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Model Arrival Times:

06Z Model Run  ~11Z
12Z Model Run  ~17Z
18Z Model Run  ~23Z
00Z Model Run  ~05Z 



Experimental  WRF Model - NWS Duluth 

Surface Temperatures

Surface RH

P-Type & 1-hr Precip

Surface Wind

Surface Dewpoint

Accumulated Precip

Cloud Water

Simulated Reflectivity

Bndy Layer Lapse Rate

Boundary Layer RH


Water Temperature


10m Wind/MSLP & Terrain

850mb Temps & Wind

Zoomed Sfc Wind Gusts

Duluth Skew-T

Hibbing Skew-T

International Falls Skew-T

Brainerd Skew-T

Hayward Skew-T

Ely Skew-T

Ironwood Skew-T

Buoy 45006 Skew-T

Maximum Temperature

Minimum Temeperature

Maximum RH

Minimum RH

Snow Squall Parameter

Wind Chill Index

Snow Accumulation

Heat Index


Disclaimer: This is an experimental, research model that is not supported operationally. It may not always be available, may have errors, or be changed without notice to support local research and model experimentation. This version of the WRF model is greatly influenced by the RAP (Rapid Refresh) and the NAM-WRF models which provide the boundary conditions. is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.