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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºF)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (in.)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
2420:28SE 8NANANA5544 67%NANA
2420:08SE 7NANANA5845 63%NANA
2419:48SE 8NANANA5945 60%NANA
2419:28SE 8NANANA6146 58%NANA
2419:08SE 8NANANA6346 54%NANA
2418:48SE 8NANANA6949 49%NANA
2418:28SE 10NANANA7249 45%NANA
2418:08SE 13NANANA7550 42%NANA
2417:48SE 16NANANA7649 39%NANA
2417:28NANANANA7749 38%NANA
2417:08NANANANA7749 38%NANA
2416:48SE 10NANANA7749 38%NANA
2416:28NANANANA7749 38%NANA
2416:08SE 10NANANA7749 38%NANA
2415:48SE 13NANANA7748 36%NANA
2415:28SE 12NANANA7749 38%NANA
2415:08SE 10NANANA7649 39%NANA
2414:48SE 10NANANA7649 39%NANA
2414:28S 8NANANA7650 41%NANA
2414:08S 14NANANA7549 40%NANA
2413:48NANANANA7349 43%NANA
2413:28NANANANA7249 45%NANA
2413:08NANANANA7148 44%NANA
2412:48NANANANA6946 44%NANA
2412:28NANANANA6846 45%NANA
2412:08NANANANA6644 45%NANA
2411:28NANANANA6142 50%NANA
2411:08NANANANA5840 52%NANA
2410:48NANANANA5537 51%NANA
2410:28NW 2NANANA5237 57%NANA
2410:08NW 3NANANA5035 57%NANA
2409:48N 5NANANA4834 59%NANA
2409:28N 6NANANA4634 63%NANA
2409:08N 6NANANA4532 61%NANA
2408:48NW 5NANANA4331 63%NANA
2408:28NW 5NANANA4231 65%NANA
2408:08NW 5NANANA4230 62%NANA
2407:48NW 5NANANA4130 65%NANA
2407:28NW 6NANANA4129 63%NANA
2407:08NW 5NANANA4230 62%NANA
2406:48NW 5NANANA4330 60%NANA
2406:28NW 6NANANA4230 62%NANA
2406:08NW 6NANANA4329 58%NANA
2405:48NW 6NANANA4330 60%NANA
2405:28NW 5NANANA4431 60%NANA
2405:08NW 5NANANA4431 60%NANA
2404:48NW 6NANANA4430 58%NANA
2404:28NW 6NANANA4430 58%NANA
2404:08NW 7NANANA4431 60%NANA
2403:48NW 6NANANA4531 58%NANA
2403:28NW 6NANANA4531 58%NANA
2403:08NW 6NANANA4632 59%NANA
2402:48NW 5NANANA4732 57%NANA
2402:28NW 5NANANA4833 56%NANA
2402:08N 5NANANA4933 55%NANA
2401:48NW 5NANANA4833 56%NANA
2401:28N 6NANANA4933 55%NANA
2401:08NW 5NANANA4933 55%NANA
2400:48NW 5NANANA5034 55%NANA
2400:28NANANANA5134 53%NANA
2400:08NANANANA5134 53%NANA
2323:48NANANANA5133 50%NANA
2323:28NANANANA5133 50%NANA
2323:08NANANANA5133 50%NANA
2322:48NANANANA5333 47%NANA
2322:28NANANANA5333 47%NANA
2322:08NANANANA5434 47%NANA
2321:48NANANANA5433 45%NANA
2321:28NANANANA5533 44%NANA
2321:08NANANANA5634 44%NANA
2320:28NANANANA5834 41%NANA
2320:08NANANANA5934 39%NANA
2319:48NANANANA6034 38%NANA
2319:28NANANANA6034 38%NANA
2319:08NANANANA6235 37%NANA
2318:48NANANANA6636 33%NANA
2318:28NANANANA6937 31%NANA
2318:08NE 12NANANA7137 29%NANA
2317:48NE 13NANANA7238 29%NANA
2317:28N 9NANANA7238 29%NANA
2317:08NE 12NANANA7338 28%NANA
2316:48NANANANA7338 28%NANA
2316:28NE 12NANANA7337 27%NANA
2316:08NE 16NANANA7237 28%NANA
2315:48N 15NANANA7237 28%NANA
2315:28NE 13NANANA7237 28%NANA
2315:08NE 16NANANA7237 28%NANA
2314:48S 13NANANA7237 28%NANA
2314:28N 15NANANA7137 29%NANA
2314:08N 16NANANA7037 30%NANA
2313:48N 14NANANA6937 31%NANA
2313:28N 17NANANA6836 31%NANA
2313:08N 17NANANA6736 32%NANA
2312:48N 17NANANA6635 32%NANA
2312:28N 15NANANA6534 32%NANA
2312:08N 16NANANA6434 33%NANA
2311:08N 15NANANA6032 35%NANA
2310:48N 18NANANA5931 35%NANA
2310:28N 20NANANA5829 33%NANA
2310:08N 16NANANA5727 32%NANA
2309:48N 15NANANA5725 29%NANA
2309:28N 15NANANA5824 27%NANA
2309:08N 17NANANA5723 27%NANA
2308:48N 12NANANA5722 26%NANA
2308:28NW 9NANANA5622 27%NANA
2308:08NW 9NANANA5622 27%NANA
2307:48NW 8NANANA5622 27%NANA
2307:28NW 12NANANA5722 26%NANA
2307:08NW 10NANANA5722 26%NANA
2306:48NW 9NANANA5722 26%NANA
2306:08W 10NANANA5823 26%NANA
2305:48W 10NANANA5823 26%NANA
2305:28W 10NANANA5824 27%NANA
2305:08W 10NANANA5724 28%NANA
2304:48W 8NANANA5624 29%NANA
2304:28W 8NANANA5425 33%NANA
2304:08W 5NANANA5626 32%NANA
2303:48W 9NANANA5626 32%NANA
2303:28W 9NANANA5727 32%NANA
2303:08W 9NANANA5728 33%NANA
2302:48W 9NANANA5730 36%NANA
2302:28SW 12NANANA5731 37%NANA
2302:08SW 9NANANA5631 39%NANA
2301:48SW 8NANANA5429 39%NANA
2301:28SW 7NANANA5530 38%NANA
2301:08SW 8NANANA5630 37%NANA
2300:48W 7NANANA5629 36%NANA
2300:28SW 6NANANA5830 35%NANA
2300:08S 9NANANA5829 33%NANA
2223:48S 9NANANA5929 32%NANA
2223:28S 9NANANA6029 31%NANA
2223:08S 8NANANA6029 31%NANA
2222:48S 9NANANA6129 30%NANA
2222:28S 10NANANA5827 31%NANA
2222:08S 9NANANA6429 27%NANA
2221:48S 9NANANA5728 33%NANA
2221:28SE 9NANANA5728 33%NANA
2221:08SE 9NANANA5827 31%NANA
2220:48SE 8NANANA6127 28%NANA
2220:28SE 9NANANA6127 28%NANA
2220:08SE 12NANANA6227 27%NANA
2219:48SE 9NANANA6328 27%NANA
2219:28SE 10NANANA6628 24%NANA
2219:08S 10NANANA6729 24%NANA
2218:48S 7NANANA7432 22%NANA
2218:28S 7NANANA7833 19%NANA
2218:08S 9NANANA8333 17%NANA
2217:48S 9NANANA8534 16%NANA
2217:28S 9NANANA8634 16%NANA
2217:08SE 10NANANA8736 16%NANA
2216:48S 9NANANA8637 18%NANA
2216:28S 12NANANA8538 19%NANA
2216:08S 9NANANA8538 19%NANA
2215:48SW 7NANANA8537 18%NANA
2215:28SW 8NANANA8438 20%NANA
2215:08S 7NANANA8339 21%NANA
2214:48SW 9NANANA8139 22%NANA
2214:08SW 10NANANA8139 22%NANA
2213:48S 13NANANA7939 24%NANA
2213:28S 12NANANA7838 24%NANA
2213:08S 17NANANA7838 24%NANA
2212:48S 15NANANA7740 27%NANA
2212:28S 16NANANA7640 28%NANA
2212:08S 12NANANA7339 29%NANA
2211:28S 8NANANA6938 32%NANA
2211:08SW 9NANANA6638 36%NANA
2210:48SW 8NANANA6437 37%NANA
2210:28S 6NANANA6336 37%NANA
2210:08S 6NANANA6135 38%NANA
2209:48SW 7NANANA5834 41%NANA
2209:28SW 7NANANA5333 47%NANA
2209:08SW 9NANANA4930 48%NANA
2208:48W 9NANANA4629 52%NANA
2208:28W 10NANANA4427 51%NANA
2208:08W 10NANANA4528 52%NANA
2207:48SW 9NANANA4729 50%NANA
2207:28SW 10NANANA4628 50%NANA
2207:08SW 10NANANA4628 50%NANA
2206:48SW 9NANANA4827 44%NANA
2206:28SW 10NANANA4827 44%NANA
2205:48SW 9NANANA5027 41%NANA
2205:28SW 8NANANA5126 38%NANA
2205:08SW 7NANANA5127 40%NANA
2204:48SW 9NANANA5126 38%NANA
2204:28SW 10NANANA5327 37%NANA
2204:08SW 9NANANA5528 36%NANA
2203:48SW 9NANANA5730 36%NANA
2203:28SW 8NANANA5528 36%NANA
2203:08SW 6NANANA5327 37%NANA
2202:48SW 7NANANA5327 37%NANA
2202:28SW 9NANANA5427 36%NANA
2202:08S 8NANANA5226 37%NANA
2201:48S 8NANANA5628 34%NANA
2201:28S 8NANANA5728 33%NANA
2201:08S 8NANANA5729 35%NANA
2200:48S 7NANANA5529 37%NANA
2200:28S 10NANANA5327 37%NANA
2123:48SE 8NANANA5127 40%NANA
2123:28SE 7NANANA5327 37%NANA
2123:08SE 6NANANA5427 36%NANA
2122:48SE 7NANANA5427 36%NANA
2122:28SE 6NANANA5427 36%NANA
2122:08SE 7NANANA5527 34%NANA
2121:48SE 7NANANA5627 33%NANA
2121:28SE 7NANANA5827 31%NANA
2121:08SE 6NANANA5827 31%NANA
2120:48SE 6NANANA5927 30%NANA
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºF)PressurePrecipitation (in.)

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