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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºF)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (in.)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
0618:08E 7NANANA8054 41%NANA
0617:48NE 5NANANA8155 41%NANA
0617:28NE 5NANANA8155 41%NANA
0617:08NE 5NANANA8055 42%NANA
0616:48N 3NANANA8055 42%NANA
0616:28N 5NANANA8055 42%NANA
0616:08N 1NANANA7955 44%NANA
0615:48W 1NANANA7955 44%NANA
0615:28NE 1NANANA7855 45%NANA
0615:08SW 2NANANA7855 45%NANA
0614:48N 3NANANA7756 49%NANA
0614:28NW 3NANANA7555 50%NANA
0614:08W 5NANANA7555 50%NANA
0613:48E 3NANANA7354 52%NANA
0613:28NW 7NANANA7153 53%NANA
0613:08NW 5NANANA7053 55%NANA
0612:48N 3NANANA6953 57%NANA
0612:28NW 3NANANA6852 57%NANA
0612:08W 6NANANA6852 57%NANA
0611:48W 7NANANA6652 61%NANA
0611:28W 6NANANA6551 61%NANA
0611:08W 7NANANA6351 65%NANA
0610:48W 5NANANA6151 70%NANA
0610:28W 8NANANA6050 70%NANA
0610:08W 7NANANA5951 75%NANA
0609:48SW 7NANANA5851 78%NANA
0609:28S 6NANANA5750 78%NANA
0609:08S 9NANANA5548 77%NANA
0608:48S 8NANANA5347 80%NANA
0608:28S 9NANANA5246 80%NANA
0608:08S 8NANANA5145 80%NANA
0607:48S 8NANANA5045 83%NANA
0607:28S 9NANANA5145 80%NANA
0607:08S 12NANANA5144 77%NANA
0606:48S 10NANANA5045 83%NANA
0606:28S 12NANANA5144 77%NANA
0606:08S 12NANANA5145 80%NANA
0605:48S 9NANANA5145 80%NANA
0605:28SE 6NANANA5146 83%NANA
0605:08S 8NANANA5246 80%NANA
0604:48S 8NANANA5246 80%NANA
0604:28S 7NANANA5347 80%NANA
0604:08S 8NANANA5346 77%NANA
0603:48S 10NANANA5346 77%NANA
0603:28S 8NANANA5346 77%NANA
0603:08S 7NANANA5347 80%NANA
0602:48S 8NANANA5346 77%NANA
0602:28S 7NANANA5346 77%NANA
0602:08S 8NANANA5346 77%NANA
0601:48S 8NANANA5446 75%NANA
0601:28S 10NANANA5446 75%NANA
0601:08S 9NANANA5346 77%NANA
0600:48S 9NANANA5346 77%NANA
0600:28S 9NANANA5345 75%NANA
0600:08S 9NANANA5345 75%NANA
0523:48S 8NANANA5445 72%NANA
0523:28S 8NANANA5446 75%NANA
0523:08S 7NANANA5547 75%NANA
0522:48S 7NANANA5646 70%NANA
0522:08S 9NANANA5546 72%NANA
0521:48S 8NANANA5647 72%NANA
0521:28S 8NANANA5647 72%NANA
0521:08S 9NANANA5747 70%NANA
0520:48S 8NANANA5747 70%NANA
0520:28S 7NANANA5848 70%NANA
0520:08S 9NANANA5947 65%NANA
0519:48S 9NANANA6148 63%NANA
0519:28S 13NANANA6247 58%NANA
0519:08S 12NANANA6447 54%NANA
0518:48S 9NANANA6548 54%NANA
0518:28S 10NANANA6648 52%NANA
0518:08S 16NANANA6647 51%NANA
0517:48S 15NANANA6848 49%NANA
0517:28S 16NANANA6848 49%NANA
0517:08S 17NANANA6847 47%NANA
0516:48S 16NANANA6848 49%NANA
0516:08S 14NANANA7049 48%NANA
0515:48SW 14NANANA7050 50%NANA
0515:28S 12NANANA7050 50%NANA
0515:08S 18NANANA7049 48%NANA
0514:48S 16NANANA6849 51%NANA
0514:28S 13NANANA6850 53%NANA
0514:08SW 12NANANA6750 55%NANA
0513:28SW 16NANANA6649 55%NANA
0513:08S 16NANANA6347 56%NANA
0512:48S 16NANANA6347 56%NANA
0512:28S 9NANANA6149 65%NANA
0512:08S 12NANANA6049 67%NANA
0511:48S 13NANANA5949 70%NANA
0511:28S 10NANANA5849 73%NANA
0511:08S 14NANANA5748 72%NANA
0510:48S 10NANANA5648 75%NANA
0510:28S 10NANANA5648 75%NANA
0509:48S 14NANANA5548 77%NANA
0509:28S 10NANANA5548 77%NANA
0509:08S 10NANANA5447 78%NANA
0508:48S 14NANANA5447 78%NANA
0508:28S 12NANANA5447 78%NANA
0508:08S 13NANANA5447 78%NANA
0507:48S 13NANANA5447 78%NANA
0507:28S 12NANANA5447 78%NANA
0507:08S 10NANANA5447 78%NANA
0506:48S 13NANANA5447 78%NANA
0506:28S 12NANANA5448 80%NANA
0506:08S 8NANANA5448 80%NANA
0505:48S 9NANANA5347 80%NANA
0505:28S 9NANANA5347 80%NANA
0505:08S 10NANANA5347 80%NANA
0504:28S 9NANANA5346 77%NANA
0504:08S 7NANANA5247 84%NANA
0503:48S 7NANANA5247 84%NANA
0503:28S 7NANANA5247 84%NANA
0503:08S 8NANANA5246 80%NANA
0502:48S 7NANANA5246 80%NANA
0502:28S 7NANANA5246 80%NANA
0502:08S 8NANANA5246 80%NANA
0501:48S 10NANANA5145 80%NANA
0501:28S 8NANANA5146 83%NANA
0501:08S 10NANANA5145 80%NANA
0500:48S 9NANANA5145 80%NANA
0500:28S 9NANANA5145 80%NANA
0500:08S 9NANANA5145 80%NANA
0423:48S 8NANANA5145 80%NANA
0423:28S 9NANANA5245 78%NANA
0422:48S 10NANANA5245 78%NANA
0422:28S 10NANANA5346 77%NANA
0422:08S 10NANANA5346 77%NANA
0421:48S 10NANANA5345 75%NANA
0421:28S 10NANANA5345 75%NANA
0421:08S 9NANANA5446 75%NANA
0420:48SE 13NANANA5546 72%NANA
0420:28SE 12NANANA5546 72%NANA
0419:48S 9NANANA5647 72%NANA
0419:28S 7NANANA5647 72%NANA
0419:08S 8NANANA5646 70%NANA
0418:48S 10NANANA5746 67%NANA
0418:28S 14NANANA5746 67%NANA
0418:08S 15NANANA5645 67%NANA
0417:48S 15NANANA5745 65%NANA
0417:28S 13NANANA5745 65%NANA
0417:08S 16NANANA5645 67%NANA
0416:28S 14NANANA5645 67%NANA
0416:08S 15NANANA5544 67%NANA
0415:48S 14NANANA5645 67%NANA
0415:28S 20NANANA5845 63%NANA
0415:08S 18NANANA6145 56%NANA
0414:48S 22NABreezyNA6144 54%NANA
0414:28S 22NABreezyNA6145 56%NANA
0414:08S 14NANANA5945 60%NANA
0413:48S 16NANANA6045 58%NANA
0413:28S 17NANANA6045 58%NANA
0413:08S 17NANANA6046 60%NANA
0412:48S 16NANANA6046 60%NANA
0412:28S 16NANANA5745 65%NANA
0412:08S 15NANANA5744 62%NANA
0411:28S 15NANANA5644 65%NANA
0411:08SE 14NANANA5544 67%NANA
0410:48SE 16NANANA5443 67%NANA
0410:28SE 14NANANA5343 69%NANA
0410:08SE 15NANANA5142 71%NANA
0409:48SE 10NANANA5043 77%NANA
0409:28SE 13NANANA4942 77%NANA
0409:08SE 15NANANA4941 75%NANA
0408:48SE 13NANANA4841 77%NANA
0408:28S 9NANANA4741 80%NANA
0408:08S 9NANANA4741 80%NANA
0407:48SE 9NANANA4741 80%NANA
0407:28SE 9NANANA4741 80%NANA
0407:08SE 9NANANA4741 80%NANA
0406:48SE 9NANANA4741 80%NANA
0406:28SE 14NANANA4740 77%NANA
0406:08SE 13NANANA4740 77%NANA
0405:48SE 14NANANA4739 74%NANA
0405:28SE 15NANANA4739 74%NANA
0405:08SE 18NANANA4738 72%NANA
0404:28SE 13NANANA4739 74%NANA
0404:08SE 14NANANA4839 71%NANA
0403:48SE 12NANANA4840 74%NANA
0403:28SE 12NANANA4839 71%NANA
0403:08SE 10NANANA4840 74%NANA
0402:28SE 9NANANA4840 74%NANA
0402:08SE 7NANANA4841 77%NANA
0401:48SE 6NANANA4841 77%NANA
0401:28SE 7NANANA4841 77%NANA
0401:08SE 7NANANA4740 77%NANA
0400:48SE 7NANANA4840 74%NANA
0400:28SE 9NANANA4840 74%NANA
0323:48SE 9NANANA4839 71%NANA
0323:28SE 7NANANA4940 72%NANA
0323:08SE 10NANANA4939 69%NANA
0322:48SE 9NANANA4938 66%NANA
0322:28SE 17NANANA5036 59%NANA
0322:08SE 16NANANA5036 59%NANA
0321:48SE 16NANANA5035 57%NANA
0320:48SE 15NANANA5138 61%NANA
0320:28SE 13NANANA5038 64%NANA
0320:08SE 9NANANA5139 64%NANA
0319:48SE 12NANANA5238 59%NANA
0319:28S 12NANANA5237 57%NANA
0319:08S 13NANANA5338 57%NANA
0318:48SE 21NABreezyNA5537 51%NANA
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºF)PressurePrecipitation (in.)

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