Freeze Information (first and last 32°)

(based on 1981-2010 data)

WEST CENTRAL Avg Fall Avg Spring Frost-Free
Healy 11-Oct 29-Apr 165
Leoti 9-Oct 3-May 159
Ness City 10-Oct 26-Apr 167
Oakley 9-Oct 3-May 159
Quinter 12-Oct 24-Apr 171
Scott City 11-Oct 1-May 163
Sharon Springs 11-Oct 1-May 163
Tribune 7-Oct 6-May 154
Wakeeney 13-Oct 21-Apr 175
CENTRAL Avg Fall Avg Spring Frost-Free
Abilene 17-Oct 14-Apr 186
Bison 8-Oct 26-Apr 165
Ellsworth 7-Oct 29-Apr 161
Florence 12-Oct 19-Apr 176
Great Bend 19-Oct 14-Apr 188
Hays 10-Oct 26-Apr 167
Lincoln 6-Oct 26-Apr 163
McPherson 20-Oct 15-Apr 188
Russell 14-Oct 23-Apr 174
Salina 20-Oct 14-Apr 189
Sterling 21-Oct 13-Apr 191
SOUTHWEST Avg Fall Avg Spring Frost-Free
Ashland 10-Oct 21-Apr 172
Cimarron 13-Oct 25-Apr 171
Dodge City 17-Oct 21-Apr 179
Elkhart 17-Oct 19-Apr 181
Garden City Experimental Station 12-Oct 29-Apr 166
Hugoton 17-Oct 18-Apr 182
Jetmore 13-Oct 26-Apr 170
Lakin 15-Oct 22-Apr 176
Liberal 21-Oct 14-Apr 190
Meade 17-Oct 17-Apr 183
Sublette 14-Oct 22-Apr 175
Syracuse 10-Oct 1-May 162
Ulysses 11-Oct 27-Apr 167
SOUTH CENTRAL Avg Fall Avg Spring Frost-Free
Anthony 1-Nov 5-Apr 210
Coldwater 21-Oct 12-Apr 192
Greensburg 17-Oct 17-Apr 183
Hudson 21-Oct 13-Apr 191
Hutchinson 13-Oct 21-Apr 175
Kinsley 14-Oct 17-Apr 180
Larned 17-Oct 20-Apr 180
Medicine Lodge 18-Oct 13-Apr 188
Newton 21-Oct 13-Apr 191
Pratt 15-Oct 19-Apr 179
Wellington 24-Oct 10-Apr 197
Wichita 26-Oct 11-Apr 198
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