Reading RAWS Data, NWS Denver
Reading RAWS Data

STATIONName or Location of RAWS station.
FWZFire Weather Zone number.
ELEVElevation of station in feet.
DATE/TIMEDay of month / Time in GMT (GMT = MDT + 6 hours)
TEMPCurrent temperature in degrees Fahrenheit.
DWPTCurrent dew point temperature in degrees Fahrenheit.
WINDWind speed and direction. Wind speed is in tens of degrees and speed is in miles per hour. (Example: 3314 would mean a wind from 330 degrees (or northwest) and a speed of 14 mph)
GUSTDirection and speed of wind gust using same format as mentioned above.
RHRelative Humidity expressed as a percent
PCPNAccumulated Precipitation (time frame unknown).

The asterisked zone numbers in the RAWS data table are the Public Zone numbers. To see a geographical description of the zones click on Public Forecast Zones or on Fire Weather Zones. The RAWS data is updated twice an hour and includes information for portions of Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and New Mexico. Some sites do not provide information every hour, but when it does report, the missing hours will be included.

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