Calling All Photographers!!
The National Weather Service offices serving the citizens of Alabama are currently putting together the 2013 Alabama All Hazards Awareness Booklet. This booklet highlights all types of hazards, both meteorological and non-meteorological, that can and do occur across the state. We need your help in finding some great photos to showcase in this very important outreach and education effort. Photos can be of storm damage or show weather in action. Here is a list of some photo examples:
  • Tornado, wall cloud, funnel cloud
  • Any storm damage
  • Flooding - rural, urban, river/creek
  • Winter weather - snow, sleet, ice, freezing fog
  • Hurricanes - wind damage, storm surge, or ongoing tropical conditions
  • Hail or hail damage
  • Lightning
  • Drought - wildfires, damaged crops, extremely low water levels on area lakes/rivers
  • Earthquake damage 
We do request that the photos not include people, if possible. Not all photos submitted will be used in the publication. Last year's Alabama All Hazards Booklet can be found here. If you have any photos that you feel would be booklet-worthy, please submit them by following the directions below.
  • Please make sure all submitted images were taken somewhere in the state of Alabama. Since this is an Alabama publication, we would prefer that all material be in reference to the state.
  • Submitted images can be in any format, but experience has shown that JPG format works best with photographs and this is the preferred format. All images used will be converted to JPG.
  • Try to keep the size of the image to less than 500K. If using JPG format, save the image using the best image quality setting that keeps the image below 500K.
  • Please submit only original digital images. "Faked," "Photoshopped," or any other stolen or non-original images will not be accepted.
  • Please include a date and location the image was taken, and a brief description. Although not every detail is needed, be as specific as you can. For proper credit for the image, also include your name.

You can submit images in a couple of different ways:

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