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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºF)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (in.)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
3121:28SE 10NANANA7354 52%NANA
3121:08S 10NANANA7554 48%NANA
3120:48S 12NANANA7655 48%NANA
3120:28S 9NANANA7855 45%NANA
3120:08S 12NANANA7956 46%NANA
3119:48SE 12NANANA8057 45%NANA
3119:28SE 12NANANA8257 43%NANA
3119:08SE 13NANANA8357 41%NANA
3118:48S 13NANANA8556 37%NANA
3118:28S 13NANANA8757 36%NANA
3118:08S 14NANANA8856 34%NANA
3117:48S 14NANANA9057 33%NANA
3117:28S 17NANANA9257 31%NANA
3117:08S 17NANANA9257 31%NANA
3116:48S 17NANANA9257 31%NANA
3116:28S 20NANANA9356 29%NANA
3116:08S 20NANANA9357 30%NANA
3115:48S 21NABreezyNA9257 31%NANA
3115:28S 18NANANA9257 31%NANA
3115:08S 14NANANA9256 30%NANA
3114:48S 16NANANA9157 32%NANA
3114:28S 14NANANA9158 33%NANA
3114:08S 16NANANA9055 31%NANA
3113:48S 15NANANA9056 32%NANA
3113:28S 15NANANA8955 31%NANA
3113:08S 10NANANA8856 34%NANA
3112:48S 14NANANA8855 33%NANA
3112:28S 13NANANA8755 34%NANA
3112:08S 16NANANA8654 34%NANA
3111:48S 17NANANA8453 34%NANA
3111:28SW 14NANANA8353 36%NANA
3111:08SW 13NANANA8252 36%NANA
3110:48S 12NANANA8153 38%NANA
3110:28S 10NANANA8053 39%NANA
3110:08S 13NANANA7852 41%NANA
3109:48S 13NANANA7652 44%NANA
3109:28S 12NANANA7352 48%NANA
3109:08S 12NANANA6951 53%NANA
3108:48S 8NANANA6650 57%NANA
3108:28S 8NANANA6349 61%NANA
3108:08S 9NANANA6249 63%NANA
3107:48S 7NANANA6149 65%NANA
3107:28SW 9NANANA6047 62%NANA
3107:08S 9NANANA6047 62%NANA
3106:48S 10NANANA6047 62%NANA
3106:28S 10NANANA6147 61%NANA
3106:08S 10NANANA6148 63%NANA
3105:48S 12NANANA6148 63%NANA
3105:28S 12NANANA6148 63%NANA
3105:08S 9NANANA6049 67%NANA
3104:48S 9NANANA6149 65%NANA
3104:28S 8NANANA6150 68%NANA
3104:08S 8NANANA6150 68%NANA
3103:48S 7NANANA6251 67%NANA
3103:28S 8NANANA6350 63%NANA
3103:08S 12NANANA6350 63%NANA
3102:48S 10NANANA6451 63%NANA
3102:28S 9NANANA6451 63%NANA
3102:08S 9NANANA6451 63%NANA
3101:48S 9NANANA6651 59%NANA
3101:28S 10NANANA6751 57%NANA
3101:08S 10NANANA6651 59%NANA
3100:48S 10NANANA6750 55%NANA
3100:28S 9NANANA6650 57%NANA
3100:08S 9NANANA6550 59%NANA
3023:48S 9NANANA6651 59%NANA
3023:28S 9NANANA6551 61%NANA
3023:08S 9NANANA6751 57%NANA
3022:48S 10NANANA6751 57%NANA
3022:28S 10NANANA6851 55%NANA
3022:08S 9NANANA6952 55%NANA
3021:48S 9NANANA6952 55%NANA
3021:28SE 10NANANA7053 55%NANA
3021:08SE 10NANANA7053 55%NANA
3020:48SE 9NANANA7054 57%NANA
3020:28SE 9NANANA7255 55%NANA
3020:08SE 8NANANA7455 52%NANA
3019:48SE 9NANANA7855 45%NANA
3019:28SE 8NANANA8155 41%NANA
3019:08SE 10NANANA8354 37%NANA
3018:48SE 10NANANA8554 35%NANA
3018:28SE 10NANANA8656 36%NANA
3018:08SE 9NANANA8755 34%NANA
3017:48SE 9NANANA8856 34%NANA
3017:28SE 10NANANA8957 34%NANA
3017:08SE 10NANANA8954 30%NANA
3016:48S 12NANANA8954 30%NANA
3016:28S 8NANANA9055 31%NANA
3016:08S 8NANANA9052 28%NANA
3015:48S 8NANANA9052 28%NANA
3015:28S 10NANANA8951 27%NANA
3015:08SE 10NANANA8955 31%NANA
3014:48S 13NANANA8956 33%NANA
3014:28SE 10NANANA8957 34%NANA
3014:08SE 14NANANA8857 35%NANA
3013:48S 9NANANA8858 36%NANA
3013:29S 10NANANA8856 34%NANA
3013:08S 9NANANA8757 36%NANA
3012:48S 9NANANA8759 39%NANA
3012:28S 8NANANA8559 42%NANA
3012:08S 10NANANA8458 41%NANA
3011:48S 10NANANA8359 45%NANA
3011:28S 9NANANA8359 45%NANA
3011:08S 10NANANA8160 49%NANA
3010:48S 8NANANA7961 55%NANA
3010:28S 8NANANA7761 58%NANA
3010:08S 9NANANA7559 58%NANA
3009:48S 7NANANA7357 57%NANA
3009:28S 7NANANA7255 55%NANA
3009:08S 7NANANA7154 55%NANA
3008:48S 8NANANA7053 55%NANA
3008:28S 8NANANA6851 55%NANA
3008:08S 8NANANA6750 55%NANA
3007:48S 8NANANA6749 53%NANA
3007:28SW 7NANANA6649 55%NANA
3007:08SW 8NANANA6648 52%NANA
3006:48S 8NANANA6748 51%NANA
3006:28NANANANA6748 51%NANA
3006:08S 8NANANA6748 51%NANA
3005:48SW 8NANANA6748 51%NANA
3005:28S 9NANANA6648 52%NANA
3005:08S 6NANANA6449 58%NANA
3004:48SW 7NANANA6248 60%NANA
3004:28SW 7NANANA6348 58%NANA
3004:08SW 7NANANA6650 57%NANA
3003:48S 9NANANA6648 52%NANA
3003:28SW 6NANANA6549 57%NANA
3003:08SW 9NANANA6649 55%NANA
3002:48SW 7NANANA6750 55%NANA
3002:28S 7NANANA6849 51%NANA
3002:08S 8NANANA6849 51%NANA
3001:48S 8NANANA6849 51%NANA
3001:28S 9NANANA6849 51%NANA
3001:08S 8NANANA6749 53%NANA
3000:48S 9NANANA6650 57%NANA
3000:28S 8NANANA6550 59%NANA
3000:08S 9NANANA6750 55%NANA
2923:48S 8NANANA6851 55%NANA
2923:28S 9NANANA6851 55%NANA
2923:08S 8NANANA6752 59%NANA
2922:48S 8NANANA6652 61%NANA
2922:28SE 8NANANA6553 66%NANA
2922:08SE 8NANANA6553 66%NANA
2921:48SE 8NANANA6754 64%NANA
2921:28SE 6NANANA6654 66%NANA
2921:08SE 8NANANA6754 64%NANA
2920:48SE 7NANANA6856 66%NANA
2920:28SE 8NANANA7156 59%NANA
2920:08SE 6NANANA7458 58%NANA
2919:48SE 6NANANA7757 50%NANA
2919:28SE 6NANANA8057 45%NANA
2919:08E 7NANANA8255 40%NANA
2918:48SE 8NANANA8454 36%NANA
2918:28E 7NANANA8653 32%NANA
2918:08E 7NANANA8751 29%NANA
2917:48E 7NANANA8854 32%NANA
2917:28E 8NANANA8950 26%NANA
2917:08SE 9NANANA8950 26%NANA
2916:48E 12NANANA9051 26%NANA
2916:28E 10NANANA9051 26%NANA
2916:08NE 6NANANA9149 24%NANA
2915:48NE 8NANANA9148 23%NANA
2915:28NE 5NANANA9248 22%NANA
2915:08NE 6NANANA9147 22%NANA
2914:48NE 6NANANA9149 24%NANA
2914:28N 6NANANA9050 26%NANA
2914:08NE 6NANANA8952 28%NANA
2913:48NE 2NANANA8853 30%NANA
2913:28NE 3NANANA8754 32%NANA
2913:08NE 3NANANA8657 37%NANA
2912:48NE 3NANANA8560 43%NANA
2912:28NE 5NANANA8361 48%NANA
2912:08NE 6NANANA8262 51%NANA
2911:48N 6NANANA8062 54%NANA
2911:28N 5NANANA7963 58%NANA
2911:08NE 3NANANA7763 62%NANA
2910:48N 3NANANA7463 69%NANA
2910:28N 3NANANA7263 74%NANA
2910:08NW 5NANANA7062 76%NANA
2909:48N 5NANANA6961 76%NANA
2909:28N 6NANANA6760 79%NANA
2909:08N 5NANANA6659 79%NANA
2908:48NW 5NANANA6558 79%NANA
2908:28NW 5NANANA6357 81%NANA
2908:08NW 3NANANA6357 81%NANA
2907:48N 5NANANA6256 81%NANA
2907:28NW 3NANANA6256 81%NANA
2907:08NW 3NANANA6257 84%NANA
2906:48N 3NANANA6256 81%NANA
2906:28N 3NANANA6256 81%NANA
2906:08N 6NANANA6257 84%NANA
2905:48N 3NANANA6256 81%NANA
2905:28N 3NANANA6256 81%NANA
2905:08NE 5NANANA6256 81%NANA
2904:48NE 5NANANA6356 79%NANA
2904:28NE 5NANANA6356 79%NANA
2904:08E 3NANANA6456 76%NANA
2903:48NE 5NANANA6456 76%NANA
2903:28NE 2NANANA6556 73%NANA
2903:08NE 5NANANA6756 68%NANA
2902:48N 5NANANA6857 68%NANA
2902:28N 2NANANA6857 68%NANA
2902:08NW 3NANANA7057 64%NANA
2901:48NW 3NANANA7057 64%NANA
2901:28W 2NANANA7158 64%NANA
2901:08NW 5NANANA7258 62%NANA
2900:48W 5NANANA7358 60%NANA
2900:28W 5NANANA7358 60%NANA
2900:08W 6NANANA7558 56%NANA
2823:48W 6NANANA7457 56%NANA
2823:28W 6NANANA7457 56%NANA
2823:08SW 6NANANA7457 56%NANA
2822:48SW 6NANANA7657 52%NANA
2822:28SW 6NANANA7656 50%NANA
2822:08S 6NANANA7557 54%NANA
2821:48S 5NANANA7557 54%NANA
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºF)PressurePrecipitation (in.)

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