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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºF)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (in.)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
2814:55Vrbl 5NANANA3427 75%30.38NA
2814:35N 7NANANA3427 75%30.38NA
2814:15N 6NANANA3428 81%30.37NA
2813:55N 7NANANA3427 75%30.37NA
2813:35NE 7NANANA3427 75%30.39NA
2813:15Vrbl 6NANANA3227 80%30.40NA
2812:55N 7NANANA3227 80%30.42NA
2812:35N 6NANANA3227 80%30.42NA
2812:15N 6NANANA3227 80%30.42NA
2811:55NE 7NANANA3225 75%30.42NA
2811:35N 6NANANA3225 75%30.42NA
2811:15NE 8NANANA3025 80%30.43NA
2810:55NE 7NANANA3025 80%30.44NA
2810:35NE 7NANANA3023 75%30.45NA
2810:15N 8NANANA2823 80%30.46NA
2809:55NE 6NANANA2823 80%30.47NA
2809:35CalmNANANA2823 80%30.46NA
2809:15NE 6NANANA2723 86%30.46NA
2808:55NE 6NANANA2723 86%30.46NA
2808:35N 7NANANA2723 86%30.46NA
2808:15N 6NANANA2723 86%30.46NA
2807:55N 7NANANA2723 86%30.45NA
2807:35N 6NANANA2523 93%30.45NA
2807:15N 3NANANA2523 93%30.45NA
2806:55CalmNANANA2723 86%30.46NA
2806:35N 5NANANA2723 86%30.45NA
2806:15NE 5NANANA2723 86%30.43NA
2805:55NE 7NANANA2723 86%30.44NA
2805:35NE 6NANANA2723 86%30.44NA
2805:15N 7NANANA2723 86%30.44NA
2804:55N 10NANANA2723 86%30.42NA
2804:35N 10NANANA2823 80%30.43NA
2804:15N 7 G 14NANANA2823 80%30.45NA
2803:55N 7NANANA2823 80%30.44NA
2803:35N 7NANANA2823 80%30.44NA
2803:15N 7NANANA2825 86%30.46NA
2802:55N 5NANANA2823 80%30.47NA
2802:35N 5NANANA2823 80%30.47NA
2802:15N 6NANANA2825 86%30.46NA
2801:55N 7NANANA2825 86%30.46NA
2801:35N 8NANANA3025 80%30.46NA
2801:15N 8NANANA3025 80%30.46NA
2800:55NE 9NANANA3025 80%30.45NA
2800:35NE 9NANANA3025 80%30.46NA
2800:15N 9NANANA3025 80%30.46NA
2723:55N 7NANANA3025 80%30.47NA
2723:35NE 7NANANA3025 80%30.47NA
2723:15NE 7NANANA3025 80%30.47NA
2722:55N 8NANANA3025 80%30.47NA
2722:35NE 7NANANA3025 80%30.48NA
2722:15N 10NANANA3025 80%30.47NA
2721:55NE 9NANANA3025 80%30.48NA
2721:35NE 9NANANA3025 80%30.48NA
2721:15NE 10NANANA3025 80%30.48NA
2720:55NE 6 G 16NANANA3027 86%30.48NA
2720:35NE 9NANANA3027 86%30.49NA
2720:15NE 10NANANA3025 80%30.48NA
2719:55N 8 G 15NANANA3027 86%30.48NA
2719:35NE 8NANANA3027 86%30.48NA
2719:15NE 10NANANA3027 86%30.48NA
2718:55NE 6 G 15NANANA3027 86%30.49NA
2718:35NE 9 G 16NANANA3227 80%30.48NA
2718:15NE 14NANANA3227 80%30.47NA
2717:55NE 9 G 16NANANA3227 80%30.46NA
2717:35N 12NANANA3227 80%30.47NA
2717:15N 10 G 18NANANA3227 80%30.47NA
2716:55NE 9NANANA3227 80%30.46NA
2716:35NE 12NANANA3227 80%30.45NA
2716:15N 9 G 15NANANA3228 87%30.45NA
2715:55N 12NANANA3227 80%30.45NA
2715:35N 9 G 18NANANA3227 80%30.44NA
2715:15N 10NANANA3228 87%30.44NA
2714:55N 14NANANA3228 87%30.45NA
2714:35NE 9 G 17NANANA3228 87%30.44NA
2714:15N 14 G 20NANANA3228 87%30.45NA
2713:55N 13 G 20NANANA3228 87%30.45NA
2713:35N 9 G 20NANANA3228 87%30.47NA
2713:15N 10 G 16NANANA3228 87%30.46NA
2712:55N 13NANANA3228 87%30.45NA
2712:35N 13 G 18NANANA3228 87%30.45NA
2712:15N 10 G 17NANANA3228 87%30.46NA
2711:55N 10 G 17NANANA3228 87%30.45NA
2711:35N 9 G 20NANANA3428 81%30.46NA
2711:15N 14 G 21NANANA3428 81%30.46NA
2710:55N 12 G 21NANANA3428 81%30.44NA
2710:35N 12 G 17NANANA3428 81%30.45NA
2710:15N 13NANANA3428 81%30.45NA
2709:55N 12 G 20NANANA3428 81%30.45NA
2709:35N 14NANANA3428 81%30.44NA
2709:15N 9 G 18NANANA3430 87%30.44NA
2708:55N 8 G 14NANANA3430 87%30.44NA
2708:35N 13NANANA3428 81%30.44NA
2708:15N 8 G 16NANANA3430 87%30.43NA
2707:55N 9 G 17NANANA3430 87%30.43NA
2707:35N 10 G 20NANANA3430 87%30.41NA
2707:15N 10 G 17NANANA3430 87%30.39NA
2706:55N 13 G 20NANANA3430 87%30.38NA
2706:35N 10 G 21NANANA3430 87%30.36NA
2706:15N 12 G 20NANANA3430 87%30.37NA
2705:55N 14 G 20NANANA3430 87%30.36NA
2705:35N 12 G 18NANANA3430 87%30.36NA
2705:15N 10NANANA3432 93%30.35NA
2704:55N 10 G 20NANANA3632 87%30.34NA
2704:35N 13 G 21NANANA3632 87%30.32NA
2704:15N 7 G 18NANANA3632 87%30.33NA
2703:55N 12 G 18NA Light Unknown PrecipNA3632 87%30.31NA
2703:35N 13 G 22NANANA3632 87%30.31NA
2703:15N 10 G 25NANANA3632 87%30.30NA
2702:55N 14NANANA3634 93%30.30NA
2702:35N 15 G 22NANANA3634 93%30.30NA
2702:15N 10NANANA3634 93%30.26NA
2701:55N 16 G 23NA Light RainNA3634 93%30.26NA
2701:35N 8 G 20NANANA3634 93%30.24NA
2701:15N 13 G 22NANANA3634 93%30.23NA
2700:55N 13 G 20NA Light RainNA3634 93%30.23NA0.03
2700:35N 10 G 17NA Light RainNA3636 100%30.24NA
2700:15N 12 G 17NA Light RainNA3636 100%30.26NA
2623:55N 12NA RainNA3636 100%30.26NA0.07
2623:35N 14NA Light RainNA3636 100%30.23NA
2623:15N 10NA Light RainNA3636 100%30.21NA
2622:55N 14NA RainNA3636 100%30.23NA0.14
2622:35N 13 G 18NA Heavy RainNA3736 93%30.23NA
2622:15N 16NA RainNA3736 93%30.22NA
2621:55N 12NA Light RainNA3736 93%30.20NA0.10
2621:35N 15 G 22NA RainNA3736 93%30.21NA
2621:15N 12 G 21NA Light RainNA3736 93%30.20NA
2620:55N 12 G 17NA Light RainNA3737 100%30.18NA0.05
2620:35N 13 G 20NA RainNA3937 93%30.19NA
2620:15N 14NA RainNA3937 93%30.19NA
2619:55N 15NA RainNA3937 93%30.18NA0.11
2619:35N 12 G 20NA RainNA3937 93%30.19NA
2619:15N 10 G 20NA RainNA3937 93%30.17NA
2618:55N 13NA RainNA4139 93%30.17NA0.12
2618:35N 15 G 21NA Light RainNA4139 93%30.16NA
2618:15N 13 G 20NA RainNA4139 93%30.15NA
2617:55N 12NA RainNA4341 93%30.17NA0.09
2617:35N 12 G 17NA RainNA4341 93%30.15NA
2617:15NW 12 G 20NA RainNA4341 93%30.14NA
2616:55NW 9NA RainNA4545 100%30.13NA0.25
2616:35NW 12NA Heavy RainNA4645 93%30.11NA
2616:15NW 12NA RainNA4646 100%30.10NA
2615:55N 6NA Light RainNA4846 94%30.08NA0.08
2615:35NW 12 G 18NA Light RainNA4846 94%30.08NA
2615:15W 10NA RainNA5048 94%30.05NA
2614:55NW 6NA RainNA5048 94%30.05NA0.10
2614:35NANA Light RainNA5050 100%30.06NA
2614:15W 12NA Light RainNA5555 100%30.03NA
2613:55SW 6NA Light RainNA5755 94%30.03NA0.08
2613:35S 8NA Light RainNA5555 100%30.03NA
2613:15S 10NANANA5555 100%30.03NA
2612:55S 12 G 18NANANA5554 94%30.03NA0.09
2612:35S 14NA RainNA5554 94%30.03NA
2612:15S 13NANANA5554 94%30.04NA
2611:55S 10NANANA5454 100%30.04NA0.01
2611:35S 13 G 18NANANA5454 100%30.06NA
2611:15S 14NANANA5454 100%30.06NA
2610:55S 12NANANA5454 100%30.08NA0.01
2610:35S 13NANANA5452 94%30.08NA
2610:15S 13 G 20NANANA5452 94%30.10NA
2609:55S 15NANANA5452 94%30.10NA
2609:35S 12NANANA5452 94%30.10NA
2609:15S 14NANANA5252 100%30.11NA
2608:55S 9NA Light DrizzleNA5250 94%30.12NA0.10
2608:35SE 10 G 18NA Light RainNA5250 94%30.10NA
2608:15S 10NA Light RainNA5250 94%30.13NA
2607:55S 9NA Light RainNA5250 94%30.12NA
2607:35SE 6NANANA5250 94%30.12NA
2607:15S 7NANANA5248 88%30.11NA
2606:55S 7NANANA5248 88%30.11NA
2606:35S 6NANANA5248 88%30.11NA
2606:15S 7NANANA5248 88%30.10NA
2605:35S 8NANANA5248 88%30.10NA
2605:15S 8NANANA5248 88%30.09NA
2604:55S 8NANANA5248 88%30.09NA
2604:35S 8NANANA5248 88%30.09NA
2604:15S 7NANANA5248 88%30.09NA
2603:55S 7NANANA5248 88%30.09NA
2603:35S 5NANANA5246 82%30.09NA
2603:15S 7NANANA5046 88%30.09NA
2602:55S 7NANANA5246 82%30.09NA
2602:35S 7NANANA5246 82%30.09NA
2602:15S 6NANANA5246 82%30.10NA
2601:55S 3NANANA5246 82%30.09NA
2601:35S 5NANANA5246 82%30.09NA
2601:15Vrbl 5NANANA5246 82%30.08NA
2600:55S 7NANANA5246 82%30.09NA
2600:35S 6NANANA5046 88%30.09NA
2600:15S 8NANANA5046 88%30.09NA
2523:55S 8NANANA5046 88%30.09NA
2523:35S 9NANANA5046 88%30.09NA
2523:15S 8NANANA5046 88%30.08NA
2522:55S 8NANANA5046 88%30.08NA
2522:35S 8NANANA5046 88%30.08NA
2522:15S 10 G 16NANANA5046 88%30.08NA
2521:55S 10NANANA5046 88%30.08NA
2521:35S 10NANANA5046 88%30.07NA
2521:15S 10NANANA5046 88%30.07NA
2520:55SE 10NANANA5046 88%30.07NA
2520:35SE 10NANANA5046 88%30.06NA
2520:15SE 12NANANA5045 82%30.06NA
2519:55SE 10NANANA5045 82%30.06NA
2519:35S 14NANANA5045 82%30.06NA
2519:15S 14NANANA5045 82%30.07NA
2518:55S 14NANANA5045 82%30.05NA
2518:35SE 12NANANA4845 87%30.05NA
2518:15SE 8NANANA4843 82%30.05NA
2517:55SE 8NANANA4843 82%30.05NA
2517:35E 7NANANA4643 87%30.05NA
2517:15SE 9NANANA4643 87%30.04NA
2516:55SE 10NANANA4643 87%30.03NA
2516:35SE 10NANANA4643 87%30.03NA
2516:15SE 9NANANA4641 82%30.02NA
2515:55SE 9NANANA4641 82%30.02NA
2515:35SE 8NANANA4641 82%30.02NA
2515:15SE 8NANANA4641 82%30.02NA
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºF)PressurePrecipitation (in.)

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