Central Region Applied Research Papers


Applied Research Paper 19-01

A Study on the Warning Efficiency at the National Weather Service Foreast Office in Indianapolis, Indiana While Using WDSS by Kristina Holthouse, National Weather Service Office, Indianapolis, Indiana

Applied Research Paper 19-02

The Climatology of Severe Thunderstorm and Flash Flooding Events in the Central Illinois County Warning Area by Mark Britt, National Weather Service Office, Lincoln, Illinois

Applied Research Paper 19-03

Clear Air Radar and Automated Surface Observations of a Long Lived Gust Front by Jeffrey A. Chapman and Ronald T. Holmes, National Weather Service Forecast Office, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Applied Research Paper 19-04

The Hydrological and Surface Observation Quality Control Process at NWSO Central Illinois by Mark F. Britt, Thomas N. Frieders, Christopher W. Geelhart, Billy R. Ousley, National Weather Service Office, Lincoln (Central), Illinois and Arno Perlow, National Weather Service Forecast Office, St. Louis, Missouri

Applied Research Paper 19-05

The Utility of Probability of Severe Hail (POSH) in the Warning Process at NWSFO Topeka by Kyle Weisser and Scott Dergan, National Weather Service Forecast Office, Topeka, Kansas

Applied Research Paper 19-06

An Example of Using WSR-88D Base Spectrum Width Data to Confirm Weak Tornadic Development by Mark T. Buller and Scott A. Mentzer, National Weather Service Office, Goodland, Kansas

Applied Research Paper 19-07

Unifying the Wind Chill Advisory and Warning Thresholds for the NWSO Goodland Public Service Area by Michael Vojtesak, National Weather Service Office, Goodland, Kansas


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