Central Region Applied Research Papers


Applied Research Paper 18-01

Seasonal Water Discharge Prediction: Wyoming River Basins by Christopher N. Jones, National Weather Service Office, Paducah, Kentucky

Applied Research Paper 18-02

Comparison of Automated Surface Observation System (ASOS) to Standard Aviation Observation (SAO) for Temperature and Dew Point at Evansville Indiana Weather Service Office by Gregory Lamberty, National Weather Service Office, Paducah, Kentucky

Applied Research Paper 18-03

A Summer Severity Index For Goodland Kansas by Victor J. Nouhan, National Weather Service Office, Goodland, Kansas

Applied Research Paper 18-04

New Conversion Table for Snowfall to Estimated Meltwater: Is It Appropriate in the High Plains? by John P. Kyle, National Weather Service Forecast Office, Cheyenne, Wyoming and Douglas A. Wesley, UCAR/COMET, Boulder, Colorado

Applied Research Paper 18-05

Central Iowa Dew Point Comparison-DEWPEX by Kimberly Schafer and Jennifer Stark, National Weather Service Forecast Office, Des Moines, Iowa

Applied Research Paper 18-06

A Study on the Relationship Between Cape, Storm-Relative Helicity and Tornadoes in Michigan by Michael S. Evans, National Weather Service Forecast Office, Detroit/Pontiac, Michigan

Applied Research Paper 18-07

An Examination of the Central Plains Blizzard of 24 March 1996 Using Observed Data and Eta Gridded Model Output by William Barlow, National Weather Service Forecast Office, Topeka, Kansas

Applied Research Paper 18-08

A Comprehensive Winter Weather Forecast Checklist by John D. Gordon, National Weather Service Office, Springfield, Missouri

Applied Research Paper 18-09

Re-analysis of the Gridded Model Output to Forecast the South Dakota Heavy Snow Event of March 4, 1995 by Scott M. Reiter and Troy D. Kleffman, National Weather Service Office, Aberdeen, South Dakota

Applied Research Paper 18-10

A Forecast Overview of the 26 January 1996 Blizzard Across Eastern Iowa and Northwest Illinois Using PCGRIDDS and Non-Standard Forecast Techniques by Todd E. Holsten and Tim Hendricks, National Weather Service, Davenport, Iowa


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