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Juneau County (WI) Tornadoes*

Date Time Location Other 

Deaths** Injuries** EF-Scale
Month Day Year
5 22 2011  1615- 1746 CST Tunnel City 3N (Monroe) to Arnott 4.8SE (Portage)
100 (Monroe)
800 (Juneau)
350 (Wood)
700 (Portage)
1 (Wood)
EF2 (Monroe & Juneau)
EF1 (Wood & Portage)
  This tornado first developed about 4 miles northwest of Tomah.  It then proceeded to move east-northeast crossing Interstate 94 north of Tomah.  A house and mobile home were destoyed north of Tomah and another house was significantly damaged northeast of Tomah.  The tornado then passed through mainly wooded rural areas before crossing into Juneau County southwest of Mather.  Total damages across Juneau county from this tornado were estimated to be just over $500,000.

This tornado entered into Juneau County southwest of Mather at 4:38 pm CST and then tracked northeast across the Necedah Wildlife Refuge between Mather and Finley damaging numerous trees.  As the tornado approached Finley, it grew in size and was nearly a half mile wide as it crossed County Road F east of Finley.  In this area, numerous trees were snapped or blown down with some of them landing on nearby homes.  At a cranberry business east of Finley, all of the outbuildings and sheds were demolished and tossed into nearby fields and a loading deck platform and trucks were heavily damaged.  Thick wooden power poles in this area were snapped or sheared off over a half mile long stretch. The tornado then weakened as it moved northeast toward the Wood-Juneau County line with damage to trees and some minor roof and siding damage.  Total damages across Juneau county from this tornado were estimated to be $4.4 million.


The tornado then moved out of Juneau County at 5:03 pm CST and moved east-northeast across southern Wood County.  The storm hit a campground on the east shore of the Wisconsin River about three miles south of Nekoosa.  Over 100 pine trees were snapped and uprooted on the campground, some two feet in diameter.  Several camper vehicles were damaged by fallen trees.  The tornado was seen by campground visitors just before 6:15 pm.  The tornado continued east-northeast and snapped or uprooted hundreds of additional trees south of Wisconsin Rapids.  The storm damaged at least six homes and several other outbuildings about six miles south-southeast of Wisconsin Rapids.  One of the houses lost the entire roof of a garage).  A woman in the garage at the time sustained injuries when the garage fell on the truck that she was taking shelter in.  This area experienced high-end EF1 damage with winds at least 95 to 105 mph.  Total damages across Wood County from this tornado were estimated to be
$1.02 million.

The tornado entered Portage County from Wood County at 5:20 pm CST mainly over farmland.  The twister continued to snap trees and overturn agricultural irrigation systems.  About six miles south of Plover, a nearly half-mile long row of power poles were bent over.  The tornado crossed Interstate 39 at Coddington Road two miles west of Keene.  The tornado grew to nearly 700 yards wide as it passed just north of Keene and heavily damaged a farmstead.   A silo was damaged and barn flattened.  Several outbuildings were also damaged or destroyed.  Along the path, at least two dozen irrigation systems were overturned and damaged (resulting in over $1 million in losses) and many hundreds of trees snapped or uprooted.  This area also experienced high-end EF1 damage with winds of 100 to 110 mph.  The tornado dissipated about nine miles southeast of Plover at about 5:46 pm CST.  The average path width was 300 yards.  Total damages across Portage County from this tornado were estimated to be $1.02 million.

Overall, this EF2 tornado was on the ground for 64.5 miles.  It injured 1 person and caused $7.22 million in damages.  More on this tornado can be found at the following web sites: and

4 10 2011 1714-1721 CST South Necedah 1.8SSW to Necedah Hornsburg AR 2.7N None 4.37
150 0
  The tornado first touched down near the intersection of Paradise Lane and 25th Street and produced EF0 damage. The tornado briefly produced EF1 damage for about three fourths of a mile from T Lane through Padre Pio Drive.  A mobile home was rolled over and pine trees were snapped.  The tornado continued east-northeast and produced EF0 damage to pine trees around County Road G before ending near the Wisconsin River.  This tornado caused $30,000 of daamage.  More on this tornado can be found at:
8 18 2005 1554-1615 CST Tomah 4.5E to Necedah 6 NW Monroe 10 25 0 0

This was fifth of 27 tornadoes to touch down in Wisconsin on this date (a single day record for the state). It touched down along County Road N, or just east of the location where Interstate 90 and 94 split in eastern Monroe County. This tornado continued on a 10 mile track into Juneau County, ending just west of the Necedah Wildlife Refuge Headquarters. There was tree, agricultural and structural damage. A home, which was under construction, was completely destroyed. Three other homes sustained minor damage. Corn was flattened and there was significant tree damage as well. This tornado caused $140,500 in property damage ($40,500 in Monroe County and $100,000 in Juneau County) and $35,000 in crop damage ($10,000 in Monroe County and $25,000 in Juneau County).
6 23 2004 1820-1855 CST New Lisbon 9E to Grand Marsh 4SE Adams 18 50 0 0 F1
  A line of thunderstorms that moved out of Minnesota produced wind damage, hail and several tornadoes. This was fourth tornado to occur this evening. It formed in extreme eastern Juneau County, about 2 miles west of Castle Rock Dam. The tornado moved east-northeast across Castle Rock Lake and into western Adams County. It tracked near or along Edgewood Ave, with extensive tree damage to the Quincy Bluff area, including the lookout ranger tower there. Hundreds of trees were blown down from strong winds rotating around the tornadic thunderstorm, which were in excess of 90 mph at times. The tornado intermittently tracked east to areas just north of Edgewood Drive crossing Highway 13 approximately 5 miles south of Adams/Friendship (Adams County). Downburst winds on the south side of the storm demolished at least 8 mobile homes in Edgewood Estates that were orientated north-south and took the full brunt of the cross wind. This was the same area hit by severe weather in September 2000. Most of the Town of Easton (Adams County) had extensive damage with hundreds of trees down. It continued to move east-southeast before lifting shortly before the Adams-Marquette County line about 3 miles southeast of Grand Marsh around 7:55 pm. A broad area of straight line wind damage was found south of this tornado track with widespread tree damage occurring up to 1 mile south of the track. The tornado path was approximately 17 to 18 miles in length. The tornado was rated an F1 on the Fujita Damage Scale with estimated wind speeds in the 73 to 112 mph range. This tornado caused an estimated $7,000 of property damage in Juneau County, and $100,000 of property damage in Adams County.
6 1 2000 1500-1520 CST New Lisbon 2N to Mauston 4N None 6.5 100 0 0 F1
  Damage consisted of sheared or blown down trees, demolished barns and sheds, damaged garages, and light structural damage to homes. Hardest hit were homes and farms along 8th Avenue north of New Lisbon, along Meredith Road north of Mauston, and along Highway 58 north of Mauston.
8 27 1994 2150-2158 CST Lyndon Station 1S None 5.5 100 0 3 F1
  Moving southeast, this tornado damaged 8 mobile homes and plowed through a campground where 2 trailers were hit. Considerable tree damage also occurred.
10 8 1992 1430 CST Mauston 7ESE None 2 100 0 0 F1
  Four outbuildings, 3 mobile homes, and many trees were damaged.
5 8 1988 1615 CST Lemonweir 3S None 0.7 25 0 0 F1
  A building was damaged.
5 8 1988 1608-1615 CST Elroy 3E to Mauston 2W None 5 75 0 1 F1
  A person was injured by flying debris west of Mauston. Total damage included 2 barns, 2 homes, 1 trailer, and many trees.
5 8 1988 1608 CST Lemonwier 3S None 0.7 25 0 1 F1
   A tornado touched down 3 miles south of Lemonwier.
8 12 1985 1835-1905 CST Kendall 1S to Castle Rock Lake Monroe 22 880 2 22 F2
  A killer tornado set down south of Kendall (Monroe County), destroying a barn and damaging a home before moving northeast into Juneau County. The tornado moved from the countryside into New Lisbon, ripping through a trailer court on the northern edge of town before dissipating on the north edge of Castle Rock Lake. A couple was killed and 22 others were injured in Juneau County. Seventeen of the 35 mobile homes were destroyed while 3 homes and a gasoline station just north of the trailer court were damaged. Numerous trees and power lines were downed, including 100 acres of forest at Buckhorn State Park. Over $620,000 in damage occurred. This was known as the New Lisbon tornado.
10 16 1984 2030 CST Mauston 2S to Necedah 2E None 17 100 0 3 F2
  A woman was seriously injured when her mobile home was overturned. The tornado skipped northward causing damage to a subdivision of mobile homes near the entrance to Buckhorn State Park where 4 mobile homes were leveled, 20 damaged, and some homes and garages were damaged. The tornado lifted again only to set down just east of Necedah where 2 people were injured when the mobile home they were in was lifted from the ground, turned full circle, and bounced off a truck and car before landing 35 feet. Overall, 50 structures were damaged including 15 homes with minor damage, 3 major, and 5 completely destroyed.
7 3 1983 1915 CST Lyndon Station None ?? ?? 0 0 F0
  No damage was reported.
7 3 1983 1815 CST Mauston 1W None ?? ?? 0 0 F0
  Reported by the public with no damage.
7 3 1983 1804 CST Cutler 4N None 1 50 0 8 F3
  Two vorticies reportedly merged over the Eagle's Nest Resort. One vortex moved from the south and the vortex from the north briefly became a waterspout as it moved across a small lake. The tornado picked up a mobile home and lifted it over a 10 foot tree, dropping it 40 feet from its original site. Eight people were injured and briefly trapped in the wreckage. One person was seriously injured with head and chest wounds. Other trailers were also blown over and damaged by falling trees. Damage at the resort was in excess of $100,000.
7 3 1983 1800 CST Castle Rock Flowage/Quincy Township Adams 10 50 0 0 F1
   A tornado crossed the Castle Rock Flowage andd moved into Quincy Township.
3 30 1982 1405 CST Armenia Township to Stevens Point 3SW None ?? ?? 0 2 F1
  A tornado touched down in Armenia Township where it destroyed a house and three nearby mobile homes. Two occupants of the house were injured. The tornado then moved northeast on a 22 mile intermittent path, just southeast of Nekoosa before lifting southwest of Stevens Point.
8 29 1979 2000 CST just east of Camp Douglas None ? ? 0 1 F1
   A tornado touched down briefly just east of Camp Douglas.
8 9 1979 1730-1736 CST Hillsboro to Wonewoc 1S Vernon 9 50 0 0 F2
  This tornado moved east and lifted just south of Wonewoc. A plane was destroyed, and barns and homes were damaged; some were leveled.
 6  1967 2330 CST  Mt Tabor 1.5E to Union Center  Vernon  8.7  75  F1 
   A small tornado traveled east for about 8 miles starting 1.5 miles east of Mt. Tabor to Union Center.
3 31 1967 0005 CST Near Elroy None 2 200 0 0 F1
   A tornado travelled north northeast near Elroy
4 19 1966 2215-2230 CST Hillsboro 1.5W to Elroy Vernon 8.6 10 0 0 F2
5 8 1964 1815 CST Lyndon Station 3NW to Adams 8E Adams 23.5 150 0 0 F2
  A home was shifted on its foundation and destroyed (close to F3 damage), and another was unroofed. A trailer was destroyed and a barn was leveled. Trees were debarked.
5 7 1964 1450 CST Meadow Valley 1N None 3.3 30 0 1 F2
  Tornado began 1 mile north of Meadow Valley and then traveled east-northeast.
5 4 1964 2030 CST Necedah 3W None 25 ? 0 0 F1
  A tornado touched down at least 2 times 3 miles west of Necedah.
5 4 1964 2000-2020 CST Hustler 2S to New Lisbon 4NW None 7.7 100 0 0 F2
  One home was unroofed and a dozen smaller buildings were damaged.
4 19 1957 1530 CST New Lisbon to Necedah 5N None 20 300 1 0 F4
  A "skipping" tornado touched down initially at the western edge of New Lisbon.  There it damaged the Glen Ristow tavern by smashing the chimney, knocking down the TV antennas and caved in the roof over the living room in the rear.  One person was in the tavern at the time and escaped injury.  The tornado picked up a picnic table in New Lisbon, tore it to pieces and flung parts of it several hundred feet.  The Civil Defense observer shack at the edge of town was overturned.  Power lines along the Milwaukee Road tracks were broken and flashed fire.  The crossing signals were also knocked out.  The tornado then touched down and smashed the house on William Mellis farm five miles north of Necedah.  William was alone in the house at the time.  He was thrown 100 feet and killed.  Shreds of the house were blown across a field.  Walls, chairs, cushions, and other furniture were thrown helter skelter.  The tornado tore a path about 25 to 30 yards wide through a clump of trees.  In the tornado's path, trees from 4 to 10 inches thick were snapped in two.  On each side of the path, trees were untouched.
6 22 1944 2130 CST Finley to Port Edwards 2S Wood 20 ?? 0 0 F2
  This tornado moved east-northeast from near Finley, passing along the edge of Nekoosa, and south of Port Edwards. At least 13 barns were damaged or destroyed totaling $20,000.
8 23 1938 1300 CST New Lisbon 4S None 3 100 0 0 F2
  Three barns and two garages were destroyed.
6 13 1925 1745 CST Elroy to Lindina Township None 0.1 30 0 0 F2
  One barn and several silos were destroyed. Several homes were partly unroofed, with damage estimates of $30,000.
10 10 1913 1330 CST Soldiers Grove 2W to Mauston Crawford

45 400 0 0 F2
  A complex of tornadoes and downbursts produced about $300,000 in property losses, although this tornado crossed 4 counties. Starting in Crawford County, this tornado tracked northeast through Richland and Vernon Counties. Five homes were destroyed and over 100 more were damaged in the northwest part of Mauston before the tornado lifted.
6 7 1908 1530 CST Hillsboro to Mauston 3SE Vernon 17 50 2 3 F3
  About 4 miles south of Mauston, a farmer and his son were killed as their entire farm was nearly swept away. The family was hit as they ran for the storm cellar. It was moving northeast.
7 3 1907 1700 CST Neillsville 12SW to Elroy 1NE Clark


55 800 11 40 F4
  This tornado crossed into Sauk County before lifting. Four homes were destroyed as about 20 farms received at least minor damage. This was the most clearly defined path of the tornado outbreak that day.
7 3 1907 1910 CST Elroy 5S to Reedsburg 1W Sauk 8 200 0 4 F3
Most likely a family of tornadoes, they tracked south-southeast crossing a total of 5 counties. At least 20 homes were leveled. Three people were killed just outside of Oakdale (Monroe Co.) A hundred people were left homeless in town. Four people died at "Tunnel Siding" north of Elroy. At least four, and possibly six, people were killed north of Tomah.
0000 CST
New Lisbon
  A terrible tornado moved northeast through the New Lisbon, WI area about midnight.  It unroofed houses, blew down barns, and moved buildings from their foundations.  In one instance a house was completely torn to pieces and the inhabitants were injured.  A horse was killed in a barn near the railroad depot by a portion of the roof which was blown off.  The whole front of The Argus (newspaper) office was blown in, but no serious damage was done to the presses or type.
* The data in this table came from Storm Data, Significant Tornadoes--1680-1991 by Thomas P. Grazulis, and Wisconsin Tornado Database 1950-2000 Geographic Techniques Report No. ST-WTDB01.
**  Injuries and Deaths are for the entire tornado track.

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