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Greater Buffalo International Airport
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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºF)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (in.)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
2904:54SE 510.00Mostly CloudyBKN2505348 83%30.151021.1
2903:54SE 310.00Mostly CloudyBKN2505348 83%30.151021.1
2902:54SE 310.00Partly CloudySCT2505449 83%30.161021.4
2901:54SE 310.00Partly CloudySCT2505649 655577%30.161021.2
2900:54Calm10.00Partly CloudySCT2505649 77%30.161021.3
2823:54S 510.00A Few CloudsFEW2505748 72%30.151020.9
2822:54Calm10.00A Few CloudsFEW2506246 56%30.151020.7
2821:54Calm10.00A Few CloudsFEW2506247 58%30.141020.4
2820:54Calm10.00A Few CloudsFEW060 FEW2506545 49%30.121019.8
2819:54N 510.00A Few CloudsFEW060 FEW2806546 726551%30.101019.1
2818:54N 910.00A Few CloudsFEW060 FEW2506944 41%30.081018.6
2817:54N 1010.00A Few CloudsFEW060 FEW2507144 38%30.091018.9
2816:54NW 13 G 1610.00A Few CloudsFEW0657144 38%30.091018.7
2815:54N 9 G 1810.00A Few CloudsFEW065 FEW210 FEW3007143 36%30.081018.5
2814:54N 1410.00A Few CloudsFEW060 FEW250 FEW3507041 35%30.091018.8
2813:54N 8 G 1810.00A Few CloudsFEW0557043 706038%30.101019.0
2812:54N 13 G 2210.00A Few CloudsFEW0496842 39%30.101019.0
2811:54NW 15 G 2010.00A Few CloudsFEW041 FEW0556843 40%30.101019.2
2810:54NW 10 G 2110.00Mostly CloudyFEW028 BKN0506647 50%30.111019.5
2809:54N 1210.00Mostly CloudyFEW020 BKN0496349 60%30.111019.4
2808:54NW 710.00Mostly CloudyFEW017 BKN0436153 75%30.101019.0
2807:54NW 610.00Partly CloudySCT015 SCT0396054 605680%30.081018.4
2806:54W 710.00A Few CloudsFEW035 FEW0705752 83%30.061017.7
2805:54W 510.00FairCLR5652 87%30.051017.4
2804:54NW 710.00A Few CloudsFEW0245752 83%30.041017.0
2803:54NW 610.00FairCLR5851 78%30.041017.2
2802:54NW 510.00A Few CloudsFEW0375852 81%30.041017.2
2801:54NW 510.00A Few CloudsFEW0375953 705981%30.051017.4
2800:54N 910.00Mostly CloudyBKN0366253 73%30.061017.9
2723:54N 810.00Mostly CloudySCT031 BKN0416454 70%30.061017.9
2722:54N 710.00Partly CloudySCT0396456 75%30.061017.8
2721:54N 310.00A Few CloudsFEW1206556 73%30.061017.7
2720:54N 10 G 1710.00A Few CloudsFEW1206757 71%30.051017.2
2719:54NW 910.00A Few CloudsFEW040 FEW120 FEW2207054 787057%30.021016.3
2718:54NW 15 G 2110.00Partly CloudyFEW035 FEW050 FEW120 SCT170 SCT220 SCT2807455 52%30.021016.1
2717:54SW 910.00Mostly CloudyFEW035 SCT049 SCT100 BKN160 BKN200 BKN2507460 62%30.021016.2
2716:54SW 1510.00Mostly CloudyFEW035 SCT100 BKN160 BKN200 BKN2507560 60%30.021016.1
2715:54SW 1010.00Mostly CloudyFEW035 BKN130 BKN1707560 60%30.011015.9
2714:54NW 12 G 2010.00Partly CloudyFEW041 SCT120 SCT1607856 47%30.031016.3
2713:54W 13 G 2110.00Mostly CloudyBKN037 BKN120 BKN1707758 786952%30.041016.7
2712:54NW 810.00Partly CloudyFEW034 SCT041 SCT160 SCT2607558 55%30.051017.0
2711:54NW 710.00Mostly CloudyFEW017 BKN034 BKN140 BKN2507358 59%30.051017.3
2710:54N 810.00Mostly CloudyFEW015 BKN031 BKN2507058 66%30.061017.8
2709:54N 1010.00Mostly CloudyFEW015 BKN0286959 70%30.061017.7
2708:54N 310.00Mostly CloudyFEW011 BKN0257158 63%30.051017.3
2707:54NW 510.00Mostly CloudyBKN0207060 757071%30.061017.4
2706:54N 610.00OvercastOVC0187060 71%30.051017.1
2705:54N 810.00OvercastOVC0197161 71%30.051017.1
2704:54N 810.00OvercastOVC0117265 79%30.031016.5
2703:54SW 1010.00OvercastSCT012 OVC0307368 84%30.021016.0
2702:54SW 810.00OvercastBKN030 BKN045 OVC1407568 79%30.011015.8
2701:54SW 610.00Mostly CloudyFEW030 FEW045 BKN140 BKN2507567 777476%30.011015.8
2700:54S 610.00Mostly CloudyFEW036 SCT140 BKN2507467 79%30.011015.8
2623:54SW 310.00Partly CloudyFEW045 FEW170 SCT2707566 74%30.001015.3
2622:54SW 810.00Mostly CloudyFEW045 FEW170 BKN2707667 74%30.001015.5
2621:54SW 1010.00Mostly CloudyBKN048 BKN170 BKN2707667 74%30.021016.1
2620:54SW 1010.00Mostly CloudySCT055 SCT170 BKN2707668 77%30.021016.2
2619:54SW 1010.00Mostly CloudyFEW060 BKN2707767 847771%30.031016.4
2618:54SW 1210.00Mostly CloudyFEW055 BKN2708166 61%30.031016.5
2617:54SW 1510.00A Few CloudsFEW045 FEW2708366 57%30.031016.6
2616:54SW 1310.00A Few CloudsFEW045 FEW2708365 55%30.041016.9
2615:54SW 1610.00A Few CloudsFEW044 FEW2708465 53%30.051017.1
2614:54SW 1810.00A Few CloudsFEW044 FEW2708364 53%30.061017.6
2613:54W 18 G 2410.00Partly CloudyFEW044 SCT2608363 836951%30.091018.5
2612:54SW 15 G 2310.00A Few CloudsFEW046 FEW100 FEW180 FEW2308362 49%30.111019.0
2611:54SW 1410.00A Few CloudsFEW046 FEW100 FEW1608161 51%30.121019.4
2610:54SW 1210.00Partly CloudyFEW044 SCT160 SCT2608060 51%30.121019.7
2609:54S 1010.00A Few CloudsFEW039 FEW120 FEW2707658 54%30.121019.6
2608:54S 1010.00A Few CloudsFEW035 FEW075 FEW2707357 57%30.121019.7
2607:54SW 910.00A Few CloudsFEW045 FEW2506957 696566%30.121019.7
2606:54S 710.00A Few CloudsFEW045 FEW2506756 68%30.121019.7
2605:54SW 910.00A Few CloudsFEW0456756 68%30.121019.5
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºF)PressurePrecipitation (in.)

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