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Due to the scope of this outbreak, the tornadoes and supercells crossed through several National Weather Service Forecast Offices' area of responsibility. After the damage surveys were completed by each individual office, they all collaborated and shared information to create tornado track maps and supercell track maps that encompass the entire tornado outbreak. These maps are available in several different formats, and that information is detailed below.

It should also be pointed out that the different Forecast Offices assisted each other with damage surveys near the borders between their areas. This made the surveying process much quicker, and allowed information about the tornadoes to be published more rapidly.

You can view a map of just Minnesota tornadoes by clicking here.

Some of the maps below are all red, while others are color-coded. In the color-coded maps, the color of a tornado track should match the color of the parent supercell track. The supercell labels were determined in chronological order based on when the first radar echo was observed. For instance, Supercell A would have been the first tornadic supercell to develop that day, Supercell B the second, and so forth.

What are supercell tracks? These were drawn to roughly depict the tracks of the rotating parent thunderstorms that spawned the tornadoes on June 17th. Some approximation and smoothing was used.

Two of the tornado tracks in northwest North Dakota were not assigned a supercell. This is because these were determined to likely be non-supercell tornadoes.

Also note that due to the regional scale of the graphics, some of the short and brief tornadoes have a path that is not necessarily drawn to scale. They may have been drawn slightly larger so that they would be visible at a regional scale.

Supercell Tracks (red, labeled) Supercell Tracks (red, unlabeled)
Supercell Tracks (color coded, labeled)
Supercell Tracks (color coded, unlabeled)
Tornado Tracks (red, S MN inset) Tornado Tracks (red, unlabeled)
Tornado Tracks (color coded, S MN inset) Tornado Tracks (color coded, unlabeled)


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