1997 Technical Attachments


Tech Attachment 97-01: The Southeast Nebraska Hailstorm of
September 2, 1995 by Bryon C. Miller, National Weather Service Forecast Office, Omaha, Nebraska

Tech Attachment 97-02: Nomogram for Evaluating Tornadic Vortex Signatures: Example Using KDDC WSR-88D Data Collected in the 1995 Garden City Tornadic Storm by Rodger A. Brown, NOAA, National Severe Storms Laboratory, Norman, Oklahoma.

Tech Attachment 97-03: The Utility of MAPS/RUC in Forecasting Two Midwest Severe Weather Events by Ray Wolf, National Weather Service, Davenport (Quad Cities), Iowa.

Tech Attachment 97-04: Composite 500-mb Arctic Outbreak Patterns by Richard L. Van Ess, National Weather Service Forecast Office, Bismarck, North Dakota.

Tech Attachment 97-05: Comparisons Between Foothill and Plains Precipitation in Southern Colorado by John E. Kalina, National Weather Service Office, Pueblo, Colorado.

Tech Attachment 97-06: Effects of Snow Cover on Errors in NGM MOS Minimum Temperature Guidance for Bismarck, North Dakota by Viggo Jensen, National Weather Service Forecast Office, Bismarck, North Dakota.


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