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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºF)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (in.)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
2911:08N 18NANANA4313 30%NANA
2910:28N 16NANANA4213 31%NANA
2910:08NW 14NANANA4112 30%NANA
2909:48N 10NANANA3913 34%NANA
2909:28N 15NANANA3811 33%NANA
2909:08NW 9NANANA3512 38%NANA
2908:48NW 6NANANA3312 42%NANA
2908:28NW 7NANANA3212 43%NANA
2908:08NW 10NANANA3110 42%NANA
2907:48NW 9NANANA319 40%NANA
2907:28NW 8NANANA319 40%NANA
2907:08NW 6NANANA3110 42%NANA
2906:48NW 7NANANA3110 42%NANA
2906:28NW 7NANANA3211 42%NANA
2906:08NW 8NANANA308 39%NANA
2905:48NW 8NANANA298 41%NANA
2905:28NW 10NANANA308 39%NANA
2905:08NW 13NANANA307 38%NANA
2904:48W 10NANANA317 36%NANA
2904:28NW 10NANANA317 36%NANA
2904:08NW 8NANANA306 36%NANA
2903:48NW 7NANANA307 38%NANA
2903:28NW 8NANANA307 38%NANA
2903:08NW 7NANANA306 36%NANA
2902:48NW 6NANANA307 38%NANA
2902:28NW 5NANANA329 38%NANA
2902:08N 7NANANA349 35%NANA
2901:48N 9NANANA358 32%NANA
2901:28N 9NANANA369 33%NANA
2901:08N 9NANANA369 33%NANA
2900:48N 8NANANA359 34%NANA
2900:28N 8NANANA359 34%NANA
2900:08N 12NANANA369 33%NANA
2823:48N 9NANANA368 31%NANA
2823:28NW 8NANANA3710 33%NANA
2823:08NW 9NANANA369 33%NANA
2822:48NW 8NANANA378 30%NANA
2822:28NW 7NANANA399 29%NANA
2822:08NW 3NANANA3910 30%NANA
2821:48NW 3NANANA4111 29%NANA
2821:28NW 3NANANA4212 29%NANA
2821:08NW 6NANANA4113 32%NANA
2820:48SW 2NANANA4213 31%NANA
2820:28SE 3NANANA4313 30%NANA
2820:08E 5NANANA4112 30%NANA
2819:48SE 7NANANA4312 28%NANA
2819:28SE 5NANANA4412 27%NANA
2819:08S 1NANANA4411 26%NANA
2818:48S 5NANANA419 27%NANA
2818:28S 5NANANA419 27%NANA
2818:08S 7NANANA4310 26%NANA
2817:48S 6NANANA4511 25%NANA
2817:28S 5NANANA4711 23%NANA
2817:08S 5NANANA4913 24%NANA
2816:48SW 6NANANA5014 24%NANA
2816:28SW 8NANANA5315 22%NANA
2816:08S 6NANANA5417 23%NANA
2815:48S 10NANANA5517 22%NANA
2815:28SW 6NANANA5518 23%NANA
2815:08SW 3NANANA5418 24%NANA
2814:48S 8NANANA5317 24%NANA
2814:28SW 5NANANA5318 25%NANA
2814:08S 5NANANA5419 25%NANA
2813:48W 6NANANA5419 25%NANA
2813:28NW 5NANANA5318 25%NANA
2813:08W 7NANANA5318 25%NANA
2812:48W 6NANANA5319 26%NANA
2812:28W 2NANANA5219 27%NANA
2812:08NW 6NANANA5218 26%NANA
2811:48W 5NANANA5220 29%NANA
2811:28SE 5NANANA5220 29%NANA
2811:08N 5NANANA4919 31%NANA
2810:28NW 7NANANA4718 32%NANA
2810:08NW 8NANANA4416 32%NANA
2809:48NW 8NANANA4215 33%NANA
2809:28W 7NANANA4015 36%NANA
2809:08W 9NANANA3715 41%NANA
2808:48W 8NANANA3413 42%NANA
2808:28W 8NANANA3212 43%NANA
2808:08W 7NANANA3111 44%NANA
2807:48W 8NANANA3111 44%NANA
2807:28W 8NANANA3111 44%NANA
2807:08W 8NANANA3011 45%NANA
2806:48W 7NANANA3111 44%NANA
2806:28W 7NANANA3212 43%NANA
2806:08W 9NANANA3111 44%NANA
2805:48W 8NANANA3111 44%NANA
2805:28W 8NANANA3011 45%NANA
2805:08W 8NANANA3211 42%NANA
2804:48SW 10NANANA3010 43%NANA
2804:28SW 12NANANA3111 44%NANA
2804:08W 9NANANA3212 43%NANA
2803:48SW 10NANANA3312 42%NANA
2803:28W 9NANANA3413 42%NANA
2803:08W 9NANANA3513 40%NANA
2802:48SW 9NANANA3614 40%NANA
2802:28W 10NANANA3714 39%NANA
2802:08SW 9NANANA3815 39%NANA
2801:48W 15NANANA3915 38%NANA
2801:28W 16NANANA4015 36%NANA
2801:08W 15NANANA4016 38%NANA
2800:48W 16NANANA4116 36%NANA
2800:28W 18NANANA4216 35%NANA
2800:08W 15NANANA4216 35%NANA
2723:48SW 14NANANA4317 35%NANA
2723:28W 16NANANA4317 35%NANA
2723:08W 18NANANA4416 32%NANA
2722:48W 14NANANA4517 33%NANA
2722:28W 10NANANA4617 31%NANA
2722:08W 21NABreezyNA4616 30%NANA
2721:48W 13NANANA4617 31%NANA
2721:28W 9NANANA4616 30%NANA
2721:08W 14NANANA4716 29%NANA
2720:48SW 16NANANA4615 29%NANA
2720:28SW 14NANANA4615 29%NANA
2720:08SW 14NANANA4614 27%NANA
2719:48SW 12NANANA4614 27%NANA
2719:28SW 14NANANA4814 25%NANA
2719:08W 16NANANA4914 25%NANA
2718:48W 15NANANA5015 25%NANA
2718:28SW 16NANANA5114 23%NANA
2718:08SW 17NANANA5115 24%NANA
2717:48SW 16NANANA5216 24%NANA
2717:28W 17NANANA5416 22%NANA
2717:08W 22NABreezyNA5616 21%NANA
2716:48SW 16NANANA5817 20%NANA
2716:28SW 22NABreezyNA5917 19%NANA
2716:08SW 29NAWindyNA6016 18%NANA
2715:48SW 23NABreezyNA6016 18%NANA
2715:28SW 26NAWindyNA6016 18%NANA
2715:08W 31NAWindyNA6115 17%NANA
2714:48SW 30NAWindyNA6118 19%NANA
2714:28SW 31NAWindyNA6118 19%NANA
2714:08SW 31NAWindyNA6118 19%NANA
2713:48W 26NAWindyNA6119 20%NANA
2713:28NANANANA6120 21%NANA
2713:08W 31NAWindyNA6122 22%NANA
2712:48W 20NANANA6126 26%NANA
2712:28W 29NAWindyNA6131 32%NANA
2712:08SW 20NANANA5934 39%NANA
2711:48SW 29NAWindyNA5731 37%NANA
2711:28SW 22NABreezyNA5833 39%NANA
2711:08SW 31NAWindyNA6037 42%NANA
2710:28S 26NAWindyNA5640 55%NANA
2710:08S 21NABreezyNA5441 62%NANA
2709:48SW 24NABreezyNA5341 64%NANA
2709:28S 21NABreezyNA5241 67%NANA
2709:08S 21NABreezyNA5141 69%NANA
2708:48S 22NABreezyNA5040 69%NANA
2708:28S 18NANANA5041 72%NANA
2708:08S 16NANANA4941 75%NANA
2707:48S 20NANANA4939 69%NANA
2707:28S 17NANANA4939 69%NANA
2707:08S 21NABreezyNA4839 71%NANA
2706:48S 17NANANA4838 69%NANA
2706:28S 16NANANA4839 71%NANA
2706:08S 16NANANA4838 69%NANA
2705:48S 18NANANA4837 66%NANA
2705:28S 16NANANA4738 72%NANA
2705:08S 13NANANA4738 72%NANA
2704:48S 10NANANA4739 74%NANA
2704:28S 15NANANA4838 69%NANA
2704:08S 13NANANA4838 69%NANA
2703:48S 10NANANA4838 69%NANA
2703:28S 14NANANA4838 69%NANA
2703:08S 16NANANA4837 66%NANA
2702:28S 17NANANA4837 66%NANA
2702:08S 16NANANA4838 69%NANA
2701:48S 18NANANA4837 66%NANA
2701:28S 17NANANA4737 69%NANA
2701:08S 17NANANA4738 72%NANA
2700:48S 16NANANA4737 69%NANA
2700:28S 18NANANA4737 69%NANA
2700:08S 16NANANA4737 69%NANA
2623:48S 14NANANA4737 69%NANA
2623:28S 15NANANA4636 68%NANA
2623:08S 14NANANA4635 66%NANA
2622:48S 13NANANA4535 68%NANA
2622:28S 12NANANA4534 66%NANA
2622:08S 8NANANA4534 66%NANA
2621:48S 12NANANA4533 63%NANA
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºF)PressurePrecipitation (in.)

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