Extreme Southeast Kansas Severe and Unusual Weather Summary:


Weather across extreme southeast Kansas became active early in 2005. Saturated and frozen soils along with little vegetation common for the winter season contributed to widespread flooding as several periods of heavy rain impacted the region. Numerous roads and low lying areas were inundated and impassable by motorists. The flooding began on the afternoon of January 5th and continued into the afternoon of the 6th. No injuries or deaths occurred with the flooding.


As usual for the time of year, little to no severe and unusual weather occurred from mid January through March. A couple of severe weather episodes occurred in April as large hail impacted Cherokee, Crawford, and Bourbon counties, while two F-0 tornadoes briefly touched down in rural sections of western Crawford and southwest Cherokee counties.


The month of May was unusually quiet with only a couple of severe weather events occurring in the area. On the night of June 30th, a derecho proceeded by an initial squall line impacted the region bringing a swath of 80 mph winds across Crawford and Cherokee counties. Two weak tornadoes briefly touched down in rural areas of Cherokee County. Two injuries occurred from this derecho as a mobile home in southern Crawford County was destroyed. One woman was critically injured when she was scalped by flying debris while she was seeking shelter in the mobile home. Overall storm damage added up to $1,360,000 from this one episode. Most of this damage was to agriculture assets in Crawford County. 


A few summertime pulse thunderstorms caused downburst winds in July and August. Most of the damage was to trees, while a couple of mobile home roofs in Cherokee County experienced minor damage from this activity. 


On September 13th, a supercell thunderstorm produced intermittent brief tornado touchdowns across northwest and central Crawford County. Most of the tornado touch downs were in open fields, with only minor tree damage observed. One barn sustained major damage in Cherokee County on the same day that was associated with a different storm.


Overall there were five tornadoes that occurred across Crawford, and Cherokee counties in the year 2005, all of which were documented as F-0 tornadoes. No tornadoes occurred in Bourbon County. Monetary losses from severe weather in 2005 added up to be $1,389,000.


One interesting fact about the year 2005, no winter storms impacted extreme southeast Kansas.

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