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Kenansville, Duplin County Airport
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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºF)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (in.)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
0421:55NE 13 G 227.00NANA6765 96%29.85NA
0421:35NE 10 G 2110.00NANA6766 95%29.85NA
0421:15NE 10 G 205.00 Fog/MistNA6766 96%29.85NA
0420:55NE 12 G 207.00NANA6766 96%29.85NA0.01
0420:35NE 12 G 205.00 Fog/MistNA6766 96%29.85NA0.01
0420:15NE 9 G 174.00 Light RainNA6867 96%29.85NA
0419:55NE 8 G 175.00 Fog/MistNA6867 746897%29.84NA0.010.13
0419:35N 8 G 177.00NANA6867 96%29.84NA
0419:15NE 8 G 177.00NANA6867 97%29.83NA
0418:55N 63.00 Fog/MistNA6967 96%29.82NA0.01
0418:35NE 75.00 Fog/MistNA6968 96%29.82NA0.01
0418:15NE 9 G 207.00NANA6968 95%29.82NA
0417:55NE 12 G 175.00 Fog/MistNA6968 95%29.81NA
0417:35NE 9 G 215.00 Fog/MistNA7068 94%29.81NA
0417:15NE 12 G 177.00NANA7069 95%29.80NA
0416:55NE 10 G 1810.00NANA7169 94%29.80NA0.010.10
0416:35NE 75.00 Fog/MistNA7169 95%29.81NA0.01
0416:15Calm4.00 Fog/MistNA7169 95%29.80NA
0415:55NE 74.00 Fog/MistNA7270 95%29.80NA0.05
0415:35E 77.00 Light RainNA7170 95%29.79NA0.05
0415:15NE 81.75 Light RainNA7170 96%29.79NA0.03
0414:55NE 12 G 184.00 Fog/MistNA7270 94%29.79NA0.04
0414:35NE 310.00NANA7270 95%29.79NA0.04
0414:15NE 73.00 Light RainNA7371 92%29.80NA0.02
0413:55NE 9 G 225.00 Fog/MistNA7370 787292%29.81NA0.030.03
0413:35NE 8 G 224.00Mostly Cloudy with HazeSCT020 BKN026 BKN0327568 80%29.80NA
0413:15NE 8 G 2310.00Mostly CloudySCT026 BKN035 BKN0427668 76%29.80NA
0412:55NE 10 G 2110.00Mostly CloudySCT026 BKN032 BKN0407768 73%29.80NA
0412:35NE 12 G 2110.00Mostly CloudySCT024 BKN031 BKN0427668 75%29.80NA
0412:15NE 10 G 2010.00Partly CloudySCT022 SCT029 SCT0377668 75%29.82NA
0411:55NE 10 G 247.00Mostly CloudySCT020 SCT027 BKN0477668 77%29.82NA
0411:35NE 9 G 2110.00OvercastBKN020 BKN027 OVC0437668 76%29.83NA
0411:15NE 910.00NANA7568 78%29.82NA
0410:55NE 6 G 2010.00NANA7568 77%29.82NA
0410:35NE 9 G 2210.00NANA7568 77%29.82NA
0410:15NE 67.00NANA7468 80%29.82NA
0409:55NE 87.00NANA7468 84%29.82NA
0409:35NE 810.00NANA7369 89%29.82NA
0409:15NE 67.00NANA7368 85%29.82NA
0408:55NE 57.00NANA7369 85%29.82NA
0408:35NE 5 G 187.00NANA7368 86%29.81NA
0408:15NE 7 G 167.00NANA7268 88%29.80NA
0407:55NE 9 G 1710.00NANA7268 737188%29.80NA0.06
0407:35NE 10 G 1810.00NANA7268 88%29.79NA
0407:15NE 610.00NANA7268 88%29.79NA
0406:55NE 710.00NANA7268 88%29.78NA
0406:35NE 910.00NANA7268 87%29.78NA
0406:15NE 610.00NANA7269 88%29.78NA
0405:55NE 910.00NANA7368 87%29.77NA
0405:35Calm10.00NANA7369 89%29.77NA
0405:15NE 710.00NANA7369 89%29.76NA
0404:55NE 510.00NANA7369 87%29.76NA0.06
0404:35NE 77.00NANA7369 89%29.76NA
0404:15NE 710.00NANA7370 92%29.75NA
0403:55NE 610.00NANA7370 92%29.76NA
0403:35NE 810.00NANA7270 93%29.77NA
0403:15NE 810.00NANA7270 94%29.77NA
0402:55NE 77.00NANA7270 95%29.78NA0.06
0402:35NE 37.00NANA7270 96%29.78NA0.06
0402:15NE 73.00 Light RainNA7270 95%29.77NA0.04
0401:55NE 54.00 Light RainNA7270 747292%29.78NA0.020.02
0401:35NE 510.00NANA7369 90%29.78NA
0401:15NE 67.00NANA7369 90%29.78NA
0400:55NE 510.00NANA7369 89%29.78NA
0400:35NE 710.00NANA7268 89%29.78NA
0400:15NE 310.00NANA7268 89%29.78NA
0323:55NE 610.00NANA7269 90%29.78NA
0323:35NE 610.00NANA7269 90%29.78NA
0323:15NE 610.00NANA7269 90%29.77NA
0322:55NE 510.00NANA7369 89%29.78NA
0322:35NE 510.00NANA7370 91%29.78NA
0322:15NE 610.00NANA7370 91%29.78NA
0321:55NE 610.00NANA7370 90%29.78NA
0321:35NE 310.00NANA7370 90%29.78NA
0321:15NE 310.00NANA7370 90%29.78NA
0320:55Calm10.00NANA7370 90%29.78NA
0320:35Calm10.00NANA7371 91%29.79NA
0320:15Calm10.00NANA7371 92%29.78NA
0319:55Calm7.00NANA7371 857392%29.78NA0.010.01
0319:35E 55.00 Light RainNA7471 90%29.79NA
0319:15Calm10.00NANA7471 90%29.78NA
0318:55Calm10.00NANA7770 79%29.78NA
0318:35Calm10.00NANA7770 78%29.77NA
0318:15Calm7.00NANA7968 71%29.77NA
0317:55E 57.00NANA8068 68%29.77NA
0317:35Calm10.00NANA8167 62%29.77NA
0317:15Calm7.00NANA8266 59%29.76NA
0316:55E 610.00NANA8265 58%29.76NA
0316:35E 310.00NANA8266 60%29.75NA
0316:15Calm7.00NANA8364 53%29.75NA
0315:55E 9 G 2010.00NANA8462 47%29.74NA
0315:35E 97.00NANA8363 51%29.75NA
0315:15E 510.00NANA8464 50%29.74NA
0314:55E 10 G 2110.00NANA8464 50%29.75NA
0314:35E 510.00NANA8368 59%29.75NA
0314:15E 107.00NANA8467 57%29.76NA
0313:55E 87.00NANA8367 836159%29.76NA
0313:35E 8 G 1810.00NANA8365 56%29.77NA
0313:15E 610.00NANA8370 64%29.77NA
0312:55N 810.00Mostly CloudySCT015 BKN023 BKN0387871 79%29.77NA
0312:35NE 310.00Mostly CloudySCT015 SCT036 BKN0467771 81%29.78NA
0312:15N 710.00NANA7469 85%29.78NA
0311:55N 67.00Mostly CloudySCT006 BKN010 BKN1007369 87%29.79NA
0311:35N 57.00OvercastOVC0047169 92%29.80NA
0311:15N 510.00OvercastOVC0046967 95%29.80NA
0310:55NE 310.00NANA6766 98%29.80NA
0310:35N 77.00NANA6565 98%29.80NA
0310:15N 77.00NANA6464 99%29.80NA
0309:55N 95.00 Fog/MistNA6363 98%29.80NA
0309:35N 92.50 Fog/MistNA6362 98%29.80NA
0309:15N 64.00 Fog/MistNA6262 98%29.80NA
0308:55N 710.00NANA6261 98%29.79NA
0308:35N 810.00NANA6261 97%29.79NA
0308:15N 710.00NANA6161 98%29.79NA
0307:55N 710.00NANA6161 626099%29.78NA0.050.28
0307:35N 93.00 Light RainNA6160 98%29.78NA0.04
0307:15N 510.00NANA6160 98%29.80NA0.01
0306:55N 61.75 Heavy RainNA6060 98%29.78NA0.18
0306:35N 1210.00NANA6160 98%29.76NA
0306:15N 10 G 1610.00NANA6160 98%29.77NA
0305:55N 810.00NANA6161 99%29.76NA0.02
0305:35N 1010.00NANA6261 98%29.76NA0.02
0304:35N 97.00NANA6261 98%29.74NA
0304:15N 65.00 Fog/MistNA6261 98%29.74NA
0303:55N 87.00NANA6261 98%29.74NA
0303:35N 77.00NANA6262 99%29.74NA
0303:15N 910.00NANA6262 99%29.75NA
0302:55N 510.00NANA6261 98%29.76NA0.02
0302:35N 12 G 167.00NANA6261 98%29.77NA0.02
0302:15N 9 G 164.00 Light RainNA6262 98%29.77NA0.02
0222:35N 910.00NANA6463 97%29.78NA
0222:15N 14 G 2310.00NANA6463 98%29.78NA
0221:55N 10 G 2010.00NANA6463 98%29.79NA0.01
0221:35NE 10 G 1610.00NANA6463 98%29.79NA0.01
0221:15N 12 G 1710.00NANA6463 97%29.79NA0.01
0220:55N 910.00NANA6463 97%29.79NA0.02
0220:35N 9 G 1710.00NANA6463 98%29.80NA0.02
0220:15N 9 G 204.00 Light RainNA6463 98%29.79NA0.02
0219:55N 10 G 217.00NANA6464 676497%29.78NA0.010.33
0219:35N 13 G 2010.00NANA6464 97%29.78NA0.01
0219:15N 14 G 207.00NANA6564 97%29.77NA
0218:55N 13 G 177.00NANA6564 97%29.77NA0.16
0218:35N 13 G 172.00 RainNA6565 98%29.77NA0.13
0218:15N 10 G 167.00NANA6665 98%29.76NA
0217:55N 13 G 225.00 Fog/MistNA6665 97%29.75NA0.07
0217:35N 9 G 1810.00NANA6666 98%29.75NA0.07
0217:15N 93.00 Light RainNA6766 98%29.75NA0.03
0216:55N 64.00 Light RainNA6766 98%29.75NA0.050.09
0216:35NE 65.00 Light RainNA6766 98%29.75NA0.03
0216:15NE 55.00 RainNA6766 98%29.74NA
0215:55NE 55.00 Fog/MistNA6766 98%29.74NA0.01
0215:35Calm10.00NANA6766 97%29.74NA0.01
0215:15Calm5.00 Fog/MistNA6666 98%29.74NA
0214:55NE 53.00 Light RainNA6665 97%29.74NA0.03
0214:35NE 77.00 Light RainNA6665 97%29.75NA0.01
0214:20NE 310.00NANA6665 97%29.76NA0.01
0213:55NE 65.00 Light RainNA6665 666097%29.76NA0.090.45
0213:35N 75.00 Light RainNA6564 97%29.77NA0.06
0213:15N 35.00 Light RainNA6564 98%29.77NA0.03
0212:55N 85.00 Light RainNA6564 97%29.78NA0.02
0212:35N 710.00 Light RainNA6564 96%29.78NA0.01
0211:55N 10 G 1810.00NANA6464 97%29.75NA0.07
0211:35NE 85.00 Light RainNA6463 98%29.74NA0.06
0211:15NE 74.00 RainNA6362 97%29.74NA0.03
0210:55NE 64.00 Light RainNA6362 97%29.76NA0.100.27
0210:35NE 73.00 Light RainNA6261 97%29.77NA0.06
0210:15NE 7 G 205.00 Light RainNA6261 97%29.77NA0.02
0209:55NE 8 G 187.00 Light RainNA6160 97%29.77NA0.07
0209:35NE 6 G 207.00 Light RainNA6160 96%29.77NA0.05
0209:15NE 10 G 164.00 Light RainNA6160 97%29.77NA0.03
0208:55NE 74.00 Light RainNA6160 96%29.78NA0.09
0208:35N 10 G 204.00 Light RainNA6160 97%29.77NA0.06
0208:15N 10 G 165.00 Light RainNA6160 97%29.78NA0.03
0207:55N 10 G 164.00 Light RainNA6060 605997%29.78NA0.191.58
0207:35N 10 G 204.00 RainNA6059 97%29.79NA0.12
0207:15N 125.00 RainNA6059 97%29.80NA0.04
0206:55N 8 G 205.00 Light RainNA6059 97%29.78NA0.29
0206:35N 12 G 247.00 Light RainNA6059 97%29.78NA0.24
0206:15N 17 G 243.00 Light RainNA5959 97%29.78NA0.18
0205:55NE 12 G 212.00 Heavy RainNA5958 97%29.79NA0.47
0205:35N 83.00 RainNA5958 97%29.80NA0.17
0205:15N 12 G 215.00 RainNA5958 97%29.78NA0.06
0204:55N 14 G 187.00 Light RainNA5958 97%29.78NA0.230.59
0204:35N 15 G 184.00 RainNA5958 97%29.79NA0.16
0204:15N 94.00 Light RainNA5958 97%29.81NA0.07
0203:55N 23 G 294.00 Rain and BreezyNA5958 97%29.75NA0.25
0203:35N 8 G 183.00 RainNA5958 97%29.82NA0.16
0203:15N 10 G 165.00 RainNA6058 96%29.83NA0.06
0202:55N 10 G 187.00 Light RainNA6058 96%29.83NA0.10
0202:35N 13 G 187.00 Light RainNA6058 96%29.83NA0.07
0202:15N 10 G 205.00 Light RainNA6058 96%29.82NA0.04
0201:55N 13 G 177.00 Light RainNA6059 636096%29.83NA0.070.29
0201:35N 10 G 187.00 Light RainNA6059 96%29.84NA0.05
0201:15N 9 G 1610.00 Light RainNA6059 97%29.85NA0.02
0200:55N 10 G 217.00 Light RainNA6059 97%29.86NA0.09
0200:35N 13 G 165.00 Light RainNA6059 96%29.86NA0.07
0200:15N 87.00 Light RainNA6059 96%29.87NA0.03
0123:55N 97.00 Light RainNA6059 97%29.87NA0.10
0123:35N 105.00 Heavy RainNA6059 96%29.87NA0.04
0123:15N 87.00NANA6059 96%29.87NA
0122:55N 77.00NANA6159 95%29.87NA0.010.01
0122:35N 8 G 1710.00NANA6159 94%29.87NA
0122:15N 6 G 1810.00NANA6159 94%29.86NA
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºF)PressurePrecipitation (in.)

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