The Norwalk WI Tornado

July 9th, 2000

Norwalk WI tornado - F1
Todd Shea, Warning Coordination Meteorologist
Picture of the tornado track.

A tornado touched down around 4 am at the intersection of County Road T and Levi Road about 2 miles southeast of Norwalk WI. A tree was knocked down at a farm just west of County Road T and rotation was evident in the corn along Levi Road heading east.

At the first residence, a large machine shed was demolished on the south side of Levi Road while their house on the north side was untouched. Some lawn furniture was pulled into the tornado but a nearby camper was left untouched.

A the next residence, a large barn and smaller shed were both demolished. A power pole was displaced approximately 1 inch but not sheared. Several windows on the west and south side of the house were broke and an air conditioner was blown into the house. The roof of the house was lifted along the west side approximately 3 inches which allowed wind to enter the house and blow insulation out of the ceiling. Two adults sleeping upstairs were blown against the east wall but were not injured.

Debris from the barn and sheds was carried across fields to the east and on the ridge along Lignite Road about 1 mile east. There was evidence of spearing as debris was pushed into the ground. Width was only 30 yards and total length was just under 1 mile. Preliminary rating of this tornado was F1.

Those interviewed said the tornado hit before the rain began, which follows the typical pattern for linear orientated storms. They said they heard more crashing and breaking noises than a roar. They also said they heard no watches or warnings, but had heard earlier about severe weather across northwest Wisconsin.

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