Online Storm and Weather Report

Note: Reports received from this method will not be used in real time, and may not be looked at until a few days after the event. For real time reports of any of the weather events listed below, any weather related damage, or flash floods, please contact your local law enforcement.

Please submit a storm report for any of the following criteria:
Rainfall when amounts equal or exceed 1 inch in 3 hours; OR
when amounts equal or exceed 1/2 inch in 1 hour
Snowfall ANY snowfall over a 24 hour period
Hail dime size (3/4 inch) or larger
Strong Winds 50 mph or greater (measured or estimated)
Tornado/Funnel Cloud Be VERY specific about location and time
Damage Any property damage and/or trees/power lines down
Flooding Basements or roads flooded, creeks/rivers out of banks


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County of Event:  


Location Description: (i,e, 2SE of Hemingford on Hwy 385, 12N Laramie):

Date Event Occurred:

Time of Day:                                     

(Leave cell blank if not known or not applicable)


New on ground:

Total snow on ground:

Water equivalent:

Rainfall:  total rainfall (mention over what period of time):

Hail: Size(max):   


Depth of hail on ground:

Wind:  mph


Estimated (see table below)

     25-31 mph large branches in motion...whistling heard in overhead wires
     32-38 mph whole trees in motion, inconvenient to walk against wind
     39-54 mph twigs break off trees, wind generally impedes progress
     55-72 mph damage to chimneys and TV antennae,  shallow rooted trees pushed over
     73-112 mph peels surfaces off roofs, windows broken, light mobile homes pushed or overturned, moving cars pushed off road
    113-157 mph roofs torn off houses, cars lifted off ground

Tornado/Funnel Cloud:
describe appearance, behavior, if funnel reached ground, exact location and time, and any other information you think we might be interested in

Damage: list any property damage, crop damage, or if trees/power lines are down, and estimated damage dollar amount if possible

Flooding: list if basements are flooded, creeks/rivers out of their banks and name of creek/river, water running over roads and what roads affected.

Misc. Comments:

*DISCLAIMER: there is no guarantee that any part of your report will be included in Storm Data. This is due to many factors.

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