May 1-3, 2013 Record Heavy Snow

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A slow moving, potent spring storm brought unwelcomed, heavy snow to parts of the region from late Wednesday night (May 1st) through Thursday, May 2. The snow lingered into Friday the 3rd. Prior to that, the storm's surface low and cold front sparked a few showers and thunderstorms on Monday and Tuesday (April 30-May 1), with a few severe storms late Monday night into early Tuesday morning.

Unseasonably cold air flowed in behind the front, with 70s to low 80 highs ahead of it and 40s behind it. Cold air continued to invade from the west and north Wednesday night while a band of precipitation set up from northwest Wisconsin, across southeast Minnesota, and southwest through central Iowa. The band intensified late Wednesday night, and with ample cold air, what fell was mostly snow - and very heavy at times. 1 to 2 inch per hour snowfall rates were common overnight Wednesday. Despite the warm grounds, roadways became snow covered, resulting in slick and dangerous travel Thursday morning.  The bulk of the snow fell on Thursday.

Daily snowfall records were set at many locations. In fact, the one-day totals also set monthly records!

May 2nd Snowfall Records Set
Dodge Center, MN 15.4" Osage, IA 7.0" Mondovi, WI 8.3"
Rochester, MN 14.0" St Ansgar, IA 5.2" Medford, WI 2.0"
Zumbro Falls, MN 10.4" Elma, IA 2.1" La Crosse, WI  0.8"
Austin, MN 10.0" Charles City, IA 1.0"     
Byron, MN 9.6"        
Elgin, MN 7.4"        
Theilman, MN 6.2"        
Wabasha, MN 5.6"        
Grand Meadow, MN 5.0"        
Preston, MN 4.0"        
Lanesboro, MN 1.6"        
Spring Valley, MN 1.0"        


radar loop
Radar loop from Midnight to 6 pm Thursday, May 2nd

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Snowfall Graphics

24 hour regional snowfall (through Thu morning - May 2) 24 hour local snowfall (through Thu morning - May 2) 48 hour regional snowfall 48 hour local snowfall


Morning snowfall in Kasson, MN Tree down in Austin, MN Kasson, MN Owatonna, MN Rochester, MN
Tree damage in Rochester Plow cleaning up highway bus stuck in snow
 Tree damage in Rochester, MN       Stuck bus
Iowa horse  
Iowa horse enjoying the snow Claremont, MN Trucks stopped on Highway 14 MN highway and media webcams on May 2nd  


Snowfall Totals (May 1-3) 

129 PM CDT FRI MAY 3 2013


LOCATION                       AMOUNT


IONIA 2W                       5.5 IN
NASHUA                         5.1 IN
NEW HAMPTON                    5.0 IN

MONONA WWTP                    TRACE

ALPHA 1ENE                     1.5 IN
OELWEIN 1E                     1.2 IN
FAYETTE                        0.5 IN
CLERMONT                       0.5 IN

CHARLES CITY                  10.0 IN
NASHUA 2SW                     5.1 IN
COLWELL                        4.5 IN

CRESCO 1NE                     6.5 IN
ELMA                           4.9 IN

OSAGE                         13.0 IN
ST ANSGAR                     10.9 IN
CARPENTER 2ENE                 7.0 IN
RICEVILLE                      7.0 IN
ST ANSGAR 7NW                  7.0 IN

BLUFFTON 1N                    3.5 IN
RIDGEWAY                       3.0 IN
HIGHLANDVILLE                  3.0 IN
CALMAR                         2.9 IN
SATTRE 4S                      2.0 IN
DECORAH                        0.5 IN


DODGE CENTER                  17.2 IN
CLAREMONT 2 SSE               14.9 IN
KASSON                        14.5 IN
BLOOMING PRAIRIE 4E           14.0 IN
CLAREMONT                     13.0 IN
PINE ISLAND 5WSW              13.0 IN
MANTORVILLE 2ESE               9.0 IN
MANTORVILLE                    7.0 IN

SPRING VALLEY 3E              12.9 IN
PILOT MOUND 2SSE              11.9 IN
LANESBORO                      8.0 IN
SPRING VALLEY                  8.0 IN
SPRING VALLEY 1ENE             8.0 IN
CHATFIELD                      8.0 IN
PRESTON                        8.0 IN
PETERSON 1S                    7.2 IN
HARMONY                        2.5 IN
HIGHLAND                       2.0 IN

SPRING GROVE 4N                3.1 IN
LA CRESCENT 1NNW               1.8 IN

GRAND MEADOW                  14.0 IN
AUSTIN KAAL TV                12.5 IN
AUSTIN WASTE WATER            10.2 IN
AUSTIN 2SW                    10.0 IN
BROWNSDALE                    10.0 IN
ADAMS 2S                       8.5 IN
AUSTIN                         7.0 IN

ROCHESTER 3W                  16.6 IN
ROCHESTER 2NW                 15.5 IN
ROCHESTER AIRPORT             15.3 IN
BYRON 4N                      14.8 IN
ROCHESTER 2NE                 14.5 IN
ORONOCO 2N                    14.0 IN
ORONOCO                       13.2 IN
ELGIN 2SSW                    13.1 IN
ROCHESTER KTTC TV             13.0 IN
EYOTA                         12.5 IN
RINGE 4WSW                    11.3 IN
DOUGLAS 2N                    10.0 IN
SALEM CORNERS 3NE              9.8 IN
ROCHESTER 1SE                  9.5 IN
PINE ISLAND 2S                 9.0 IN
ROCHESTER 2NE                  8.5 IN

READS LANDING 1W              15.8 IN
OAK CENTER                    15.0 IN
ZUMBRO FALLS 4 SSW            14.1 IN
THEILMAN 1SSW                 11.5 IN
HAMMOND 1S                    10.0 IN
PLAINVIEW                     10.0 IN
WABASHA                        9.5 IN
KELLOGG 4S                     9.0 IN
LAKE CITY                      8.0 IN

ST CHARLES 3N                 11.5 IN
ST CHARLES 5N                 10.0 IN
ALTURA 5W                      9.4 IN
LEWISTON                       8.0 IN
STOCKTON 1 NNW                 7.0 IN
WINONA DAM 5A                  5.0 IN
TREMPEALEAU DAM 6              4.0 IN
GOODVIEW                       4.0 IN
MINNESOTA CITY DAM 5           4.0 IN
WINONA                         3.5 IN
LA CRESCENT DAM 7              0.5 IN


MONDOVI 2W                     8.3 IN
NELSON                         7.0 IN
ALMA DAM 4                     5.0 IN
FOUNTAIN CITY                  3.0 IN

OWEN 2N                        1.5 IN

DE SOTO 1SE                    TRACE

TOWN OF HOLLAND                4.5 IN
HOLMEN 4N                      2.0 IN
HOLMEN 2S                      1.6 IN
HOLMEN 1N                      1.2 IN
ONALASKA 2NW                   0.9 IN
NWS LA CROSSE                  0.4 IN

TUNNEL CITY                    0.2 IN

JUMP RIVER 1NW                 7.0 IN
LUBLIN                         3.5 IN
MEDFORD                        2.0 IN
WESTBORO 4E                    1.8 IN

OSSEO                          8.1 IN
ETTRICK 4WNW                   6.2 IN
ARCADIA                        6.0 IN
GALESVILLE 2WSW                4.7 IN
TREMPEALEAU DAM 6              4.0 IN
TREMPEALEAU 2NW                3.8 IN
CENTERVILLE 1N                 3.5 IN

STODDARD                       TRACE
GENOA DAM 8                    TRACE
WESTBY 3ENE                    TRACE

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