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Looking Back 50 Years

The following are first-person narratives from people who lived through the numerous tornadoes on June 8th, 1953.
  • From Yvonne Herron
    On June 8, 1953, I was seventeen and had graduated from Beecher High School the preceding week. I still remember vividly certain images from that day. More...
  • From Michael Naruta
    The lightning that evening was extremely intense. Our farmhouse had withstood many a thunder storm. As the storm progressed, the lights went out. More...

    Mr. Naruta lived in St. Clair County and experienced the F4 tornado that redeveloped from the same storm system that has spawned the Beecher tornado.
  • From Harry A. Pendergrass
    I can remember that we went into the house because the weather was getting bad. My sister was in the kitchen eating a bowl of cereal in the kitchen. More...

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