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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºF)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (in.)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
2514:40S 17 G 2210.00NANA8980 75%30.00NA
2514:20S 1510.00NANA9080 73%30.01NA
2514:00SW 710.00NANA9273 54%30.01NA
2513:40W 710.00NANA9174 57%30.03NA
2513:20SW 810.00NANA9175 58%30.03NA
2513:00W 810.00NANA9175 59%30.04NA
2512:40W 910.00NANA9175 61%30.05NA
2512:20W 1010.00NANA9175 60%30.05NA
2512:00W 1010.00NANA9077 66%30.05NA
2511:40W 810.00NANA8978 69%30.05NA
2511:20W 810.00NANA8978 72%30.05NA
2511:00W 610.00NANA8879 75%30.05NA
2510:40W 910.00NANA8779 76%30.05NA
2510:20W 910.00NANA8678 78%30.04NA
2510:00W 910.00NANA8579 81%30.04NA
2509:40W 1010.00NANA8479 84%30.05NA
2509:20W 1310.00NANA8379 86%30.05NA
2509:00W 1210.00NANA8379 89%30.06NA
2508:40W 1210.00NANA8279 92%30.07NA
2508:20W 1010.00NANA8180 96%30.07NA
2508:00W 1010.00NANA8079 98%30.07NA
2507:40W 910.00NANA8079 97%30.07NA
2507:20W 910.00NANA7979 99%30.06NA
2507:00W 810.00NANA7979 99%30.06NA
2506:40W 910.00NANA7979 99%30.05NA
2506:20W 1010.00NANA7979 99%30.05NA
2506:00W 910.00NANA7979 98%30.05NA
2505:40W 910.00NANA7978 98%30.04NA
2505:20W 910.00NANA7978 98%30.04NA
2505:00W 910.00NANA7979 100%30.03NA
2504:40W 1410.00NANA7979 99%30.02NA
2504:20SW 1510.00NANA7979 99%30.02NA
2504:00SW 1410.00NANA7979 99%30.03NA
2503:40SW 1310.00NANA7979 99%30.03NA
2503:20SW 1510.00NANA8079 98%30.03NA
2503:00SW 1410.00NANA8079 98%30.03NA
2502:40SW 1410.00NANA8079 97%30.02NA
2502:20SW 1310.00NANA8079 97%30.03NA
2502:00SW 1310.00NANA8079 97%30.03NA
2501:40SW 1210.00NANA8180 97%30.03NA
2501:20SW 1310.00NANA8079 95%30.03NA
2501:00SW 1310.00NANA8179 94%30.03NA
2500:40SW 1410.00NANA8179 93%30.04NA
2500:20SW 1210.00NANA8179 92%30.05NA
2500:00SW 1210.00NANA8279 92%30.05NA
2423:40SW 1210.00NANA8279 91%30.05NA
2423:20SW 1210.00NANA8279 89%30.05NA
2423:00SW 1310.00NANA8379 88%30.04NA
2422:40SW 1210.00NANA8379 87%30.04NA
2422:20SW 1310.00NANA8379 87%30.04NA
2422:00SW 1310.00NANA8480 87%30.03NA
2421:40SW 1310.00NANA8480 88%30.03NA
2421:20SW 1310.00NANA8481 90%30.02NA
2421:00SW 1410.00NANA8581 87%30.01NA
2420:40SW 1510.00NANA8581 86%30.01NA
2420:20SW 1310.00NANA8581 85%30.01NA
2420:00SW 1510.00NANA8680 83%30.00NA
2419:40SW 1710.00NANA8780 80%30.00NA
2419:20SW 1510.00NANA8880 78%30.00NA
2419:00SW 1510.00NANA8880 77%29.99NA
2418:40SW 1810.00NANA8981 76%29.98NA
2418:20SW 1610.00NANA9080 74%29.98NA
2418:00SW 1510.00NANA9081 75%29.98NA
2417:40SW 1510.00NANA9080 74%29.98NA
2417:20SW 1610.00NANA9081 74%29.98NA
2417:00S 1510.00NANA8981 77%29.98NA
2416:40S 1410.00NANA8982 79%29.98NA
2416:20S 14 G 2010.00NANA8982 80%29.99NA
2416:00S 15 G 1810.00NANA8981 79%29.99NA
2415:40S 13 G 1810.00NANA8980 75%29.99NA
2415:20S 13 G 1710.00NANA9080 73%30.00NA
2415:00S 1310.00NANA9081 76%30.00NA
2414:40S 1310.00NANA9082 77%30.01NA
2414:20S 1010.00NANA8981 77%30.01NA
2414:00S 1210.00NANA9081 75%30.02NA
2413:40S 610.00NANA8980 74%30.02NA
2413:20S 710.00NANA8980 75%30.03NA
2413:00S 710.00NANA8980 76%30.02NA
2412:40S 810.00NANA8979 73%30.02NA
2412:20SW 310.00NANA8978 71%30.02NA
2412:00SW 310.00NANA8878 72%30.02NA
2411:40W 310.00NANA8878 74%30.02NA
2411:20W 510.00NANA8779 78%30.02NA
2411:00W 610.00NANA8778 77%30.02NA
2410:40W 710.00NANA8679 79%30.02NA
2410:20W 610.00NANA8579 81%30.02NA
2410:00W 610.00NANA8578 81%30.02NA
2409:40W 910.00NANA8478 81%30.02NA
2409:20W 810.00NANA8377 82%30.02NA
2409:00W 710.00NANA8378 85%30.01NA
2408:35W 910.00NANA8278 88%30.01NA
2408:20W 910.00NANA8178 90%30.01NA
2408:00W 1210.00NANA8078 93%30.01NA
2407:40W 710.00NANA8078 94%30.01NA
2407:20W 810.00NANA7978 97%30.01NA
2407:00W 910.00NANA7878 97%30.00NA
2406:40W 910.00NANA7878 99%30.00NA
2406:20W 1010.00NANA7878 99%30.00NA
2406:00W 910.00NANA7878 99%30.00NA
2405:40W 1210.00NANA7878 98%30.00NA
2405:20W 1210.00NANA7878 98%30.00NA
2405:00W 1010.00NANA7878 97%29.99NA
2404:40W 1210.00NANA7978 97%29.99NA
2404:20W 1010.00NANA7977 95%30.00NA
2404:00W 1010.00NANA7978 95%30.00NA
2403:40W 1010.00NANA7978 95%30.00NA
2403:20W 1010.00NANA7978 95%30.00NA
2403:00W 910.00NANA7977 94%30.00NA
2402:40W 910.00NANA8078 94%30.01NA
2402:20SW 910.00NANA7978 95%30.00NA
2402:00W 810.00NANA8078 93%30.00NA
2401:40W 910.00NANA8078 94%30.00NA
2401:20SW 1210.00NANA8078 94%30.00NA
2401:00SW 1010.00NANA8078 93%30.00NA
2400:40SW 1410.00NANA8078 92%29.99NA
2400:20SW 1210.00NANA8178 91%30.00NA
2400:00SW 1310.00NANA8177 89%30.00NA
2323:40SW 1010.00NANA8177 88%30.00NA
2323:20SW 1210.00NANA8277 86%30.00NA
2323:00SW 1210.00NANA8277 85%30.00NA
2322:40SW 1310.00NANA8277 84%30.00NA
2322:20SW 1310.00NANA8378 84%29.99NA
2322:00SW 1310.00NANA8378 85%29.99NA
2321:40SW 1510.00NANA8378 84%29.98NA
2321:20SW 1610.00NANA8479 86%29.97NA
2321:00SW 1410.00NANA8480 86%29.97NA
2320:40SW 1510.00NANA8480 85%29.97NA
2320:20SW 1410.00NANA8580 85%29.95NA
2320:00SW 1510.00NANA8580 83%29.95NA
2319:40SW 1510.00NANA8679 78%29.95NA
2319:20SW 1710.00NANA8779 76%29.95NA
2319:00SW 1810.00NANA8878 74%29.94NA
2318:40SW 1610.00NANA8879 74%29.93NA
2318:20SW 1710.00NANA8979 73%29.93NA
2318:00SW 1410.00NANA9079 70%29.94NA
2317:40SW 1410.00NANA9079 69%29.94NA
2317:20SW 1610.00NANA9078 68%29.93NA
2317:00SW 1510.00NANA9078 67%29.94NA
2316:40SW 1610.00NANA9178 68%29.94NA
2316:20SW 1510.00NANA9079 69%29.95NA
2316:00SW 1010.00NANA9174 58%29.95NA
2315:40W 810.00NANA9275 58%29.96NA
2315:20SW 810.00NANA9275 57%29.96NA
2315:00SW 910.00NANA9175 59%29.97NA
2314:40SW 810.00NANA9175 60%29.97NA
2314:20SW 810.00NANA9174 59%29.98NA
2314:00SW 810.00NANA9075 61%29.99NA
2313:40SW 810.00NANA9076 62%29.99NA
2313:20SW 810.00NANA8976 65%30.00NA
2313:00SW 810.00NANA8976 67%30.00NA
2312:40SW 510.00NANA8976 67%30.00NA
2312:20SW 510.00NANA8876 68%30.00NA
2312:00W 510.00NANA8776 70%30.00NA
2311:40W 610.00NANA8777 71%30.00NA
2311:20SW 810.00NANA8776 71%30.00NA
2311:00W 610.00NANA8676 72%30.00NA
2310:40W 610.00NANA8575 71%30.00NA
2310:20W 910.00NANA8576 73%30.00NA
2310:00W 1010.00NANA8574 71%30.00NA
2309:40W 1010.00NANA8473 70%30.00NA
2309:20SW 910.00NANA8374 73%30.00NA
2309:00W 910.00NANA8274 76%30.01NA
2308:40SW 710.00NANA8175 82%30.01NA
2308:20SW 910.00NANA8075 85%30.00NA
2308:00SW 1010.00NANA7975 88%30.00NA
2307:40W 910.00NANA7875 91%30.00NA
2307:20W 810.00NANA7775 93%30.00NA
2307:00W 710.00NANA7775 94%30.00NA
2306:40W 910.00NANA7775 94%30.00NA
2306:20W 1010.00NANA7775 95%29.99NA
2306:00W 910.00NANA7775 94%29.99NA
2305:40W 1010.00NANA7775 94%29.99NA
2305:20SW 1210.00NANA7875 93%29.98NA
2305:00W 1210.00NANA7875 93%29.98NA
2304:40SW 1310.00NANA7875 91%29.99NA
2304:20SW 1310.00NANA7775 92%29.99NA
2304:00SW 1010.00NANA7775 91%30.00NA
2303:40W 910.00NANA7875 91%30.00NA
2303:20W 1010.00NANA7875 90%30.00NA
2303:00W 1010.00NANA7874 89%30.00NA
2302:40SW 1210.00NANA7874 88%30.00NA
2302:20SW 1210.00NANA7874 87%30.00NA
2302:00SW 1310.00NANA7874 85%30.00NA
2301:40SW 1010.00NANA7974 86%30.00NA
2301:20SW 1410.00NANA7974 84%30.01NA
2301:00SW 1310.00NANA7973 83%30.01NA
2300:40SW 1210.00NANA7973 83%30.01NA
2300:20SW 1310.00NANA7973 81%30.02NA
2300:00SW 10 G 1610.00NANA7973 81%30.02NA
2223:40SW 1410.00NANA8073 79%30.02NA
2223:20SW 1310.00NANA8072 77%30.01NA
2223:00SW 1310.00NANA8172 75%30.01NA
2222:40SW 1310.00NANA8173 76%30.01NA
2222:20SW 1410.00NANA8172 74%30.01NA
2222:00SW 1210.00NANA8173 76%30.01NA
2221:40SW 1210.00NANA8172 75%30.01NA
2221:20SW 1310.00NANA8272 72%30.00NA
2221:00SW 1510.00NANA8271 69%29.99NA
2220:40SW 1410.00NANA8371 67%29.99NA
2220:20SW 1710.00NANA8371 67%29.99NA
2220:00SW 1610.00NANA8371 67%29.99NA
2219:40SW 1710.00NANA8471 64%29.99NA
2219:20SW 1710.00NANA8570 61%29.99NA
2219:00SW 1610.00NANA8569 58%29.99NA
2218:40SW 1610.00NANA8669 57%30.00NA
2218:20SW 1410.00NANA8771 59%30.00NA
2218:00SW 1610.00NANA8771 61%30.01NA
2217:40SW 1610.00NANA8772 62%30.01NA
2217:20SW 17 G 2110.00NANA8672 62%30.02NA
2217:00SW 1610.00NANA8672 63%30.02NA
2216:40S 1610.00NANA8674 67%30.03NA
2216:20S 15 G 2210.00NANA8574 70%30.03NA
2216:00S 17 G 2210.00NANA8673 65%30.04NA
2215:40S 14 G 2210.00NANA8673 65%30.04NA
2215:20S 16 G 2010.00NANA8573 67%30.05NA
2215:00S 14 G 2110.00NANA8673 66%30.06NA
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºF)PressurePrecipitation (in.)

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