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Name: County:
Phone Number:  

Distance and direction you live from nearest town and highway:

Location of any river, stream, or low water crossing near you:

Do you have a NOAA weather radio? List the frequency or transmitter site:
Do you have any weather equipment? If YES, please list the equipment you have,
i.e. rain gauge, thermometers, wind measuring equipment, etc:
What types of weather information can you report? Please circle all you would be willing to report:

-Rainfall Amount -Snowfall Accumulation -Snow Water Equivalent
-Temperature (current, high and low) -Fog (less than 1 mile) -Freezing Rain/Sleet
-Storm information(hail size, damaging winds, tornadoes, and any other damage)
-Rises on creeks, streams, and rivers which are causing flooding
-Flooding of roads and low water crossings/bridges in your area caused by heavy rain
-Monitor our NOAA weather radio broadcast and report any problems

What time of day and which days can you call us with information?

What time of day and which days can we (NWS) call you for information?

Would you be willing to report daily weather information to us, such as rainfall and snowfall

and high and low temperatures?

Do you know of any weather enthusiasts who would be interested in becoming a volunteer


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