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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºF)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (in.)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
2719:08S 5NANANA8140 23%NANA
2718:48S 3NANANA8341 23%NANA
2718:28SE 5NANANA8542 22%NANA
2717:48NE 5NANANA8640 20%NANA
2717:28NE 3NANANA8741 20%NANA
2717:08NW 2NANANA8742 21%NANA
2716:48E 3NANANA8741 20%NANA
2716:28NE 7NANANA8641 21%NANA
2716:08SE 2NANANA8641 21%NANA
2715:48E 3NANANA8641 21%NANA
2715:28N 1NANANA8542 22%NANA
2715:08W 3NANANA8541 21%NANA
2714:28S 2NANANA8441 22%NANA
2714:08S 5NANANA8442 23%NANA
2713:48SE 5NANANA8441 22%NANA
2713:28NW 2NANANA8242 24%NANA
2713:08SW 3NANANA8341 23%NANA
2712:48NW 2NANANA8141 24%NANA
2712:28W 3NANANA8141 24%NANA
2712:08S 5NANANA8041 25%NANA
2711:48NW 2NANANA7843 29%NANA
2711:28NW 3NANANA7643 31%NANA
2711:08N 3NANANA7443 33%NANA
2710:48NW 2NANANA7041 35%NANA
2710:28NW 6NANANA6841 38%NANA
2710:08NW 5NANANA6539 39%NANA
2709:48NW 7NANANA6337 38%NANA
2709:28NW 7NANANA6137 41%NANA
2709:08W 6NANANA5837 46%NANA
2708:48W 7NANANA5435 49%NANA
2708:28W 8NANANA5334 49%NANA
2708:08W 8NANANA5233 49%NANA
2707:48W 9NANANA5233 49%NANA
2707:28W 9NANANA5333 47%NANA
2707:08W 8NANANA5333 47%NANA
2706:48W 8NANANA5433 45%NANA
2706:28W 7NANANA5534 45%NANA
2706:08W 9NANANA5634 44%NANA
2705:48W 10NANANA5634 44%NANA
2705:28W 9NANANA5534 45%NANA
2705:08W 9NANANA5634 44%NANA
2704:48SW 12NANANA5634 44%NANA
2704:28NANANANA5534 45%NANA
2704:08NANANANA5634 44%NANA
2703:48SW 9NANANA5634 44%NANA
2703:28SW 10NANANA5534 45%NANA
2703:08SW 9NANANA5534 45%NANA
2702:48SW 8NANANA5634 44%NANA
2702:28NANANANA5634 44%NANA
2702:08SW 10NANANA5533 44%NANA
2701:48SW 9NANANA5534 45%NANA
2701:28SW 8NANANA5634 44%NANA
2701:08SW 9NANANA5735 44%NANA
2700:48SW 9NANANA5834 41%NANA
2700:28SW 8NANANA5734 42%NANA
2700:08S 9NANANA5533 44%NANA
2623:48S 8NANANA5634 44%NANA
2623:28S 8NANANA5733 41%NANA
2623:08S 9NANANA5733 41%NANA
2622:48S 10NANANA5833 39%NANA
2622:28S 9NANANA5834 41%NANA
2622:08S 10NANANA6234 35%NANA
2621:48S 8NANANA6134 37%NANA
2621:28S 8NANANA5934 39%NANA
2621:08NANANANA5734 42%NANA
2620:48NANANANA6234 35%NANA
2620:28S 7NANANA6434 33%NANA
2620:08SE 7NANANA6535 33%NANA
2619:48SE 5NANANA6635 32%NANA
2619:28SE 5NANANA6937 31%NANA
2619:08SE 3NANANA7337 27%NANA
2618:48SE 3NANANA7636 24%NANA
2618:28SE 5NANANA7736 23%NANA
2618:08NE 1NANANA7736 23%NANA
2617:48NW 2NANANA7736 23%NANA
2617:28E 2NANANA7836 22%NANA
2617:08SW 5NANANA7735 22%NANA
2616:48S 3NANANA7735 22%NANA
2616:28SE 6NANANA7836 22%NANA
2616:08W 1NANANA7737 24%NANA
2615:48SW 1NANANA7736 23%NANA
2615:28NW 6NANANA7736 23%NANA
2615:08W 2NANANA7636 24%NANA
2614:48N 3NANANA7636 24%NANA
2614:28E 6NANANA7636 24%NANA
2614:08SW 1NANANA7636 24%NANA
2613:48S 6NANANA7435 24%NANA
2613:28SW 7NANANA7436 25%NANA
2613:08E 5NANANA7335 25%NANA
2612:48S 3NANANA7235 26%NANA
2612:28NW 2NANANA7035 28%NANA
2612:08W 6NANANA6934 28%NANA
2611:48S 6NANANA6833 27%NANA
2611:28SW 5NANANA6634 31%NANA
2611:08SW 1NANANA6536 35%NANA
2610:48W 2NANANA6336 37%NANA
2610:28W 1NANANA6236 38%NANA
2610:08W 2NANANA6036 41%NANA
2609:28W 3NANANA5536 49%NANA
2609:08W 5NANANA5234 51%NANA
2608:48W 5NANANA5033 52%NANA
2608:28W 6NANANA4832 54%NANA
2608:08W 6NANANA4631 56%NANA
2607:48W 7NANANA4530 56%NANA
2607:28W 7NANANA4530 56%NANA
2607:08W 7NANANA4530 56%NANA
2606:48W 8NANANA4530 56%NANA
2606:08W 7NANANA4530 56%NANA
2605:48W 7NANANA4530 56%NANA
2605:28W 6NANANA4530 56%NANA
2605:08W 6NANANA4530 56%NANA
2604:48W 7NANANA4630 54%NANA
2604:28W 5NANANA4630 54%NANA
2604:08W 3NANANA4630 54%NANA
2603:48W 5NANANA4730 52%NANA
2603:28W 5NANANA4730 52%NANA
2602:48W 3NANANA4830 50%NANA
2602:28W 3NANANA4830 50%NANA
2602:08W 3NANANA4930 48%NANA
2601:48NW 3NANANA5131 46%NANA
2601:28NW 3NANANA5231 45%NANA
2601:08NW 2NANANA5331 43%NANA
2600:48NW 3NANANA5431 42%NANA
2600:28NW 2NANANA5431 42%NANA
2600:08NW 3NANANA5531 40%NANA
2523:48NW 3NANANA5732 39%NANA
2523:28N 3NANANA5732 39%NANA
2523:08N 2NANANA5832 38%NANA
2522:48N 3NANANA5931 35%NANA
2522:28NE 3NANANA6031 34%NANA
2522:08NE 3NANANA5931 35%NANA
2521:28NE 5NANANA6031 34%NANA
2521:08NE 5NANANA6031 34%NANA
2520:48N 5NANANA6232 33%NANA
2520:08N 6NANANA6432 30%NANA
2519:48N 6NANANA6432 30%NANA
2519:28N 6NANANA6733 29%NANA
2519:08NE 9NANANA7034 27%NANA
2518:48N 10NANANA7134 26%NANA
2518:28N 8NANANA7234 25%NANA
2518:08NE 13NANANA7335 25%NANA
2517:48NANANANA7335 25%NANA
2517:28N 16NANANA7234 25%NANA
2517:08N 12NANANA7233 24%NANA
2516:48N 10NANANA7335 25%NANA
2516:28NE 13NANANA7334 24%NANA
2516:08N 15NANANA7434 23%NANA
2515:48N 17NANANA7435 24%NANA
2515:28N 15NANANA7435 24%NANA
2515:08N 14NANANA7435 24%NANA
2514:48N 13NANANA7335 25%NANA
2514:28N 16NANANA7235 26%NANA
2514:08N 14NANANA7135 27%NANA
2513:48N 16NANANA7036 29%NANA
2513:08N 20NANANA6936 30%NANA
2512:48N 16NANANA6837 32%NANA
2512:28N 16NANANA6836 31%NANA
2512:08N 15NANANA6737 33%NANA
2511:48N 21NABreezyNA6536 35%NANA
2511:28N 21NABreezyNA6536 35%NANA
2511:08N 20NANANA6336 37%NANA
2510:48N 21NABreezyNA6236 38%NANA
2510:28N 21NABreezyNA6135 38%NANA
2510:08N 13NANANA6036 41%NANA
2509:48N 10NANANA5636 48%NANA
2509:28N 12NANANA5536 49%NANA
2509:08N 12NANANA5434 47%NANA
2508:48NW 9NANANA5436 51%NANA
2508:28NW 9NANANA5236 55%NANA
2508:08NW 9NANANA5135 54%NANA
2507:48NW 7NANANA5035 57%NANA
2507:08N 10NANANA5135 54%NANA
2506:48N 7NANANA5236 55%NANA
2506:28N 12NANANA5236 55%NANA
2506:08N 10NANANA5337 55%NANA
2505:48N 14NANANA5436 51%NANA
2505:28N 14NANANA5437 53%NANA
2505:08N 10NANANA5538 53%NANA
2504:48N 15NANANA5537 51%NANA
2504:28N 13NANANA5538 53%NANA
2504:08N 12NANANA5639 53%NANA
2503:48NW 12NANANA5741 56%NANA
2503:28NW 12NANANA5745 65%NANA
2503:08NW 9NANANA5443 67%NANA
2502:48NW 6NANANA5645 67%NANA
2502:28N 5NANANA5744 62%NANA
2502:08N 6NANANA5743 60%NANA
2501:48NE 6NANANA5845 63%NANA
2501:28NE 5NANANA5844 60%NANA
2501:08E 7NANANA5942 54%NANA
2500:48E 8NANANA6039 46%NANA
2500:28E 7NANANA5739 51%NANA
2500:08E 8NANANA5739 51%NANA
2423:48NE 6NANANA5939 48%NANA
2423:28N 8NANANA6039 46%NANA
2423:08N 7NANANA6037 42%NANA
2422:48NE 5NANANA5937 44%NANA
2422:28N 8NANANA6136 40%NANA
2422:08NE 5NANANA6137 41%NANA
2421:48N 6NANANA6236 38%NANA
2421:28NE 6NANANA6236 38%NANA
2421:08NE 7NANANA6336 37%NANA
2420:48NE 6NANANA6636 33%NANA
2420:28NE 6NANANA6736 32%NANA
2420:08NE 5NANANA6936 30%NANA
2419:48NE 6NANANA7137 29%NANA
2419:28E 6NANANA7437 26%NANA
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºF)PressurePrecipitation (in.)

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