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Radar Images from May 3, 2012

Near Wayland, IA


Radar loop showing severe storms that moved through the area on May 3, 2012.  The large dotted red boxes indicate tornado watches and the large yellow boxes are severe thunderstorm watches.  Smaller solid red boxes signify tornado warnings and solid yellow boxes are severe thunderstorm warnings.  Radar loop courtesy of Iowa Environmental Mesonet.

The following pictures represent radar base reflectivity (left panel) and velocity (right panel) during the Wayland tornado.  The white circle on the velocity data (right panel) depicts rotation; green indicates winds are going towards the radar and red indicates winds going away from the radar.
Approximate time:  8:40 pm (CDT)
 Approximate time:  8:44 pm (CDT)
 Approximate time:  8:48 pm (CDT)
 Approximate time:  8:53 pm (CDT)

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