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Today's Date is Saturday August 2, 2014...n ON... Aug 2, 1954 Severe thunderstorms produced golf ball size for thirty minutes in north central Kansas. One drift measured 200 feet long, seventy feet wide and three feet deep. IN 1996...Powerful thunderstorms moved across southwest and south central Kansas during the evening hours. In Pratt county 8 train cars were blown off the tracks while the train was moving. This occurred 1 mile west of Cullison. One family was nearly run over by the derailing train cars. One boxcar ended up about 10 feet away from their vehicle. Winds were nearly 125 mph. From 3 miles south of Lewis to Belpre, very strong thunderstorm winds killed calves, blew cars off the highway and blew down 60 power poles. A large tree was uprooted in Belpre. The tree was Belpre's historic balsam fir tree, a landmark in the town for 108 years. It also was the first balsam fir tree planted in Kansas. The tree was planted by a local blacksmith in 1888 after a trip back from Colorado. In Larned, very strong thunderstorm winds blew down trees, damaged several buildings and power lines were blown down. A Midas car care garage door was blown off. One person was injured when a semi truck was blown over on highway 156 just outside of town. There were unofficial and unconfirmed reports of 125 mph winds recorded on home stations.
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