NOAA Weather Radio "SAME" Information

A new Weather Radio is out on the market that utilizes the Specific Area Message Encoding or SAME. In other words, you can choose only the official watches and warnings that affect your county area and screen out any warnings issued for other counties within the typical 40-mile broadcast range of the NOAA Weather Radio transmitter.

Any existing weather radio will continue to work just as before, although one common complaint that we have heard in the past was that a person would receive a watch/warning that might be affecting an area several counties away. With the new generation of programmable NOAA Weather Radio receivers, this will be eliminated.

How does SAME work? With the advent of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) this year, the National Weather Service now sends a digital code before and after each alert message through our NOAA Weather Radio transmitters. These new SAME weather radios act as EAS decoders basically and decipher what the alert is and which county it is valid for.

To program the new style weather radios, you need to know the FIPS codes for your county or counties you would like alarmed. For a listing showing the FIPS codes for each county throughout the country, click here.

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