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For April 23
(for Southeast Minnesota, Northeast Iowa, and Western Wisconsin)
  • In 1963, Goodrich, WI (7"), Owen, WI (7"), and Curtiss, WI (6") snow.
  • In 1980, (see April 22nd), Rochester, MN has a high of 91. This, along with the day before, were their warmest April temperatures. Other warmest April days: Richland Center, WI (93), Blair, WI (91), Cresco, IA (91), Hillsboro, WI (91).
  • In 1948, a three block long section was devastated at the edge of Ionia, IA (Chickasaw County) by an F4 tornado. Six homes and a church were leveled and nine other homes were badly damaged. Two deaths occurred in the collapse of the Huffman Implement Store. Overall, the tornado killed 5 people, injured 25, and caused $250,000 in damages. An F2 tornado touched down initially 5 miles northeast of Rochester. Barns, silos, windmills, and machinery were destroyed on four farms as this tornado tracked north. In addition, it caused 9 injuries.
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