1996 Technical Attachments


  • Tech Attachment 96-09: A Method for Forecasting Lake Effect Snow Using Synoptic-Scale Model Forecasts of 850 mb Temperature, 850/700 mb Vertical Velocity, and 850/700 mb Relative Humidity
  • Tech Attachment 96-08: The Milwaukee Snowstorm of November 27, 1995
  • Tech Attachment 96-07: Clutter Suppression Made Easy
  • Tech Attachment 96-06: An Analysis of Sea-Level Cyclone Errors in the MRF: Forecast Approaches and Limitations
  • Tech Attachment 96-05: Exaggerated Storm Total Precipitation Radar Estimates from Bright Band Interaction
  • Tech Attachment 96-04: The Development and Evolution of the CRH Web Page (This publication is no longer available)
  • Tech Attachment 96-03: Real-Time Monitoring and Reconstruction of a Severe Thunderstorm Environment Using Unique Data Sets
  • Tech Attachment 96-02: An Evaluation of 12 and 18 Hour NGM Low-Level Moisture Flux Convergence and the Proximity of Severe Thunderstorms
  • Tech Attachment 96-01: Using PCGRIDDS to Forecast Precipitation Type


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