NOAA Weather Radio Programming Schedule

Core programming consists of LOCAL:

  • Station Identification
  • Current Weather Conditions (updated hourly)
  • Local Forecast (through 7days)
  • Weather Summary/synopsis
  • Hazardous Weather Outlook
  • Daily Climate Reports
  • Morning River Stages
  • 5-Day River Stage Forecasts

UNSCHEDULED products that will be broadcast whenever they are in effect include:

  • "Nowcast" (1 to 6 hour forecast)
  • Severe thunderstorm watches and warnings
  • Tornado watches and warnings
  • Severe weather statements
  • Flash flood watches, warnings, and statements
  • River flood watches, warnings, and statements
  • Winter weather watches, advisories, and warnings
  • Blizzard warnings
  • Non-precipitation advisories (for high wind, dense fog, etc)
  • High wind watches and warnings
  • Public information statements
  • Special weather statements
During critical weather situations (such as when severe thunderstorm or tornado warnings are in effect), routine products will be removed from the broadcast cycle so we can get the warnings to you in a more timely way. 
  Pre-Dawn Morning Midday Early Afternoon Late Afternoon Early Evening Late Evening Overnight
Station Identification     
Hourly Weather Conditions updated around 10 past each hour
Nowcast issued as needed
Local 7 day Forecast routine update at 330am; other updates as needed routine update at 330pm; other updates as needed
Hazardous Weather Outlook updates at other times as needed
Weather Summary/Synopsis   plays every 10 minutes   plays every 10 minutes
Daily Climate Reports plays every 10 minutes   plays every 10 minutes
Morning River Stages plays every 10 minutes
5-Day River Stage Forecasts   every 10 minutes  
Monthly Climate Summary Once per hour (around the top of the hour) during the first 3 days of each month is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.