety Brochures, Booklets, etc. on weather topics

icon placeholder K-12 Outreach Activities in Weather and Climate

icon placeholder GLOBE (Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment)  

icon placeholder K-12 outreach activities in weather and climate

icon placeholder National Severe Storm Lab Education Page

icon placeholder Weather Learning Matrix   

 icon placeholder newSci Jinks - Activities, lessons and images for download  

 icon placeholder newNOAA Central Library   

Oceans, Space and Climate 

icon placeholder El Nino and Global Warming

icon placeholder NOAA Research and Education  

icon placeholder newSpace Weather Prediction 

Meteorological Calculator and Glossery   

icon placeholder Weather calculator

icon placeholder new Glossary of Weather Terms

Careers and Classes in Meteorology   icon picture of a kid

 Career information from the AMS

 MS level courses University of North Dakota Department of Atmospheric Sciences.

 Index of the Forecast Decision Training Branch (FDTB) Distance Learning Modules.

 Peterson's Guide to Distance Learning courses, a database which lists some meteorology and hydrology courses available through Distance Learning

  newDiscovering the Atmospheric Sciences: A guide for prospective students 

  newScholarships, grants and student information 

  newNWA Job listings is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.