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Southeast Michigan Tornado Climatology

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Since 1950, 331 tornadoes have struck Southeast Lower Michigan, killing 166 people. Tornado intensity is determined by the F-scale. Here are some Southeast Michigan tornado statistics arranged by F-scale.

Weak F0/F1
  Frequency 64% of all tornadoes
Deaths 0.6% of all tornado deaths
Duration 1 to 10 minutes
Path length up to 3 miles
Wind speed 60 to 115 mph
Strong F2/F3
  Frequency 31% of all tornadoes
Deaths 3.6% of all tornado deaths
Duration 20 minutes or longer
Path length 15 miles or more
Wind speed 115 to 205 mph
Violent F4/F5
  Frequency 5% of all tornadoes
Deaths 95.8% of all tornado deaths
Duration Last an hour or longer
Path length 50 miles or more
Wind speed greater than 200 mph

Only one of these tornadoes has ever reached F5 intensity -- the Flint-Beecher tornado June 8, 1953.


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