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4th Snowiest Meteorological Autumn in Duluth Weather History

The 8.3 inches of snow that has fallen from yesterday evening through  6 pm today brings the meteorological autumn total snowfall to 35.6 inches. This ranks as the 4th snowiest autumn in Duluth recorded history. The following are the top four snowiest autumns in Duluth.
1. 56.8 inches in 1991
2. 37.7 inches in 1983
3. 37.1 inches in 1985
4. 35.6 inches in 2010 through 6 pm November 30th





Most Consecutive Days With at Least a Trace of Snowfall in Nearly 17 Years at Duluth

At least a trace of snow has fallen at Duluth from November 13th through November 27th, 15 consecutive days. This is the longest such string of days with a reported snowfall since a 32 day stretch which occurred from December 17th, 1993 to January 17th, 1994. A total of 41.4 inches of snow fell in that period.


Lightest Winds for a Calendar Day in Over 9 Months at International Falls

The average wind speed at International Falls on November 16th, 2010 was 0.4 miles per hour. This is the least amount of wind for a day since February 2nd, 2010 when the average wind speed was 0.3 miles per hour.



Lightest Winds for a Calendar Day in Nearly 9 Months at Duluth

The average wind speed at Duluth on November 15th, 2010 was 1.9 miles per hour. This is the least amount of wind for a day since February 20th, 2010 when the average wind speed was 0.9 miles per hour.


6th Snowiest Autumn to Date at Duluth

The 18.6 inches of snow that has fallen so far this fall season (September 1 to November 30) at Duluth is the 6th snowiest autumn in recorded history. The following list are the top 6 snowiest autumns (through November 14th) at Duluth.
1. 45.4 inches in 1991
2. 24.4 inches in 1992
3. 24.2 inches in 1933
4. 22.3 inches in 1919
5. 18.8 inches in 1995
6. 18.6 inches in 2010







4th Greatest October Storm Snowfall at Duluth

The 7.7 inches of snow that fell at Duluth on October 26th-27th, was the 4th greatest storm snowfall for the month of October. The greatest was on October 23rd-25th, 1933 when 11.5 inches fell. October 23rd, 1995 had 8.0 inches of snow. Third most was the 7.9 inches that fell on October 27th-28th, 1966.




Wettest October Calendar Day Yesterday at Duluth

The 2.94 inches of precipitation that fell yesterday, October 26th, was the greatest calendar day precipitation amount for an October in Duluth weather history. This breaks the old record set on October 1st, 1950 when 2.81 inches was recorded.


Driest October to Date at International Falls, 5th Driest at Duluth 

The first 22 days of October has yielded only 0.03 inches of precipitation at International Falls. This ties with 1942 as the driest October to date. At Duluth, 0.14 inches of precipitation has been recorded for the first 22 days of October making this the 5th driest October to date. The following is a list of the driest Octobers through the first 22 days at International Falls and Duluth.
International Falls
1t. 0.03 inches 2010
1t. 0.03 inches 1942
3. 0.14 inches 1992
4. 0.22 inches 1944
5. 0.23 inches 1962
1. 0.03 inches 1872
2t. 0.06 inches 1895
2t. 0.06 inches 1889
4. 0.08 inches 1942
5. 0.14 inches 2010










International Falls Breaks a Record for Consecutive Days of at Least 45 Degrees

Today, October 13th, marks the 189th consecutive day with a temperature of at least 45 degrees at International Falls. This breaks the record of 188 days set in 1911 for the longest such stretch in International Falls weather history, dating back to 1894. With forecasted high temperatures above 45 through this week, the record will go on for a little while. The last time that International Falls failed to reach a high temperature of at least 45 degrees was on April 7th when the high was 41. The following is a list of the top 5 string of days of at least 45 degrees at International Falls.
1. 189 days from April 8, 2010 to October 13, 2010
2. 188 days from April 15, 1911 to October 19, 1911

3. 187 days from April 3, 1987 to October 6, 1987
4. 184 days from April 21, 1957 to October 21, 1957
5. 183 days from April 28, 1971 to October 27, 1971








 Duluth Ties Record for the 2nd Fewest 70 Degree Temperatures in September

September 2010 had brought only two days with a high temperature of at least 70 degrees at Duluth. This tied for the second fewest days for the month of September. Of the 137 Septembers in Duluth history, only 6 have had two or fewer 70 degree days. The Septembers of 1907, 1934 and 1972 produced only one 70 degree temperature. September 2010 tied with 1926 and 1993 with only two 70 degree temperatures for the month. There hasn't been a September in Duluth weather history without a 70 degree temperature




2nd Wettest July-September at International Falls

With today's, September 27th,  precipitation of 0.14 inches, International Falls has received 18.65 inches of rainfall since July 1st. This is the second most in recorded history for this three month period. The most rainfall in the July-September time frame at International Falls is 19.91 inches which fell in 1942. 



8th Coolest September So Far at Duluth

The average temperature through the first 18 days this month has averaged 52.9 degrees at Duluth which ranks this September as the 8th coolest in recorded history. The following is a list of the eight coolest Septembers in Duluth weather history through the first 18 days of the month.

1. 50.5 1974
2. 50.8 1965
3. 51.1 1986
4. 51.4 1993
5. 51.5 1918
6. 52.0 1975
7. 52.1 1956
8. 52.9 2010









Warm Summer at Duluth, Wet Summer at International Falls

Summer 2010 was much wetter than normal at International Falls. 14.79 inches of rain fell making it the 4th wettest summer, June July and August, in recorded history. Also, Duluth's average summer temperature of 65.7 degrees tied with the summer of 1921 for the 8th warmest on record.





Record Daily Maximum Low Temperatures Set Record Warm Minimum Temps on August 30th at Duluth and International Falls

The overnight low temperatures at Duluth and International Falls for August 30th broke records as the highest minimum temperature observed for the date. The low at Duluth was 73 degrees, breaking the old record of 72 set in 1932. The low temperature at International Falls was 68 degrees, breaking the old record set in 1972 when the reported low was 67. International Falls also tied their daily record high temperature on August 30th of 88 degrees last reached in 1921.



Streak of Consecutive Days at or above 70 Degrees Ends at Duluth

Today, August 15th, marks the end of the 46 consecutive day string that the temperature has hit at least 70 degrees in Duluth. This tied for the longest stretch of such days since weather records began in 1874 at Duluth. The other 46 consecutive day streak at or above 70 degrees was from July 20th to September 3rd, 1877.  The high temperature reached 69 degrees today. The last time Duluth recorded a high temperature under 70 degrees before today was on June 29th when the high was also 69 degrees. 

2nd Time in Duluth Weather History...Everyday in July at Least 70 Degrees

Duluth finished the month of July with the entire month reaching at least 70 degrees for a daily high temperature. The only other July, out of the 137 Julys on record, that accomplished the same feat was in 1988. Even the warmest July on record, 2006, had one day when the daily maximum temperature failed to reach at least 70 degrees. July 10th, 2006 recorded a high temperature of only 65 degrees.

2nd Wettest July at International Falls

The 8.81 inches of rain that has fallen at International Falls ranks as the 2nd wettest July on record. Only July 1966, with 9.52 inches of rain, has been wetter. It is also the 3rd wettest month on record behind July 1966 and August 1942 which received 11.26 inches of rain

Tied for the 2nd warmest July so far at Duluth

The average temperature of 70.8 degrees through the first 11 days of July at Duluth ties with 1966 for the second warmest on record. It is also 6.3 degrees above normal. The warmest 11 day opening in July occurred in 1921 when the average temperature was 72.0 degrees.


3rd Warmest Opening Week in July at Duluth 

The opening week of July 2010 has averaged 71.7 degrees at Duluth. This is 7.6 degrees above normal. It is also the 3rd warmest opening week to a July in Duluth weather history. The warmest first week of July was in 1881 with an average temperature 73.2 degrees. The second warmest was in 1937 with 72.1.

2nd Warmest Opening to a July in Duluth Weather History

The first six days of July have averaged 72.2 degrees at Duluth. This is 8.2 degrees above normal and the second warmest start to a July in Duluth weather history (beginning in 1874). The period of July 1st through the 6th in 1881 holds the record averaging 74.2 degrees.

Wettest Five Day Stretch in Recorded Weather History at International Falls 

International Falls has received 6.18 inches of rainfall from July 1st through July 5th making this the wettest five consecutive days since weather records began in 1897. This breaks the old record of 6.02 inches that fell from August 26th through August 30th 1942. This is already the 11th wettest July on record with 1966 being the wettest with 9.52 inches.

Warmest Low Temperature in Nearly Five Years Reported at Duluth

The low temperature of 70 degrees on July 3rd at Duluth was the warmest daily minimum temperature recorded since September 11th, 2005 when the low temperature was also 70 degrees.

No 80 Degree Days in June at International Falls
June 2010 failed to produce an 80 degree temperature at International Falls. In the 80 years of weather records for June, only three other years failed to reach the 80 mark. 2010 joins 1947, 1982 and 1985 as the only Junes without a recorded temperature of at least 80 degrees.
Top 10 Wet Junes at Solon Springs and Gordon
This month ranks as one of the wettest Junes for Solon Springs and Gordon. The 8.01 inches of rain at Solon Springs is the 9th wettest June on record. June weather records began in 1906 at Solon Springs. At Gordon, the 6.34 inches of rainfall ranks as the 8th wettest June since weather records began in 1952.
Solon Springs 
Rank June Rainfall Year
1 9.92 1967
2 8.89 1952
3 8.83 1945
4 8.81 1944
5 8.62 1946
6 8.40 1920
7 8.31 1951
8 8.08 1953
9 8.01 2010
10 7.77



Rank June Rainfall Year
1 9.10 1981
2 6.93 1952
3 6.86 1953
4 6.82 1954
5 6.64 2003
6 6.49 1991
7 6.38 1984
8 6.34 2010
9 6.27 1968
10 5.97 1958

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