WFO Denver/Boulder

Hello all ye CASTERS,                        October 2005

Our first big storm of the season has come and gone with only a bit of
snow remaining across Elbert and Eastern portions of Arapahoe counties.
Quite the unusual storm with rain across eastern Boulder and Larimer
counties, while Eastern and Southeast portions of the Denver area received
nearly a foot of snow.  We have already put a brief summary of the storm
on the web site along with snowfall maps and pictures from you all. We are
intending to build upon our storm history page in the future, so your
reports and pictures  you send may be used on the page. Of course, we will
only use pictures with your consent. Moisture wise, everyone won, with 2 to
4 inches of precipitation falling across  much of Eastern Colorado. 

For those wondering about the seasonal outlooks for Colorado, there is not
alot of strong signals for one direction or another in terms of snowfall
potential this year. The climate folks have indicated a more or less normal
winter with normal precipitation and a bit above normal temperatures. 

For those sending in monthly snowfall amounts, please remember to e-mail me
at with your figures at the beginning of each month.
For September, I have put zeros in for everyone, unless you let me know.
Please check the station list and make sure your station is correctly
indicated. You can view the new 2005/06 table at There were some stations that I
have deleted because of very few monthly reports received from last year. 
We can still add new stations to the snow tables if you like. Just give me
a jingle.  

For those new to the spotter program, remember, you can use the 800
number provided to you or send your reports from the web page at  Remember to make sure
you are using this link. There are some who have the old link locked to
their favorites. Also when you submit a report, make sure you spotter
number has at least two numeric digits. (example, use  B01 and not B1. The
form will not allow B1.

If you need a refresher on what to report, check the guidelines at If you have misplaced your
spotter number, I can retrieve it for you for a nominal fee (just kidding).
Official training will be offered next spring starting in March and usually
runs through May. If anyone has anyquestions on the program please don't
hesitate to ask.

If you are moving, changing e-mails, or just do not want to be with the
spotter program, let me know.  We are also trying to get everyone’s
location pinpointed on our computer maps. You may get a call as we get
everyone’s location shored up this fall.
Some of the website addresses may be changing later this month. I will let
you know when this happens.   There is one change to our snow criteria
this fall, and that is snowfall for a winter storm warning in the mountains
has been changed to 12 inches in a 24 hour period.  Everything else remains
the same.  Until we meet again...Scott is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.