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Duncan/Halliburton Field Airport
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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºF)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (in.)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
1715:55SE 9NAOvercastOVC0073737 100%30.11NA0.06
1715:35SE 10NAOvercastBKN005 OVC0103737 100%30.10NA0.05
1715:15SE 9NAOvercastOVC0053737 100%30.10NA0.04
1714:55SE 7NAOvercastBKN005 BKN021 OVC0603737 100%30.11NA0.17
1714:35E 10NA ThunderstormBKN007 BKN023 OVC0703737 100%30.09NA0.08
1714:15SE 3NAOvercastBKN007 OVC0503737 100%30.14NA0.02
1713:55SE 8NANANA3737 100%30.12NA0.01
1713:35SE 5NA Thunderstorm in VicinityBKN008 OVC0123737 100%30.14NA0.01
1713:15E 8NA Thunderstorm in VicinityBKN008 BKN012 OVC0453737 100%30.13NA
1712:55E 5NAOvercastBKN008 BKN013 OVC0473737 100%30.17NA0.05
1712:35E 10NANANA3737 100%30.15NA0.05
1712:15E 8NANANA3737 100%30.17NA0.05
1711:55E 8NANANA3737 100%30.19NA0.11
1711:35E 10NANANA3736 93%30.21NA0.09
1711:15SE 6NAOvercastBKN050 OVC0903736 93%30.25NA0.02
1710:55SE 16 G 23NA Thunderstorm in VicinityBKN050 OVC0903934 81%30.21NA
1710:35SE 17 G 21NAOvercastOVC0503936 87%30.22NA
1710:15E 14 G 21NAOvercastOVC0503936 87%30.22NA
1709:55E 14NAOvercastOVC0504136 81%30.23NA
1709:35E 9NAOvercastOVC0603936 87%30.25NA
1709:15E 8NAOvercastOVC0603934 81%30.27NA
1708:55SE 7NAOvercastOVC0603934 81%30.26NA
1708:35SE 7NAOvercastOVC0603936 87%30.27NA
1708:15SE 6NAOvercastOVC0603934 81%30.26NA
1707:55SE 8NAOvercastOVC0603934 81%30.25NA
1707:35E 10NAOvercastOVC0603934 81%30.23NA
1707:15E 12NAOvercastOVC0603936 87%30.22NA
1706:55E 9NAOvercastOVC0603934 81%30.25NA
1706:35E 6NAOvercastOVC0603934 81%30.25NA
1706:15SE 3NAOvercastOVC0604134 76%30.26NA
1705:55E 3NAOvercastOVC0603936 87%30.25NA
1705:35SE 3NAOvercastOVC0604134 76%30.25NA
1705:15E 3NAOvercastOVC0703934 81%30.25NA
1704:55E 7NAOvercastOVC0703934 81%30.24NA
1704:35E 3NAOvercastOVC0603934 81%30.25NA
1704:15E 3NAOvercastOVC0603934 81%30.26NA
1703:55CalmNAOvercastOVC0603934 81%30.27NA
1703:35E 5NAOvercastOVC0603934 81%30.26NA
1703:15E 7NAOvercastOVC0603934 81%30.25NA
1702:55E 3NAOvercastBKN060 BKN075 OVC0903934 81%30.27NA
1702:35E 5NAOvercastOVC0603934 81%30.27NA
1702:15E 6NAOvercastOVC0603934 81%30.27NA
1701:55E 6NAOvercastOVC0603934 81%30.27NA
1701:35SE 6NAOvercastOVC0604132 70%30.27NA
1701:15E 3NAOvercastOVC0604132 70%30.27NA
1700:55NE 3NAOvercastBKN060 OVC0803932 75%30.28NA
1700:35CalmNAMostly CloudyBKN0803732 81%30.29NA
1700:15E 3NAOvercastOVC0803732 81%30.28NA
1623:55CalmNAMostly CloudyBKN0803732 81%30.29NA
1623:35CalmNAPartly CloudySCT0803632 87%30.29NA
1623:15CalmNAFairCLR3632 87%30.29NA
1622:55CalmNAFairCLR3732 81%30.28NA
1622:35NE 3NAFairCLR3732 81%30.29NA
1622:15CalmNAFairCLR3732 81%30.29NA
1621:55NE 3NAFairCLR3732 81%30.30NA
1621:35CalmNAFairCLR3732 81%30.30NA
1621:15NE 3NAFairCLR3732 81%30.30NA
1620:55CalmNAFairCLR3732 81%30.30NA
1620:35NE 3NAFairCLR3730 75%30.30NA
1620:15NE 3NAFairCLR3932 75%30.30NA
1619:55NE 7NAFairCLR4132 70%30.29NA
1619:35NE 6NAFairCLR4132 70%30.29NA
1619:15NE 3NAFairCLR4132 70%30.29NA
1618:55NE 7NAFairCLR4332 66%30.29NA
1618:35NE 5NAFairCLR4332 66%30.29NA
1618:15NE 5NAFairCLR4332 66%30.29NA
1617:55NE 5NAFairCLR4532 61%30.30NA
1617:35NE 3NAFairCLR4530 57%30.30NA
1617:15NE 5NAFairCLR4630 53%30.30NA
1616:55NE 3NAFairCLR4630 53%30.29NA
1616:35NE 7NAFairCLR5028 43%30.29NA
1616:15NE 5NAFairCLR5030 47%30.29NA
1615:55NE 7NAFairCLR5030 47%30.29NA
1615:35N 3NAFairCLR5030 47%30.29NA
1615:15CalmNAFairCLR5032 50%30.30NA
1614:55NW 7NAFairCLR5032 50%30.30NA
1614:35NW 7NAFairCLR5032 50%30.29NA
1614:15N 6NAFairCLR5032 50%30.29NA
1613:55N 6NAFairCLR4832 54%30.30NA
1613:35NW 6NAFairCLR4632 57%30.31NA
1613:15N 8NAFairCLR4632 57%30.33NA
1612:55NW 7NAFairCLR4632 57%30.33NA
1612:35N 6NAFairCLR4532 61%30.34NA
1612:15N 6NAFairCLR4532 61%30.35NA
1611:55N 9NAFairCLR4532 61%30.36NA
1611:35N 7NAFairCLR4532 61%30.36NA
1611:15N 8NAFairCLR4332 66%30.37NA
1610:55N 7NAFairCLR4132 70%30.38NA
1610:35NW 8NAFairCLR4130 66%30.38NA
1610:15N 9NAFairCLR4130 66%30.38NA
1609:55N 9 G 21NAFairCLR3730 75%30.37NA
1609:35N 8NAFairCLR3732 81%30.37NA
1609:15NW 9NAFairCLR3632 87%30.36NA
1608:55NW 9NAFairCLR3630 81%30.36NA
1608:35NW 9NAFairCLR3430 87%30.35NA
1608:15NW 3NANANA3430 87%30.34NA
1607:55W 6NAFairCLR3430 87%30.34NA
1607:35N 12NAFairCLR3430 87%30.33NA
1607:15N 13 G 17NAFairCLR3430 87%30.31NA
1606:55N 10NAFairCLR3430 87%30.30NA
1606:35N 12 G 16NAFairCLR3430 87%30.29NA
1606:15NW 6NAFairCLR3430 87%30.29NA
1605:55N 9NAFairCLR3430 87%30.28NA
1605:35NW 5NAFairCLR3430 87%30.28NA
1605:15N 10NAFairCLR3430 87%30.27NA
1604:55NW 8NAFairCLR3430 87%30.27NA
1604:35NW 9NAFairCLR3430 87%30.27NA
1604:15NW 7NAFairCLR3630 81%30.28NA
1603:55NW 7NAFairCLR3630 81%30.27NA
1603:35NW 6NAFairCLR3628 75%30.27NA
1603:15NW 9NAFairCLR3728 70%30.24NA
1602:55NW 13 G 16NAFairCLR3728 70%30.24NA
1602:35N 12NAFairCLR3730 75%30.23NA
1602:15NW 8NAFairCLR3730 75%30.24NA
1601:55NW 10NAFairCLR3730 75%30.23NA
1601:35NW 10NAFairCLR3728 70%30.22NA
1601:15NW 12 G 17NAFairCLR3928 65%30.22NA
1600:55N 13NAFairCLR3928 65%30.21NA
1600:35NW 16 G 22NAFairCLR4128 61%30.21NA
1600:15NW 15 G 24NAFairCLR4128 61%30.20NA
1523:55NW 13 G 16NAFairCLR4130 66%30.20NA
1523:35NW 15 G 26NAFairCLR4328 57%30.19NA
1523:15NW 16 G 22NAFairCLR4330 61%30.19NA
1522:55NW 14 G 22NAFairCLR4330 61%30.17NA
1522:35NW 20 G 25NAFairCLR4530 57%30.16NA
1522:15NW 16 G 24NAFairCLR4532 61%30.15NA
1521:55NW 14 G 24NAFairCLR4532 61%30.15NA
1521:35NW 21 G 25NAFair and BreezyCLR4632 57%30.13NA
1521:15NW 9NAFairCLR4632 57%30.12NA
1520:55NW 15 G 18NAFairCLR4632 57%30.12NA
1520:35NW 10NAFairCLR4632 57%30.11NA
1520:15NW 8NAFairCLR4632 57%30.10NA
1519:55NW 8NAFairCLR4632 57%30.10NA
1519:35NW 7NAFairCLR4832 54%30.09NA
1519:15NW 8NAFairCLR5032 50%30.08NA
1518:55NW 8NAFairCLR5032 50%30.07NA
1518:35NW 8NAFairCLR5032 50%30.06NA
1518:15NW 9NAFairCLR5232 47%30.05NA
1517:55NW 12 G 18NAFairCLR5232 47%30.04NA
1517:35NW 14 G 20NAFairCLR5432 44%30.03NA
1517:15NW 10NANANANANA NA30.02NA
1515:50NW 22 G 32NAFair and BreezyCLR5530 38%29.98NA
1515:35NW 25 G 35NAFair and BreezyCLR5530 38%29.97NA
1515:15NW 26 G 31NAFair and WindyCLR5732 39%29.96NA
1514:55NW 17 G 29NAFairCLR5732 39%29.95NA
1514:35NW 23 G 30NAFair and BreezyCLR5732 39%29.94NA
1514:15NW 24 G 31NAFair and BreezyCLR5534 44%29.93NA
1513:55NW 18 G 24NAFairCLR5534 44%29.93NA
1513:35NW 17 G 25NAFairCLR5534 44%29.93NA
1513:15NW 20 G 28NAFairCLR5434 47%29.93NA
1512:55NW 22 G 26NAFair and BreezyCLR5436 51%29.94NA
1512:35NW 21 G 26NAFair and BreezyCLR5436 51%29.94NA
1512:15NW 20 G 25NAFairCLR5236 54%29.95NA
1511:55NW 20 G 25NAFairCLR5236 54%29.95NA
1511:35NW 21 G 28NAFair and BreezyCLR5236 54%29.95NA
1511:15NW 21 G 25NAFair and BreezyCLR5236 54%29.95NA
1510:55NW 23 G 28NAFair and BreezyCLR5034 54%29.95NA
1510:35NW 21 G 28NAFair and BreezyCLR5036 58%29.94NA
1510:15NW 20 G 28NAFairCLR5036 58%29.93NA
1509:55NW 22 G 30NAFair and BreezyCLR4836 62%29.92NA
1509:35NW 24 G 29NAFair and BreezyCLR4836 62%29.91NA
1509:15W 18 G 24NAFairCLR4636 66%29.90NA
1508:55W 13 G 17NAFairCLR4637 71%29.89NA
1508:35W 10 G 16NAFairCLR4537 76%29.88NA
1508:15W 7NAFairCLR4337 81%29.87NA
1507:55W 5NAFairCLR4337 81%29.86NA
1507:35W 6NANANA4137 87%29.86NA
1507:15W 9NANANA4337 81%29.85NA
1506:55W 9NAFairCLR4337 81%29.84NA
1506:35W 9NAFairCLR4337 81%29.83NA
1506:15W 13NAFairCLR4537 76%29.82NA
1505:55W 9NAFairCLR4537 76%29.82NA
1505:35W 7NAFairCLR4537 76%29.81NA
1505:15W 7NAFairCLR4537 76%29.80NA
1504:55W 12NAFairCLR4537 76%29.79NA
1504:35W 12NAFairCLR4637 71%29.79NA
1504:15W 10NAFairCLR4637 71%29.79NA
1503:55W 12 G 16NAFairCLR4637 71%29.78NA
1503:35W 10NAFairCLR4837 66%29.78NA
1503:15W 13 G 20NAFairCLR5037 62%29.77NA
1502:55W 14 G 18NAFairCLR5037 62%29.77NA
1502:35W 16 G 21NAFairCLR5036 58%29.76NA
1502:15W 13 G 18NAFairCLR5034 54%29.76NA
1501:55W 12NAFairCLR5232 47%29.75NA
1501:35SW 12 G 17NAFairCLR5232 47%29.74NA
1501:15SW 10NAFairCLR5232 47%29.74NA
1500:55SW 9NAFairCLR5432 44%29.74NA
1500:35SW 12 G 20NAFairCLR5532 41%29.74NA
1500:15SW 13 G 20NAFairCLR5532 41%29.74NA
1423:55SW 12NAFairCLR5532 41%29.74NA
1423:35SW 13 G 18NAFairCLR5534 44%29.74NA
1423:15SW 10NAFairCLR5536 47%29.74NA
1422:55SW 9 G 16NAFairCLR5536 47%29.74NA
1422:35SW 10 G 18NAFairCLR5736 44%29.74NA
1422:15SW 12NAFairCLR5736 44%29.74NA
1421:55SW 12NAFairCLR5941 51%29.73NA
1421:35SW 13 G 18NAFairCLR5746 67%29.72NA
1421:15SW 10NAFairCLR5752 82%29.72NA
1420:55S 10NANANA5754 88%29.72NA
1420:35S 10 G 17NANANA5955 88%29.73NA
1420:15SW 12 G 16NANANA5959 100%29.73NA
1419:55S 13NANANA5959 100%29.74NA
1419:35S 12 G 17NANANA5959 100%29.73NA
1419:15S 9NANANA6161 100%29.73NA
1418:55S 13NANANA6161 100%29.72NA
1418:35S 12NANANA6161 100%29.72NA
1418:15S 13NANANA6363 100%29.72NA
1417:55S 15NA Thunderstorm in VicinityNA6361 94%29.71NA
1417:35S 20 G 25NA Thunderstorm in VicinityNA6363 100%29.70NA
1417:15S 14NANANA6361 94%29.70NA
1416:55S 16NANANA6461 88%29.70NA
1416:35S 17 G 24NAPartly CloudySCT029 SCT036 SCT0456661 83%29.69NA
1416:15S 18 G 31NAFairCLR6861 78%29.69NA
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºF)PressurePrecipitation (in.)

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