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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºF)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (in.)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
2106:56NW 85.00NANA163 57%29.72NA
2106:36Calm10.00NANA161 53%29.72NA
2106:16NW 710.00NANA161 53%29.71NA
2105:56NW 9 G 189.00NANA161 53%29.71NA
2105:36NW 9 G 227.00NANA163 57%29.70NA
2105:16NW 10 G 164.00NANA163 57%29.71NA
2104:56NW 13 G 203.00NANA183 53%29.70NA
2104:36NW 55.00NANA185 58%29.70NA
2104:16NW 64.00NANA185 58%29.70NA
2103:56NW 104.00NANA183 191853%29.69NA
2103:36NW 34.00NANA185 58%29.68NA
2103:16Calm4.00NANA187 62%29.68NA
2102:56NE 66.00NANA185 58%29.68NA
2102:36NW 35.00NANA187 62%29.67NA
2102:16NW 55.00NANA187 62%29.66NA
2101:56E 105.00NANA187 62%29.66NA
2101:36E 105.00NANA187 62%29.65NA
2101:16E 7 G 183.00NANA187 62%29.64NA
2100:56E 93.00NANA187 62%29.64NA
2100:36NE 65.00NANA187 62%29.64NA
2100:16NE 56.00NANA187 62%29.63NA
2023:56E 55.00NANA187 62%29.63NA
2023:36Calm2.50NANA187 62%29.62NA
2023:16Calm2.00NANA189 68%29.62NA
2022:56NE 14 G 181.75NANA189 68%29.61NA
2022:36NE 14 G 181.75NANA189 68%29.60NA
2022:16E 141.25NANA189 68%29.60NA
2021:56E 12 G 201.25NANA189 181668%29.59NA
2021:36E 10 G 201.25NANA167 67%29.58NA
2021:16NE 10 G 161.00NANA169 73%29.57NA
2020:56NE 71.25NANA167 67%29.57NA
2020:36NE 61.25NANA167 67%29.57NA
2020:16NE 81.75NANA167 67%29.57NA
2019:56NE 91.50NANA167 67%29.56NA
2019:36NE 92.00NANA167 67%29.56NA
2019:16NE 81.75NANA167 67%29.56NA
2018:56NE 91.50NANA167 67%29.56NA
2018:36NE 121.00NANA167 67%29.55NA
2018:16NE 121.50NANA167 67%29.55NA
2017:56NE 131.50NANA167 67%29.55NA
2017:36NE 12 G 182.00NANA167 67%29.54NA
2017:16NE 141.75NANA167 67%29.53NA
2016:56NE 13 G 161.75NANA167 67%29.53NA
2016:36NE 10 G 162.00NANA167 67%29.53NA
2016:16NE 12 G 182.00NANA167 67%29.53NA
2015:56NE 132.50NANA187 181862%29.52NA
2015:36NE 143.00NANA187 62%29.52NA
2015:16NE 12 G 163.00NANA187 62%29.52NA
2014:56NE 94.00NANA187 62%29.52NA
2014:36NE 105.00NANA189 68%29.52NA
2014:16NE 103.00NANA189 68%29.51NA
2013:56NE 93.00NANA189 68%29.51NA
2013:36NE 94.00NANA189 68%29.50NA
2013:16NE 95.00NANA189 68%29.50NA
2012:56NE 94.00NANA189 68%29.50NA
2012:36NE 99.00NANA187 62%29.50NA
2012:16NE 95.00NANA189 68%29.49NA
2011:56NE 123.00NANA187 62%29.49NA
2011:36NE 122.50NANA187 62%29.48NA
2011:16NE 102.50NANA189 68%29.48NA
2010:56NE 85.00NANA189 68%29.47NA
2010:36NE 82.50NANA189 68%29.47NA
2010:16NE 61.50NANA189 68%29.47NA
2009:56NE 82.00NANA189 68%29.47NA
2009:36NE 82.50NANA189 68%29.47NA
2009:16NE 63.00NANA167 67%29.46NA
2008:56NE 63.00NANA189 68%29.46NA
2008:36NE 55.00NANA169 73%29.45NA
2008:16NE 53.00NANA169 73%29.45NA
2007:56NE 32.50NANA167 67%29.45NA0.01
2007:36Calm2.50NANA167 67%29.45NA
2007:16Calm2.50NANA145 67%29.45NA
2006:56Calm2.50NANA145 67%29.45NA
2006:36Calm2.50NANA125 73%29.45NA
2005:56Calm4.00NANA125 73%29.45NA
2005:36Calm3.00NANA125 73%29.45NA
2005:16SW 51.75NANA145 67%29.45NA
2004:56SW 61.50NANA143 62%29.46NA
2004:36S 82.50NANA145 67%29.46NA
2004:16S 72.00NANA123 67%29.46NA
2003:56S 74.00NANA123 161267%29.46NA
2003:36S 123.00NANA123 67%29.46NA
2003:16S 82.50NANA141 57%29.46NA
2002:56S 510.00NANA141 57%29.47NA
2002:36S 810.00NANA161 53%29.47NA
2002:16S 810.00NANA14-0 52%29.46NA
2001:56S 1010.00NANA141 57%29.47NA
2001:36S 710.00NANA14-0 52%29.47NA
2001:16S 1010.00NANA14-0 52%29.47NA
2000:56S 1010.00NANA14-0 52%29.47NA
2000:36S 910.00NANA14-0 52%29.47NA
2000:16S 910.00NANA12-0 57%29.47NA
1923:56S 1210.00NANA12-2 52%29.48NA
1923:36S 1210.00NANA12-0 57%29.48NA
1923:16S 1210.00NANA12-0 57%29.48NA
1922:56S 1210.00NANA12-0 57%29.48NA
1922:36S 1210.00NANA12-0 57%29.48NA
1922:16S 910.00NANA12-2 52%29.49NA
1921:56S 1010.00NANA12-2 12952%29.49NA
1921:36S 1310.00NANA12-2 52%29.49NA
1921:16S 1310.00NANA12-2 52%29.49NA
1920:56S 1210.00NANA12-2 52%29.49NA
1920:36S 1310.00NANA12-2 52%29.50NA
1920:16S 1210.00NANA10-4 52%29.51NA
1919:56S 1410.00NANA10-4 52%29.51NA
1919:36S 1610.00NANA10-2 56%29.51NA
1919:16S 1010.00NANA10-4 52%29.52NA
1918:56S 910.00NANA9-6 51%29.52NA
1918:36S 910.00NANA9-6 51%29.52NA
1918:16S 1210.00NANA10-6 47%29.52NA
1917:56S 1210.00NANA10-4 52%29.53NA
1917:36S 1010.00NANA10-6 47%29.54NA
1917:16S 1210.00NANA12-4 48%29.54NA
1916:56S 1410.00NANA10-4 52%29.54NA
1916:36S 1310.00NANA12-2 52%29.55NA
1916:16S 1010.00NANA10-4 52%29.56NA
1915:56S 125.00NANA10-4 12152%29.56NA
1915:36S 133.00NANA12-4 48%29.57NA
1915:16S 14 G 189.00NANA10-4 52%29.57NA
1914:56S 1310.00NANA10-4 52%29.58NA
1914:36S 1510.00NANA10-4 52%29.58NA
1914:16S 1410.00NANA9-6 51%29.58NA
1913:56S 153.00NANA10-6 47%29.59NA
1913:36S 1410.00NANA9-6 51%29.59NA
1913:16S 1410.00NANA9-8 47%29.59NA
1912:56S 136.00NANA7-8 51%29.60NA
1912:36S 1010.00NANA9-6 51%29.60NA
1912:16S 1410.00NANA9-6 51%29.61NA
1911:56S 1010.00NANA7-6 56%29.62NA
1911:36S 1010.00NANA7-8 51%29.62NA
1911:16S 1410.00NANA5-8 55%29.62NA
1910:56S 104.00NANA3-9 55%29.62NA
1910:36S 1210.00NANA3-9 55%29.63NA
1910:16S 95.00NANA3-9 55%29.63NA
1909:56S 910.00NANA3-9 55%29.63NA
1909:36SW 79.00NANA1-9 60%29.64NA
1909:16SW 89.00NANA1-11 55%29.64NA
1908:56SW 810.00NANA1-9 60%29.64NA
1908:36SW 710.00NANA1-11 55%29.64NA
1908:16S 810.00NANA1-9 60%29.65NA
1907:56SW 610.00NANA3-9 55%29.66NA
1907:36SW 610.00NANA3-9 55%29.66NA
1907:16SW 810.00NANA3-9 55%29.66NA
1906:56SW 810.00NANA3-9 55%29.66NA
1906:36S 810.00NANA3-9 55%29.67NA
1906:16S 1010.00NANA3-9 55%29.67NA
1905:56S 1010.00NANA3-9 55%29.67NA
1905:36SW 710.00NANA3-9 55%29.68NA
1905:16S 810.00NANA3-8 60%29.68NA
1904:56SW 810.00NANA3-9 55%29.69NA
1904:36SW 910.00NANA3-9 55%29.69NA
1904:16SW 510.00NANA1-9 60%29.69NA
1903:56SW 510.00NANA3-9 7355%29.69NA
1903:36SW 710.00NANA3-11 50%29.70NA
1903:16SW 610.00NANA3-9 55%29.70NA
1902:56SW 610.00NANA5-9 51%29.70NA
1902:36S 810.00NANA7-8 51%29.70NA
1902:16S 1010.00NANA7-9 47%29.70NA
1901:56S 710.00NANA7-8 51%29.71NA
1901:36S 1010.00NANA7-6 56%29.71NA
1901:16S 610.00NANA5-9 51%29.71NA
1900:56S 610.00NANA3-9 55%29.70NA
1900:36SW 610.00NANA5-9 51%29.70NA
1900:16S 610.00NANA5-9 51%29.71NA
1823:56S 710.00NANA7-8 51%29.71NA
1823:36S 510.00NANA5-9 51%29.70NA
1823:16S 810.00NANA5-9 51%29.71NA
1822:56S 810.00NANA5-8 55%29.71NA
1822:36S 510.00NANA5-9 51%29.71NA
1822:16S 710.00NANA7-8 51%29.71NA
1821:56S 710.00NANA7-8 12551%29.71NA
1821:36S 610.00NANA7-8 51%29.71NA
1821:16SW 610.00NANA5-9 51%29.71NA
1820:56SW 59.00NANA7-8 51%29.72NA
1820:36S 810.00NANA9-8 47%29.72NA
1820:16S 710.00NANA7-8 51%29.72NA
1819:56SW 310.00NANA9-8 47%29.72NA
1819:36S 69.00NANA9-8 47%29.72NA
1819:16S 310.00NANA10-8 44%29.72NA
1818:56S 510.00NANA10-6 47%29.72NA
1818:36S 910.00NANA10-4 52%29.72NA
1818:16S 810.00NANA10-6 47%29.71NA
1817:56S 910.00NANA10-6 47%29.71NA
1817:36S 810.00NANA10-6 47%29.71NA
1817:16S 910.00NANA10-6 47%29.72NA
1816:56S 810.00NANA10-4 52%29.72NA
1816:36S 1010.00NANA10-6 47%29.72NA
1816:16S 129.00NANA10-4 52%29.72NA
1815:56S 810.00NANA10-4 10-452%29.72NA
1815:36S 810.00NANA10-4 52%29.72NA
1815:16S 137.00NANA10-6 47%29.73NA
1814:56S 123.00NANA9-6 51%29.73NA
1814:36S 1210.00NANA9-6 51%29.73NA
1814:16S 1210.00NANA9-6 51%29.73NA
1813:56S 124.00NANA9-6 51%29.73NA
1813:36S 1210.00NANA9-6 51%29.73NA
1813:16S 1010.00NANA9-6 51%29.74NA
1812:56S 910.00NANA9-4 56%29.74NA
1812:36S 1010.00NANA7-6 56%29.74NA
1812:16S 1010.00NANA7-6 56%29.73NA
1811:56S 810.00NANA5-6 60%29.73NA
1811:36S 1210.00NANA3-8 60%29.73NA
1811:16SW 910.00NANA1-9 60%29.73NA
1810:56S 97.00NANA1-9 60%29.73NA
1810:36S 810.00NANA-0-9 65%29.73NA
1810:16S 77.00NANA-0-9 65%29.73NA
1809:56SW 510.00NANA-4-13 -0-665%29.73NA
1809:36SW 55.00NANA-6-15 64%29.74NA
1809:16SW 510.00NANA-6-17 59%29.74NA
1808:56S 510.00NANA-6-15 64%29.74NA
1808:36Calm10.00NANA-4-15 59%29.74NA
1808:16Calm10.00NANA-6-17 59%29.74NA
1807:56SW 310.00NANA-6-17 59%29.74NA
1807:36Calm10.00NANA-4-15 59%29.74NA
1807:16Calm10.00NANA-4-17 54%29.73NA
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºF)PressurePrecipitation (in.)

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