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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºF)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (in.)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
2011:49NW 20NANANA6021 22%NANA
2011:28NW 20NANANA5920 22%NANA
2011:08NW 15NANANA5720 24%NANA
2010:48N 23NABreezyNA5719 23%NANA
2010:28N 29NAWindyNA5618 23%NANA
2010:08NW 21NABreezyNA5521 26%NANA
2009:48NW 18NANANA5321 28%NANA
2009:28NW 22NABreezyNA5123 33%NANA
2009:08NW 16NANANA5025 38%NANA
2008:48NW 13NANANA4826 42%NANA
2008:28NW 9NANANA4528 52%NANA
2008:08NW 9NANANA4427 51%NANA
2007:48NW 9NANANA4425 47%NANA
2007:28NW 13NANANA4327 54%NANA
2007:08NW 12NANANA4327 54%NANA
2006:48NW 10NANANA4227 56%NANA
2006:28NW 12NANANA4325 49%NANA
2006:08NW 12NANANA4326 51%NANA
2005:49NW 10NANANA4324 47%NANA
2005:28NW 10NANANA4223 47%NANA
2005:08NW 13NANANA4320 40%NANA
2004:48W 12NANANA4321 42%NANA
2004:28W 9NANANA4223 47%NANA
2004:08W 8NANANA4224 49%NANA
2003:48W 8NANANA4324 47%NANA
2003:28SW 7NANANA4324 47%NANA
2003:08SW 8NANANA4325 49%NANA
2002:48SW 7NANANA4325 49%NANA
2002:28SW 8NANANA4425 47%NANA
2002:08SW 9NANANA4526 48%NANA
2001:48SW 9NANANA4626 46%NANA
2001:28SW 10NANANA4726 44%NANA
2001:08SW 10NANANA4828 46%NANA
2000:48SW 10NANANA4827 44%NANA
2000:28SW 10NANANA4828 46%NANA
2000:08S 10NANANA4628 50%NANA
1923:28S 10NANANA4530 56%NANA
1923:08S 10NANANA4630 54%NANA
1922:48S 10NANANA4831 52%NANA
1922:28S 9NANANA4832 54%NANA
1922:08S 9NANANA4932 53%NANA
1921:48S 9NANANA5033 52%NANA
1921:28S 9NANANA5033 52%NANA
1921:08S 9NANANA5233 49%NANA
1920:48S 12NANANA5233 49%NANA
1920:28S 14NANANA5333 47%NANA
1920:08S 16NANANA5333 47%NANA
1919:48S 15NANANA5432 44%NANA
1919:28S 22NABreezyNA5632 41%NANA
1919:08S 17NANANA5632 41%NANA
1918:48S 18NANANA5633 42%NANA
1918:28S 24NABreezyNA5931 35%NANA
1918:08S 22NABreezyNA5930 33%NANA
1917:49S 20NANANA6029 31%NANA
1917:28NANANANA6127 28%NANA
1917:08S 21NABreezyNA6231 31%NANA
1916:48S 12NANANA6234 35%NANA
1916:28SW 16NANANA6236 38%NANA
1916:08S 14NANANA6238 41%NANA
1915:48S 16NANANA6238 41%NANA
1915:28SW 13NANANA6240 45%NANA
1915:08S 15NANANA6339 41%NANA
1914:48S 10NANANA6340 43%NANA
1914:28S 16NANANA6340 43%NANA
1914:08S 15NANANA6440 42%NANA
1913:48S 15NANANA6441 43%NANA
1913:28S 16NANANA6541 42%NANA
1913:08S 16NANANA6441 43%NANA
1912:48S 20NANANA6441 43%NANA
1912:28S 21NABreezyNA6342 47%NANA
1912:08S 20NANANA6241 46%NANA
1911:49S 15NANANA6041 50%NANA
1911:28S 21NABreezyNA6040 48%NANA
1911:08S 20NANANA5941 52%NANA
1910:48S 20NANANA5740 53%NANA
1910:28S 17NANANA5540 57%NANA
1910:08S 16NANANA5139 64%NANA
1909:48S 14NANANA5139 64%NANA
1909:28S 12NANANA4940 72%NANA
1909:08S 12NANANA4638 74%NANA
1908:48S 9NANANA4336 77%NANA
1908:28S 8NANANA4236 80%NANA
1908:08S 9NANANA4234 74%NANA
1907:48S 8NANANA4234 74%NANA
1907:28S 9NANANA4134 77%NANA
1907:08S 9NANANA4234 74%NANA
1906:48S 9NANANA4134 77%NANA
1906:28S 8NANANA4335 74%NANA
1906:08S 10NANANA4435 71%NANA
1905:49S 9NANANA4335 74%NANA
1905:28S 9NANANA4335 74%NANA
1905:08S 8NANANA4335 74%NANA
1904:48S 7NANANA4436 74%NANA
1904:28S 8NANANA4336 77%NANA
1904:08S 9NANANA4336 77%NANA
1903:48S 10NANANA4335 74%NANA
1903:28S 8NANANA4235 76%NANA
1903:08S 10NANANA4233 71%NANA
1902:48S 9NANANA4234 74%NANA
1902:28S 9NANANA4234 74%NANA
1902:08S 10NANANA4234 74%NANA
1901:48S 10NANANA4335 74%NANA
1901:28S 12NANANA4434 68%NANA
1901:08S 12NANANA4434 68%NANA
1900:48S 12NANANA4433 65%NANA
1900:28S 12NANANA4331 63%NANA
1900:08S 10NANANA4027 60%NANA
1823:48S 8NANANA4027 60%NANA
1823:28S 9NANANA4228 58%NANA
1823:08S 10NANANA4429 56%NANA
1822:48S 10NANANA4529 54%NANA
1822:28S 9NANANA4529 54%NANA
1822:08S 12NANANA4730 52%NANA
1821:48S 12NANANA4830 50%NANA
1821:28S 13NANANA4930 48%NANA
1821:08S 14NANANA5129 43%NANA
1820:48S 14NANANA5229 42%NANA
1820:28S 14NANANA5227 38%NANA
1820:08S 13NANANA5227 38%NANA
1819:48S 9NANANA4723 39%NANA
1819:28SE 8NANANA4823 37%NANA
1819:08SE 9NANANA5024 36%NANA
1818:48SE 9NANANA5226 37%NANA
1818:28SE 12NANANA5627 33%NANA
1818:08SE 12NANANA5927 30%NANA
1817:49SE 13NANANA6228 28%NANA
1817:28S 14NANANA6729 24%NANA
1817:08S 13NANANA6729 24%NANA
1816:48S 17NANANA6728 23%NANA
1816:28NANANANA6830 24%NANA
1816:08NANANANA6729 24%NANA
1815:48S 13NANANA6829 23%NANA
1815:28NANANANA6827 22%NANA
1815:08S 14NANANA6929 23%NANA
1814:48S 10NANANA6929 23%NANA
1814:28S 9NANANA6930 23%NANA
1814:08S 12NANANA6628 24%NANA
1813:48S 17NANANA6528 25%NANA
1813:28S 9NANANA6628 24%NANA
1813:08SE 10NANANA6730 25%NANA
1812:48S 7NANANA6430 28%NANA
1812:28E 5NANANA6430 28%NANA
1812:08E 1NANANA6130 31%NANA
1811:48E 2NANANA6030 32%NANA
1811:28N 1NANANA5932 36%NANA
1811:08N 5NANANA6031 34%NANA
1810:48N 3NANANA5631 39%NANA
1810:28N 3NANANA5329 40%NANA
1810:08N 5NANANA5029 45%NANA
1809:48NW 6NANANA4626 46%NANA
1809:28NW 9NANANA4323 45%NANA
1809:08NW 9NANANA4021 47%NANA
1808:48NW 8NANANA3720 50%NANA
1808:28W 8NANANA3619 50%NANA
1808:08NW 6NANANA3418 52%NANA
1807:48NW 9NANANA3317 52%NANA
1807:28NW 9NANANA3316 50%NANA
1807:08NW 8NANANA3317 52%NANA
1806:48NW 12NANANA3416 48%NANA
1806:28NW 12NANANA3415 46%NANA
1806:08NW 8NANANA3416 48%NANA
1805:48NW 7NANANA3416 48%NANA
1805:28NW 7NANANA3517 48%NANA
1805:08W 12NANANA3616 44%NANA
1804:48W 12NANANA3515 44%NANA
1804:28W 10NANANA3616 44%NANA
1804:08W 9NANANA3716 43%NANA
1803:48W 9NANANA3817 43%NANA
1803:28NW 8NANANA3816 41%NANA
1803:08W 8NANANA3617 46%NANA
1802:48W 8NANANA3717 44%NANA
1802:28W 8NANANA3717 44%NANA
1802:08W 8NANANA3717 44%NANA
1801:48W 8NANANA3717 44%NANA
1801:28W 9NANANA3717 44%NANA
1801:08W 7NANANA3817 43%NANA
1800:48W 8NANANA3817 43%NANA
1800:28W 5NANANA3816 41%NANA
1800:08W 5NANANA3816 41%NANA
1723:48W 5NANANA3917 41%NANA
1723:28W 6NANANA4117 38%NANA
1723:08W 2NANANA4216 35%NANA
1722:48W 3NANANA4116 36%NANA
1722:28W 6NANANA4216 35%NANA
1722:08W 6NANANA4317 35%NANA
1721:48W 5NANANA4618 33%NANA
1721:28W 6NANANA4717 30%NANA
1721:08NW 3NANANA4817 29%NANA
1720:48NW 3NANANA5118 27%NANA
1720:28N 2NANANA5218 26%NANA
1720:08NW 2NANANA5318 25%NANA
1719:48N 2NANANA5518 23%NANA
1719:28N 5NANANA5618 23%NANA
1719:08N 5NANANA5719 23%NANA
1718:48E 6NANANA5818 21%NANA
1718:28N 6NANANA6019 20%NANA
1718:08NW 5NANANA6420 18%NANA
1717:53NW 6NANANA6621 18%NANA
1717:28NW 3NANANA6822 17%NANA
1717:08NW 6NANANA6822 17%NANA
1716:50W 6NANANA6923 17%NANA
1716:28W 7NANANA6924 18%NANA
1716:08W 3NANANA6924 18%NANA
1715:48W 3NANANA6924 18%NANA
1715:28W 6NANANA6925 19%NANA
1715:08SW 5NANANA6924 18%NANA
1714:48SW 5NANANA6824 19%NANA
1714:28SW 2NANANA6925 19%NANA
1714:08NE 3NANANA6624 20%NANA
1713:48NE 3NANANA6724 20%NANA
1713:28SW 2NANANA6625 21%NANA
1713:08N 2NANANA6624 20%NANA
1712:48NW 2NANANA6424 22%NANA
1712:28E 3NANANA6324 23%NANA
1712:08NW 3NANANA6123 23%NANA
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºF)PressurePrecipitation (in.)

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